Oil Spill to Cause Calamity and Catastrophe!

May 2, 2010 at 11:46 PM (Uncategorized)

I have to apologize for the randomness of entries.  I am back and forth between sites.  My original, long-running blog site crashed!  I have attempted to arrive at my journal through a couple of other sites, since then.  I will try to maintain entries here, yet I will have to see how it goes. 

Anyhow.  It is heartbreaking and horrifying to witness this current oil spill that has occurred within The Gulf of Mexico!  An offshore rig that is owned by British Petroleum exploded last Tuesday, April 20.  Since then, efforts from throughout the nation, and around the world, have moved to try containing the desastrously flowing oil.  However, eight days later, the oil continues to pour into the waters.

The initial explosion on the rig caused the deaths of eleven people!  Since then, over 1.6 million gallons of oil have oozed into The Gulf of Mexico.  Efforts to contain the oil are being made, but there is no credible end in sight to the leaking, right now.  As corrosion and depletion of the oil rig structure continues, many more gallons will be wasted into The Gulf waters.

News reports are saying that the coastal regions of Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and Florida are going to face the effects of this spill.  These states are putting major efforts into assisting with clean-up and recovery efforts.  Right now, the governors of these states and President Obama are holding BP directly responsible for the spill, as well as for the majority of the costs for the cleaning efforts.

The current area of the spill is over 70 miles wide and 130 miles long!  This is three times the size of the initial leak.  Within and surrounding this area, millions of gallons of water, and several variations of life are being affected.  Various types of avian life have been threatened and forced to find new homes.  Oceanic life that we seek out for seafood are under serious threat, as their possibilities for continued life in this area are diminishing by the minute.

The cause of the spill is being linked to equipment failure.  The drilling instruments are aged and worn-down, likely affecting the capacity for containing the oil within the offshore structure.  The failure of BP to maintain their equipment is being placed as a major factor, as environmental organizations, and affected states are planning lawsuits against the oil company. 

Cleaning efforts are expected to cost over $3 billion!  It is likely that a big-time corporation like BP can afford that.  However, much money will be coming directly from the affected states, as well as concerned organiztions around the nation and the planet.  Gulf Coast states, as well as companies that regularly enter the waters for foods and other items to supply them, are planning lawsuits against BP.











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