Boogieing SUNY Students Were Burned!

May 5, 2010 at 12:53 AM (Uncategorized)

I understand that college is a place to gain learning experiences.  Most of us whom have spent time (or even attended classes) at collegiate campuses know that various levels of loosely-handled activities occur, frequently.  Youths at various post-public school locations are reknowned for being involved with drinking and related doings!

It was this past Saturday afternoon when some students at The State University of New York  gathered for celebration.  A party was held at an off-campus location, and a reasonably small amount of students were present.  The reports said that roughly twenty people were in attendance.

Of course, music, dancing, and who knows what else were occurring.  Traditional drinking activities happened, including one where shots were being taken.  One twenty-year-old attendee wanted to enliven the scene by adding some heat!  Joshua Benton was handling a glass of vodka, and he chose to ignite his alcoholic beverage.

The vodka was 160 proof, and it did not cross this young man’s mind that his drink was highly flammable!  Joshua put a cigarette lighter to the vodka, and it burst into flames!  The reports say that the flames spread, reaching a nearby sofa, and burning two fellow students.  Patrick Bettder and Taylor Meckley, both eighteen years-old, were singed by the extending flames!

Patrick experienced merely minor burns.  However, Taylor was burned severely, as she had to be taken to The Erie County Medical Center for treatment.  She was admitted in critical condition, and currently is being treated for second-degree and third-degree burns.  The wounds cover over forty-five percent of Taylor’s body!

I suppose that this situation can be attributed to the collegiate learning experience.  Many college students, at some point during the journey, get involved with drinking and wild partying.  The states of drunken stupor surely lead to involvement in activities which most people would attempt, normally.  It was not said as to whether or not this burning beverage game was some type of dare, campus club ritual, or whatever.  Yet, hopefully, other students are aware of what has happened here, taking note, so that they likely will not wind up in similar predicaments! 







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