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We joined the masses whom were prepared to heard into the theaters this weekend!  Iron Man 2 premiered this week, and the crowds were expected to be extreme!  Luckily, we got into a showing before the evening patrons arrived!

The film was exciting!  Robert Downey, Junior returned as Tony Stark, the corporate millionaire and self-proclaimed superhero.  This edition begins with the display of Stark’s nemesis, Ivan Vanko (Mickey Rourke), preparing weaponry for use against Stark.  Meanwhile, as Stark is self-gratifying himself, and hosting a technology expo, he is served with a court subpoena!

Stark has been accused of owning specialized weaponry against legal standards.  Truthfully, the government wants to have control of Stark’s weapons, especially his Iron Man suit.  They have been trying to recreate the suit, with no success.  Stark’s friend, Colonel James Rhodes (Don Cheadle), is called to testify against him.

The suit is causing problems for Tony, as the implant that links it to his body could be killing him!  His friend, Pepper Potts (Gwynneth Paltrow), is worried that Tony will not stop using the suit.  She is seriously concerned with Tony’s ego issues, as she has been named as his successor to lead Stark Industries, also.

Tony’s main advisor at Stark Industries is Natalie Rushman(Scarlett Johannson).  She is immediately shown to be quick-witted and unusually strong!  Natalie accompanies Tony and Pepper to a luxury conference that is held in Monaco .

The conference is for Tony’s Expo corporation.  It is attended by people from around the world.  A feature of the conference is a car show and race, in which Tony competes.  However, his nemesis is there!

Ivan Vanko enters the race track, swinging laser whips!  Calling himself Whiplash, he is whipping these electric ropes at Tony, trying to kill him. Tony’s best friend Pepper arrives just in time to save him, bringing him the Iron Man suit.

A vicious battle ensues between Iron Man and Whiplash!  The iron suit is damaged, but Tony does defeat this enemy.  Whiplash is taken to an Italian jail, where Tony goes to find out why he was after him.  Whiplash says that his father had some connection to Tony, and that he means to avenge it.  As Whiplash threatens Tony from behind bars, Tony leaves!

As the U.S. government is making efforts to shut Tony down, he is in flight to a private retreat with Pepper.  They have personal talks, as she warns Tony about problems that he has yet to face.  Tony proceeds to deal with problems from the U.S. government, as a coalition lead by Senator Stern (Gary Shandling) wants to have control of the Iron Man suit!

While jailed, Whiplash has been creating a secret weapon.  Undercover agents help him to get free, and he is taken to meet with one of Tony Stark’s business adversaries.  This person wants to get the Iron Man suit, as well as all of Stark’s business properties!

Lieutenant Colonel Rhodes is pressing for the military to gain control of the Iron Man Suit.  Yet, he is at a crossroads because he is a friend of Tony’s.  As a situation with Whiplash arises, Colonel Rhodes is called to fight along side Tony, who has been injured.

Whiplash had been shown several replicas of the Iron Man suit, made by a nemesis corporation.  They mean to dismantle Stark Industries, and to gain control of the suit.  Also, they want to have the government to work with them in order to acquire all of the new Iron Man suits!

Meanwhile, Tony is trying to repair relations with an old friend.  Natalie Rushman works for Tony at Stark Industries.  Yet, he does not know that Natalie now is an undercover agent whom was sent to acquire details about Stark and the suit productions.

Tony proceeds to flaunt the Iron Man suit publicly, getting drunk at a party.  James arrives in his own Iron Man suit, and ends up getting the people out of the party.  As the crowd vacates, James and Tony get into a fight while wearing the suits!  Tony defeats James, then he scares away the crowd!

They start to fight again, this time using lasers.  An explosion happens, and Tony flies away.  The scene changes to show that The U.S. Army now is testing a new version of the Iron Man suit

Tony now is in a cab, and he is meeting Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson).  Fury is with Natalie Rushman, now in the persona of the undercover agent Natasha Romanoff.  Nick and Natasha talk among themselves, then they inject Tony with lithium dioxide to get him into shape for an upcoming battle!  Nick tells Tony that his father left additional equipment for him, and he has Tony to prepare equipment for the U.S. military.

Colonel Rhodes is preparing the silver suit, while negotiating with one of Tony’s business rivals named Justin Hammer (Sam Rockwell).  Rhodes buys additional arsenal from Hammer, as Tony is in the middle of reviewing a secret tape left by his father.  Tony gets motivation as he learns of adversarial talk from others, including Bill O’Reilly, whom plan to have the Iron Man suit captured and shut down!

Pepper Potts is called before the government to deliver details about Tony.  She does not reveal anything.  Yet, Tony gets into Potts’ office, he learns that his father was working on a secret project with nuclear power.  Tony starts testing this project, getting it, and learning that it was used for the power within the whip-chain weapons used by his enemy, Whiplash!

During a racecar contest in Monaco, Tony is a contestant.  Whiplash arrives at the race, and he attacks Tony’s speeding car with his electric whips.  Another battle ensues, and Tony does defeat Whiplash.  Yet, he learns that Whiplash holds him responsible for the death of one of his father’s business cohorts, and for having his father sent back to The Soviet Union.

Tony gets to where he is working on a project that tests atomic power.  He means to attempt harnessing the power of a star, after building his own particle accelerator, and creating an entirely new element!   Yet, he finds out that Whiplash has been trapped by the government.  They mean to take control of the Iron Man suit, so Whiplash calls Tony for help!

Whiplash’s call is a rouse because he is Tony’s enemy.  When Tony arrives, he finds himself in a battle against Whiplash and mechanical drones.  Natalie attempts to help by going to get updates for the Iron Man suit.  Yet, Whiplash has updates already, and he is set to fight Iron Man with the help of mechanical drones!  A fight begins, where Iron Man is defeated, at first.  Then, Iron Man learns that the drones have self-destruct buttons, which he gets control of, defeating them!

Iron Man is able to flee, and he races to get to Pepper.  She has quit her job with Stark Industries, but she reveals that she loves Tony.  They kiss, as Rhodes watches.  As Rhodes leaves with the Iron Man suit,  Tony prepares for a government meeting.  There, he learns that the government still wants his suit, and that plans for an “Avengers Initiative” are in the works.  Tony agrees to surrender the Iron Man suit when he and Colonel Rhodes are given medals for bravery!

This story was left wide open for an introduction to The Avengers, set to premiere during 2012!  I did not follow along with that story line as much as I may have wanted, as a child.  Yet, I do know about it, and I am excited to know that there will be developments for what can be an ongoing adventure story!

I think that I caught a glimpse of a trailer for the upcoming Predators movie!  That was one of the scariest, yet most exciting horror – science fiction adventure series while growing up.  I am so ready to see what they will do with these alien hunters in this latest effort!

More movies are coming!  Shrek Forever After is going to be re-donkulously fun!  Other anticipated features include The A-Team, Despicable Me, Eat Pray Love, Jonah Hex, The Karate Kid, Killers Mac Gruber, and Salt.





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