Tigers Take-up In A Peculiar Place!

May 10, 2010 at 10:38 PM (Uncategorized)

Indeed, life can find some of the strangest places to call home.  While pondering the possibilities of things existing beyond our planet, as well as creating quirky questions about everthing alive on our Earth, some research leads to information about the latter-mentioned. 

Sometimes, here on our home world, living things wind up getting stuck in some of the strangest places!  Tigers are becoming some of the rarest and most exotic animals on the planet.  Every and all things need to be done in order to salvage them before they become extinct.  While these messages are trying to be conveyed with urgency, continued studies of tigers have revealed that some seem to be trapped within an extremely dangerous area!

As fault is placed, once again, upon humanity, groups of fragile and rare animal species have found a nook within The Korean Demilitarized Zone.  This is the area of land that stretches horizontally across The Korean Peninsula , serving as a neutral site between North Korea and South Korea.  It was created during 1953 to be a semi-neutral barrier that separated the recently-freed southern nation from the communist northern nation.

Within the Korean DMZ, one can find many active landmines, along with boundaries of barbed wire, and various clutter.  Yet, to the amazement and wonder of it all, animals claim this territory as their home.  It is not unusual to find bears, deer, exotic birds, and wild pigs living there.  Most interestingly, it is thought that roughly ten tigers roam freely throughout The DMZ!

The cautious and creeping cats are believed by many people not to be within The DMZ.  However, an ecologist named Sun Nam Lim has been studying wild tigers for over twenty years.  Lim believes that tigers are rare, yet active and alive within The DMZ.   He claims to have verifiable proof that they can be found, carefully, slinking within the shaded and plant-filled areas.

Ecologists, environmentalists, and animal protection organizations are in doubt of Lim’s suggestions.  Many have spent extended time within The DMZ, trying to find the tigers.  Although much time has been spent looking, and high-tech equipment has been used, the tigers have not been found.  Heat-sensing cameras were used to try locating the animals without actually seeing them, yet these techniques proved faulty, as well.

Sun Nam Lim and his group of environmentalists continue to try tracking the tigers.  They plan to continue with excursions throughout the mountainous regions and thick forest lands.  Lim is certain that the tigers are there, and he plans to prove to the world that he is right.  If so, then animal activist organizations worldwide should make every effort necessary to preserve this region, protecting these precious cats!

"sydneyThe Korean Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) is an area of land 4 kilometers-wide strip of land straddling the 151 mile long Military Demarcation Line.  The opposing sides agreed under the Armistice Agreement from entering the territory, air space or contiguous waters under control of the other. Even though North Korea has committed violations at sea and in the air, and has infiltrated armed agents along South Korea’s extensive coastline and outlying islands, it is in and along the DMZ that most Armistice violations have occurred.  Home to some 2 million soldiers, the DMZ is the world’s most heavily fortified border.

 tiger animated gifsDMZ Korea




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