Soundtrack Songs Showcased by Idols!

May 11, 2010 at 11:50 PM (Uncategorized)

Alright, good-friggit!  I am an Idol junkie!  I have been keeping up with this season, and I am anxious to find out which one will emerge as the winner.  Albeit the remaining presence of Lee Dewyze is curious, I do believe that a good contest will have resulted upon season’s end!

Tonight’s American Idol episode featured the contestants performing songs from movie soundtracks!  A specialty was delivered, as Jamie Foxx served as tonight’s “mentor”!  The multi-talented movie and musical maverick helped the Idols with their song selections and performances for this evening.

Lee Dewyze started the songs, giving the audience his take on Kiss From A Rose, by Seal.  Now, I enjoy this song for it’s sensuous nature, as delivered through Seal’s savory sound.  Yet, Lee really had no business singing it!

The judges all tried to be nice with Lee, yet they let him know that his singing did not work!  Randy was calm, merely stating that the sound was up and down.  However, Simon hit the nail on the head, saying that Lee was like karaoke!

Returning to the youthful sound of Michael Jackson, Michael Lynche serenaded the audience with Will You Be There.  It almost seemed to be karaoke, as the judges are so fond of saying!  However, Ellen liked Mike’s effort in changing his method of performance.  Kara felt that it was a good song choice, though Randy thought that Mike’s singing was a flirt with her!  I somewhat concurred with Simon, as he said that Mike did not have the “necessary requirement” in his sound for this important night!

A duet was presented next, as Lee and Crystal Bowersox sang Falling Slowly, from the soundtrack of the movie Once.  Both of them played guitars, and they had a good sound with the instruments!  Yet, Crystal’s voice did rise above Lee’s voice.

Randy commented first, feeling that it was a great song, and that both of them were amazing.  Ellen called it great, referring to Lee and Crystal as “the new Captain and Tenille!  Kara thought that it was one of her favorite moments of the season, and Simon thought that it was a fantastic song!

A banjo-playing Casey James was next, performing The Beatles Mrs. Robinson!  He accompanied his song with banjo sound, also.  Yet, Casey seemed to be dull tonight, again evoking the image of random karaoke!

Randy started, asking why Casey chose that song (he was teasing, suggesting that Mike was flirting with Kara…).  His sentiment was that Casey’s presentation was laid back.  Ellen did like the seeming comeback sound, and Kara thought that it was a good song choice.  I had to agree with Simon though, as he said that Casey did not make the necessary requirements for such an important night in the contest!

Again, I have to say that Crystal has to be the leader!  She sang I’m Alright, by Kenny Loggins, from the soundtrack of Caddyshack.  Crystal played the guitar during her song, which gave additionally pleasing sound and volume!  She had percussion accompaniment, also!

Casey and Big Mike returned for a duet, singing Have You Ever Really Loved A Woman, by Bryan Adams!  Both of them played guitars during the song, which gave a smooth and mellow blend to their sound.  Randy agreed with that sentiment, while comedienne De Generes got in a good laugh, saying “yes, I have loved a woman!  Kara and Simon wrapped up the evening, letting the singers know that the duets were incredible, and that they did well, this evening.  Simon thought that the paired singing was better than the solo performances!

Results will be revealed tomorrow night!  The show is expected to be extra-entertaining, as Idol alumnus Chris Daughtry will return, performing with his band Bon Jovi will entertain the crowd, too!  I remain a backer of Crystal Bowersox, realizing that Casey does have audience appeal!  Watch the results!



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