Idol Spring 2010 With 3 to The End!

May 12, 2010 at 9:51 PM (Uncategorized)

It seemed to happen again, seeing one of the better singers getting the boot!  Big Mike has a much better sound than Lee Dewyze.  However, it is about the support, and which of them has the most calls to make the votes add up.

American Idol  Spring 2010 is winding down!  With this ejection of Michael Lynche, three contestants remain.  Crystal Bowersox, Casey James, and the afore metioned Lee are left, now!

If things go like they should, then it will come down to a contest between Crystal and Casey.  Lee really is not a really good singer, yet he seems to have some level of ludicrous fan base.  So, the support is there, even if the sound is not!

I have believed that Crystal (Mama Sox) always has been this season’s best singer!  It is somewhat surprising that she has remained.  Often, the several of the better singers have been ejected before reaching this far within the season.  I am glad that Crystal has made it this far, and that should assure that she gets some type of recording contract!

It was good to see Chris Daughtry  back on the stage!  He is doing very well, accompanied by his self-titled band.  They performed one of their hit tracks, September, in front of tonight’s Idol audience.

We were treated to other performers, tonight!  Idol alumna Fantasia Barrino took the stage.  She was dressed sexily, and she sang one of her songs called BittersweetShe sounded aiight…..

Along with Daughtry and Fantasia, Idol had Bon Jovi  performing!  This long-standing band was good, as usual.  Superman was the song that they presented to an excited audience! 

Well.  It now is down to three.  Crystal Bowersox, Lee Dewyze, and Casey James are the remaining singers after what has been an entertaining season!  I think that the performances this season were elevated, due to a possibly better selection of contestants, along with their options to perform with instumental accompaniments.  As each of these last three is definitely assured some level of contract, I still will pull for Crystal to emerge as this season’s winner!

"American Idol" season nine Top 4 contestants




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