Ballin’ and Fallin’ & Forest Felons!

May 15, 2010 at 1:05 AM (Uncategorized)

This was a good evening at the movies!  We got to see two films that we had been anticipating, and we were not disappointed!  I figured that there would be some real entertainment with these features, and I will admit that both movies were truly enjoyable!

Our first film was Just Wright!  Queen Latifah stars as Leslie Wright, a personal care assistant that works with residents of New York City.  She begins by meeting a gentleman named Mark at an evening bar.  They have dinner and conversation.  Mark says that he had a good time, but he is not interested in dating Leslie.

Leslie gets home, talking with her best friend, Morgan (Paula Patton).  She discusses her disappointment, which is carried into talk with her parents the next day.  Leslie’s mother (Pam Grier) and father (James Pickens, Jr.) encourage her to continue, and she prepares to attend a basketball game with Morgan.

It is a New Jersey Nets game, where Leslie and Morgan are cheering, especially for lead player Scott McKnight (Common).  The Nets win, then Leslie and Morgan attend the afterparty.  Afterward, Leslie encounters McKnight at a gas station, getting into conversation with him.  They discuss Joni Mitchell, then Scott asks her out!

Leslie tells Morgan about this, the next day.  Her mother gives her preparation tips, and her father allows her to use his car.  Leslie meets Scott at a party, where he is being toasted for his birthday.  They get into conversation, but it is interrupted by her man-hunting pal, Morgan. 

As they leave the party, Scott admits to Leslie that he wants to get to know Morgan.  She is upset, yet she keeps it to herself.  Leslie shares her feelings with her father, as Scott arrives at their home the next day, looking for Morgan!

Scott asks Morgan out to dinner.  That develops into a seeming relationship, where Morgan always is seen on Scott’s arm.  Morgan now claims to be in love, even saying that she is ready to have Scott’s baby!  They get to a point where they are at a party at Scott’s mansion, and Scott’s mother (Phylicia Rashad) is there.  The party is going well, and Scott surprises everyone when he asks Morgan to marry him!

Scott’s mother is not pleased with this sudden move.  She can smell Morgan on the prowl!  Yet, Scott has advanced with his basketball team, being selected for the all-star team.  However, he suffers a serious knee injury!  Scott tears a ligament, and he could be out for good!

Morgan is at Scott’s side instantly, and she wants best-friend Leslie to use her medical knowledge to help treat her man.  Leslie starts to help Scott, learning that Morgan does not like his mother!  While treating Scott, Leslie reveals that she knows all about his basketball career, having been a long-time Nets fan.  During Scott’s treatment, his mother gets to know Leslie, and she likes Leslie!  However, as he is going through rehabilitation, Morgan is nowhere to be found!

Morgan ended up giving Scott back his engagement ring, then leaving him (she chunked a really quick deuce…).  She calls him a has-been, upsetting Leslie and Scott’s mother.  Leslie tries to apologize to Scott, yet he is not ready to hear that.  However, she does stay to help Scott with continuing rehabilitation.

Scott gets to a place where he is isolating himself, yet Leslie forces him into action.  He agrees to have her continue with his rehab, as they practice basketball together.  Her therapy gets intense, and Scott is appreciative.  His gratitude leads into the formation of a bond with Leslie, as he opens up to her about his life.  Their bonding grows into deeper feelings, where Scott admits that he cares for Leslie, yet she remains cautious.

Now all-fixed, Scott is back in the game!  However, her remains uncomfortable.  Leslie is there for an emotional boost that seems to be developing into a romance.  He gets back with The Nets, where Leslie and his mother are at a game against Miami.  Scott does not play well, yet Leslie gives ego and emotional support.  This helps Scott, as he does hit a three-pointer at the buzzer, winning the game for his team!

Leslie admits to Scott’s mom that she likes him.  The two friends prepare for dinner at a jazz club.  They have a very nice evening, which ends with Scott kissing Leslie, and her spending the night with him!  As Leslie is overjoyed, Morgan arrives the next morning!

Morgan attempts apologizing to Scott, trying to get him back into her life.  Yet, as Scott does not fall for her sob-story, Leslie tells him that she is hurt by Morgan’s presence.  Leslie tells Scott that she wants more than a friendship!  She is so disappointed that she returns home to New Jersey, and she chooses not to be an NBA therapist.

It is at a dinner where Morgan now is with Scott, and she wants to marry him!  Yet, Scott quickly tells her that he is not falling for it.  She is trying all kinds of lures, yet he is trying to contact Leslie.  Scott has given Leslie leads for several NBA therapy openings, yet she turned down offers from The Nets!

Her parents are upset that she is not following through with Scott.  Scott is trying to let Leslie know that he really appreciated her.  Scott realizes that he likes Leslie, but she has left the area, returning home to Philadelphia.  He follows Leslie there!

When Scott reaches Leslie’s Philly home, he tells her that he wants to be with her.  Scott tells Leslie that he loves her, and Leslie breaks down to admit that she loves him, too!  They marry, and Leslie gets a therapy job with The Nets!

Robin Hood was our second film!  This actually was an exciting take on the classic legend!  It begins in Nottingham, with thieves raiding the village, and the people suffering under the tryanny of King John. 

Living in 13th century England, Robin Longstride (Russell Crowe) is among a gathering of men that are ready to stand against the king’s rule.  They deal with the corruption of the times, including the excessive taxation of their people by the monarchy, and laws that seem meant to keep them oppressed. 

Robin himself is a well-trained archer who served in the prior King Richard’s army.  After this king died, Robin returned to his village of Nottingham, which has fallen victim to the oppressive ways of greedy town authorities.  Though he is ready to help his people to defend themselves, Robin falls in love with Marian (Cate Blanchett).  His bond with Marian leads Robin to form a group of men whom are ready to fight against the manners of the corrupt monarchy.

The men become mercenaries on behalf of the poor locals.  They begin robbing the rich, and giving much-needed help to the deprived citizens.  During the blantant raids on the rich, Robin falls in love with Marian. 

(A war-weakend England is at a point where it can not fend off foreign invaders, as well as fight against the inner strife from Robin and his band of merry men.  The crippling of the monarchy allows Robin to be successful with plights of thievery, yet he finds that the king of France has ordered a local noble (Richard Godfrey) to kill him!

Robin gets back to England, finding that the king has died.  He has to tell the royal family of the king’s passing, and he sees King John (Oscar Isaac) assuming the throne.  King John is ruthless in his taxing of his people, and he is an unknowing aide in the scheming of French invaders to bring down his own monarchy!

A final battle between England and France sets the end-scene, as Robin has been chased into hiding by English royals.  The French army lands at southern England, engaging in a bloody battle.  The English win, with Robin having been a valuable part of the fight for his peoples’ land.  Yet, with the victory, King John breaks his promise to sign The Magna Carta, and he forces Robin into exile. 

Robin finds shelter within Sherwood Forest.  It is there that he forms his band of merry men.  Together, Robin and his cohorts become infamous for being the burglars of the well-to-do, as they collect the riches to bring back to their needy neighbors! 


May will wind down with the fun films Mac Gruber and Shrek Forever After!  Sex and the City 2 and Prince of Persia:  The Sands of Time will premiere before month’s end, too!  June will begin with The A-Team, The Karate Kid, Killers, Marmaduke, and Splice


Check out some Common!!!

robin hood character      robin hood character

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