Pulling For Crystal With Three Left!

May 18, 2010 at 9:44 PM (Uncategorized)

American Idol is down to the final three contestants for the season!  As expected, Crystal Bowersox is among them.  I am gunning for her to be the winner!

The set-up for the singers tonight focused on the song choices.  The contestants chose their songs to sing during round one.  The judges picked the songs for the second round.

Casey James began the evening!  I was so busy on the computer, that I did not catch the name of the song.  I think it was Daughters, by John Mayer.  I heard it, and it did not sound so great.  The judges seemed to concur with this thought, with each of them commenting that they were expecting more!

Unless something goes TOTALLY wrong, Crystal Bowersox will be the winner!  She started her selections by singing Melissa Ethridge‘s Come to My Window.  Crystal, as usual, had a strong sound!  She sang this tune with her usual strength, and accompanied it with the sound of her guitar.

I thought that she was great, yet there was mixed opinion from the judges.  Randy began, saying that he did not like the song’s arrangement.  Ellen was proud of Crystal, while Kara said that she had good vocals.  However, DioGuardi did say that Crystal could have had better acoustics.  Simon did not think that Crystal gave the most stunning version of the song, yet he did say that he was proud of her for not compromising herself!

Lee sang third, and his first presentation was surprising!  He was ready tonight, singing Lynyrd Skynyrd‘s Simple Man.  Lee played the guitar, and he had a nice sound.  I felt that he got weak toward the song’s end.

Randy told Lee that he was feeling as if he could win!  Ellen thought that Lee took this attempt seriously.  She compared him to a springing impala!  As Kara told him that he was “on the money”, and Simon said that Lee “crushed the others!

Casey returned to open the second round.  He took the stage with his guitar, singing Daughters, by John Mayer.  I felt that the song was merely alright, bordering on dull!  It was a bit sleepy…

Maybe I’m Amazed, by Paul Mac Cartney and Wings, was sung by Crystal, for her second choice!  The song itself is okay, perhaps just a bit boring.  At least, that is what I felt from Crystal.

The judges all felt that she did well!  Randy told her that she had great vocals, and Ellen simply stated that  “she did it”!  Kara felt that Crystal showed parts of her vocals that the audience had not heard yet, while Simon told her that she was “terrific”, and that she has soul! 

The judges chose Leonard Cohen‘s Hallelujah for Lee’s second choice!  When it is sung properly, I really like that song, and I felt that Lee did it justice!  He had strong vocals to go along with his guitar playing.  There were some hot background singers, too!

The judges and crowd were applauding Lee!  Randy began, telling Lee that it was unbelievable!  Ellen could say no more than it was stunning!  Kara felt that he epitomized the show, telling Lee that “he owned the entire night”!  Simon told him that he was very proud of him, as his song choice showed that he is a fantastic singer, and a great person!

The results will be announced tomorrow night!  I have been pulling for Crystal this entire time, yet I will concede that she was not the best, tonight.  I think that Lee did outsing her, especially with his second song choice.  If all goes appropriately, Casey will be voted out, bringing it to a final showdown between Crystal and Lee.  Go Crystal, go Crystal!!!






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