Bullied-out Star Speeds Through Space!

May 19, 2010 at 8:08 PM (Uncategorized)

Sometimes, you can look around, then see that so many things are on the move!  Motion is a common action among just about everything within the universe, large and small.  As studies of outer space show that so many thngs are moving about, one recent study is showing that a star has been seen, and it is moving at break-neck speed!

It is being called a homeless star, or a runaway star.  Located within The Large Magellanic Cloud, a neighboring system to our Milky Way, is The Tarantula Nebula.  This is a region within outer space where stars are born.  The nebula is located roughly 180,000 light years from our Earth.  This star seems to have moved about 375 light years from it’s original location.

The Tarantula Nebula is such a large location of star formation that there seems not to be enough room for all of them.  As with the ways of nature, the bigger bullies have their ways with the smaller things.  It seems that one little star is being forced out of it’s region!

This troubled star already has ninety times the mass of our Sun.  So, it is no small-fry!  However, even larger stars of this nebula seem to have used gravitational forces to nudge the star out of it’s original location.  Studies are showing that this star is being forced out by larger, more massive stars that are in the general area (bullies…).

The Cosmic Origins Spectrograph of The Hubble Space Telescope is showing that the star already has moved roughly 375 light years from it’s point of origin within the star cluster R136.  This already is at the edge of The Tarantula Nebula.  The distance that the reject star has travelled is equalled roughly to 2,250 trillion miles!

Researchers have identified the on-the-run star as a massive blue-white star.  Astronomers from University College of London have been studying the star with the services of Australia’s Siding Spring Observatory.  There, The Anglo-Australian Telescope was used to observe star cluster R136, and the stars moving to and from it.

Through studies of the star’s motion, astronomers see that it is releasing extreme amounts of charged particles.  This particular outburst has been noted as occurring during an exceptionally powerful blowing of stellar winds.  The force of this blast gave knowledge that the releasing star likely is ninety times as heavy as our Sun.

This star is expected to continue moving through space at exteme speeds.  However, it is of no threat to Earth!  It should continue speeding in the depths of the cosmos, then coming to an explosive end during a supernova.  The explosion likely will result in the creation of a black hole.

Hubble catches heavyweight runaway star speeding from 30 Doradus









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