Idol Spring ’10 With 2 to the End!

May 19, 2010 at 9:57 PM (Uncategorized)

Casey James got sent home!  Well, boo-hoo Becky!  It was so tragic seeing all of those heart-broken, teenaged girls hollering!  No matter.  Coming in third place is not a bad thing.  Most contests give some levels of discernable credit to contestants who make it that far!

American Idol season nine is winding down!  Casey James was ejected this evening, leaving the finale to a sing-off between Crystal Bowersox and Lee Dewyze.  I have said all along that Bowersox should be – will be the winner.  Now, we will have to see how the final show turns out, and how the votes are tallied.

Casey sang It’s Alright With Me, by Eric Hutchinson.  The judges were not alright with that pick, with Randy telling Casey that it did not work, and Simon telling him that he made “a dud song choice”!  His second pick was Daughters by John Mayer.  It received better opinion, with Ellen telling Casey that it fit him like a glove, and Kara applauding him for showing his sensitive side!

Crystal started off with a popular tune by Melissa Etheridge, Come to My Window!  The song was good for Crystal, with Ellen telling her that it was a good choice, and Kara saying that she presented good vocals!  Crystal came back with Maybe I’m Amazed, by Paul Mac Cartney.  Simon thought that it was terrific, as Randy was happy with her vocal presentation.  He expressed that “we’ve got somebody in it to win it”!

Dark horse Lee Dewyze is not to be counted out, just yet!  He began with Simple Man, by Lynyrd Skynyrd.  Randy felt that it was a great choice, and Ellen told Lee that he went from being a lamb to a gazelle!  Simon wondered why Lee made that song choice, but told him that it was on the money.  Kara felt that Lee won round one!

His second selection was Hallelujah, from Leonard Cohen.  This is a good song, upon which Lee seemed to explode!  He got rave reviews from the judges.  Randy told him that it was unbelievable, Ellen said that it was stunning, Kara told him that he had “an incredible, epic moment”, and Simon was proud that Lee showed he could be a fantastic singer!

Now, with Casey gone, it is going to be between Crystal and Lee.  I think that is fair.  Each of them will be receiving record contracts, and possibly more.  Hopefully, they will be able to make great use of this success, becoming the stars whom they were destined to be!  I would like to hear original music from both of them!



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