Continuing Animated Adventure & Silver-Screen Stupidity!

May 22, 2010 at 12:10 AM (Uncategorized)

Friday is Friday, and that means movies!  This evening, we saw to films on which we had been waiting.  As one was a highly anticipated and popular animation, the second film was a comedy take-off from a late-night television laugh scene!

We figured that Shrek the Final Chapter was going to be great, and we were not let down!  The story picks up from the last entry, as Shrek (voice of Mike Myers) now is happily married to Fiona (voice of Cameron Diaz).  They have settled into domestic life, raising triplets.  Shrek even has gotten to a point where he is autographing pitchforks and play-scaring children to please local villagers.

As he longs for something more, Shrek seeks assistance from Rumplestiltskin (voice of Walt Dohrn), who is a seeming con-artist.  Shrek tells Rumplestiltskin his problems, then he has Shrek to sign a contract.  Supposedly, this will allow Shrek to return to the days where his life was satisfactory, not burdened by having to please his wife, or to deal with his constantly crying babies.  However, the naive ogre does not read the fine print, as the conniving Rumplestiltskin quickly takes back the signed contract, then grants the wishes to Shrek!

As believed by Shrek, the deal was to give him a day of freedom where he would not have to deal with his nagging wife and crying babies.  Yet, the ogre-dad did not read the fine print, which actually erases Shrek from history.  He will not have to deal with all of his problems because he never had been born!

Now the land of Far Far Away is warped, totally!  Rumplestiltskin is the king, and all ogres are hunted outcasts!  Shrek’s best-friend, Donkey (voice of Eddie Murphy), does not know him.  Fiona does not like him, is again under her ogress-by-night curse, and she is the leader of a rebellion against the foul king of Far Far Away.  Puss in Boots (voice of Antonio Banderas) now is a true fat cat, who wears a pink bow, and he is lazy and useless (feed me, if you dare…)!

If Shrek wants to break this curse, he must get Fiona to kiss him before sunrise of the next day.  That will break the contract that Rumplestiltskin tricked Shrek into signing.   However, Rumplestiltskin now is happy with leading a life of luxury, with Shrek and his cohorts banished.  A battle ensues so that things can be returned to normal.  A battle ensues, placing Shrek and the misplaced characters of Far Far Away against the wicked Rumplestiltskin, who means to keep them in their now warped world!

Shrek Forever After

We opted to view the mindless madness of Macgruber, second!  The hunter for hire, Macgruber (Will Forte), now is retired from duty.  His wife (Maya Rudolph) was killed by villains, ten years earlier.  After mourning, Macgruber simply seeks to have a life free from distress.

Government agents find Macgruber to tell him that he is needed again for service.  At first, he rejects the thought due to dealing with the aftermath of the loss of his wife.  Yet, Macgruber is dedicated to his country, and hejust knows that he is the only person capable of handling this latest task!

The government wants Macgruber to find a nuclear weapon that has been stolen by an arch-enemy named Dieter von Cunth (Val Kilmer).  Macgruber cautiously decides to assist the government, figuring that he is the only person whom can deal with this task.  Joined by Vicki St.Elmo (KristenWiig) and Lieutenant Dixon Piper (Ryan Phillippe), Macgruber moves into asinine action.  They plan to capture Von Kunth before he can get into position that will allow him to detonate his nuclear device, harming millions of people. 

Amazingly, through mindblowingly mindless moves, and in between mometarily heated romance with Vicki St. Elmo, Macgruber does manage to complete the preliminary reconnaissance mission.  He is assisted by St. Elmo and Piper, as they all work to capture Von Cunth before he can execute his plans of mass destruction! 


The trailers for The Karate Kid are looking great, with little Jaden Smith looking terrific for his role in this adventure update!  I am getting preliminary information about a sci-fi – adventure from Steven Spielberg, called Super 8, to be released soon!  I am very excited about Predators, Splice, and Thor!  Even more great films are coming, including The A-Team, Cats and Dogs:  The Revenge of Kitty Galore, Despicable Me, Dinner For Schmucks, Inception, Jonah Hex, The Last Airbender, Lottery Ticket, Salt, and The Sorcerer’s Apprentice! 



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