Give This to Crystal!!!

May 25, 2010 at 9:54 PM (Uncategorized)

Lee really has no business competing with Crystal.  He can NOT sing against her, and anyone whom thinks so needs to have ears checked and cleaned!  I am ALL-FOR Crystal!  When she sang Black Velvet, I was in here, shimmy-shakin’ it along with her, not caring who or what was watching!  She sounded hot! 

Crystal’s first song was Me and Bobby McGee, from Janis Joplin!  It was  like fire, as put by Kara!  Crystal opened the concert tonight with her guns loaded, and she hit the target on that song!  The judges were pleased equally, with Ellen finding Crystal to be compelling, and Simon telling her that she is at her best tonight!

Crystal’s second song was Black Velvet, from Alannah Myles, and again, she was on fire!  I like that song already, and hearing it through Crystal made me want to hear the song more!  Her voice was perfect on that song, with soul and force!

Each of the judges was thrilled with Crystal!  Randy began, saying that Mama Sox is in it to win it!  Ellen found it to be fantastic, and Kara heard Crystal hitting all of the notes.  Simon felt that she nailed the song, and he was impressed by her!

She concluded with Up to the Mountain, originally sung by Patti Griffin.  Crystal added her guitar to her vocals, which set off her sound very nicely!  The judges were impressed thoroughly, as Randy stated that Crystal gave one of her best performances, and Ellen told her that she is in a league of her own!  Kara noted that Crystal has blossomed, and Simon told her that it was the best performance of the night!

I was going to go ahead and declare Lee as the runner-up, but I do not want to jinx Crystal.  We know how voting can go around here.  I missed the name of his first song, but it sounded so-so.  He had his guitar while singing Everybody Hurts, by R.E.M., second.  The judges seemed alright with it, as Ellen, Randy, and Simon wanted to hear more when he sang that song.

Lee came with a song from U2, Beautiful Day, for his last performance.  I thought that he sounded alright for his last song choice, though he did seem to be yelling.  I did not know – did not like the song, so I had to go on Lee’s sound.

Randy was satisfied, telling Lee that he got his groove back!  Ellen loved his energy!  Kara was not as happy, telling Lee that the song may have swallowed him!  Simon gave Lee congratulations for his efforts, telling Lee that he made him proud!

The results will be announced tomorrow night.  Again, I must state that Lee does not need to be competing against Crystal!  She is in a league of her own, and she totally stomps that guy with her sound.  There is no comparison!  I will have a copy of her first CD! 

Image: Crystal Bowersox, Lee Dewyze


      American Idol 


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