Gulf Oil Spill Catastrophe Continues!

May 25, 2010 at 7:13 PM (Uncategorized)

The horror of the oil spill within The Gulf of Mexico continues!  The oil rig that was leased/owned by British Petroleum exploded on April 22.  Now, over one month later, oil freely flows into the waters, with seemingly no rational end to come!

Nevermind that The Gulf of Mexico, including much of the related, submerged ecosystem, has been damaged, rather destroyed!  There are speculations that roughly 210,000 gallons per day are leaking into the waters!  Furthermore, eleven offshore oil rig employees have been declared to have been killed as a result of this catastrophe!

A higher executive from British Petroleum did meet with Congress.  This individual admitted that the oil leak is continuing, and that NO actually reasonable efforts have been made to stop it.  Various plans have been tossed about, although none of them has been solidified in to an actual bolstering into action.

This same BP executive admitted that the spill could reach a level of release that may equal to 60,000 barrels per day.  That is estimated to be ten times more than what is being released, currently.  Each barrel holds forty-two gallons of oil.  So, doing the math of 42 times 60,000 equals a whole lot of friggin’ oil!  That is only for one day!  This leak has been happening since April 20, and an end to it has not been forecast!

BP now is being called Bloody Petroleum instead of British Petroleum!  This reckless action that has caused irreparable damages needs to have several individuals held accountable.  This needs to include employees and executives of this company, as well as elected officials whom have advocated and sponsored the actions of off-shore drillling.

It almost seems as if we have gotten so used to the regular damages that we infict upon our planet that many people are numb to this latest horror.  Earlier this month, national protests occurred to show that people are aware, and are unhappy with BP’s response to this travesty.  Calls have been made for The United States’ government to seize control of BP and it’s assets, using those monies for the necessary procedures that are desparately needed for attempts at repairing the ongoing oil spill.



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