…but I wubb her!?!

May 31, 2010 at 5:15 PM (Uncategorized)

At what age does one really know the meaning of love?  It is arguable that some people never learn it.  Yet, many people feel that true feelings of love can come at any age, as it is something which is only delivered through actual, heart-felt emotions.

Well.  With all of that in mind, it does remain curious to classify the actual emotions of youths as true love.  Indeed, it is understood that love at any age can come through expressions toward people and things for which one may have long-standing feelings of affection.  Bonds through families and lengthy friendships are understood to precipitate deep sentiments that will include love.

It often is a debatable and questionable topic to discuss, the idea of children falling in love.  Granted, most youths begin to understand this common human emotion at ages that seem to get younger and younger.  Many people have had their first romantic experiences at ages that could seem to be startlingly young, perhaps even before puberty.  Yet, can it be, should it be acceptable and allowable for children to marry?

I realize that some places around the world have arranged marriages for their children.  These can be attributed to cultural practices, family agreements, perhaps even  due to financial needs.  Yet, whatever the reason may be, it seems to be questionable as to whether or not it is a rational-reasonable idea for children to marry.

A thirteen year-old boy from Pakistan recently has been married.  His wife merely is three years older than him, at age sixteen.  Skirting the facts of their age differences in relation to their gender-related maturity capacities, the youths were allowed to marry after the approvals of their families.  Both groups are experiencing financial difficulties, and the boy’s family helped him with finding a wife to assist with their home duties.

It was the boy’s family that initiated the efforts in finding a wife for him.  His father has died, his mother is ill, and they are having financial problems, now.  They believe that allowing the boy to be married will help with issues that include money and household duties.  The nation of Pakistan does allow males as young as 18 to marry, and the same with females whom reach 16 years of age.

Gherat Khan, the boy at thirteen years of age, believes that he truly loves his older female.  Yet, it is the school that he attends that has serious issues with Gherat being married.  The school officials at Peshawar Model School opted to have the boy expelled due to the likelihood of his relaying the details of his private relations inappropriately, and to other children within the school. 

Patrice Jamil, the school’s principal, stated that Gherat was expelled out of concern that the intimate details of his personal life would be shared among the other children.  However, the school’s public records state that Gherat was taken out of the school because of a request from his parents.  The principal did reveal that she and campus officials believe that Gherat’s revelations of his personal life among other students would cause an unnecessary disruption throughout the school.

Gherat and his family now want him back at that school.  The young man eventually plans to complete studies that will allow him to become a doctor.  Now, after all of this controversy, Gherat wants to return to this particular school to finish this level of his education.  However, it is the school’s principal whom does not want to see him return due to the possibly negative publicity that may bring!









…and this!!!





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