Fairly Fun Films This Week!

June 25, 2010 at 11:56 PM (Uncategorized)

Ehh.  It was alright, I guess.  No.  I take that back.  I did really enjoy the first movie!  I had heard mixed reviews about it over the past week, and I was uncertain as to whether or not I would like what I saw.  Yet, I did see it for myself, forming my own opinion that is positive!

Knight and Day actually was a decent film to watch.  It begins with June Havens (Cameron Diaz)having seemingly accidental encounters with Roy Miller (Tom Cruise) during her daily activities.  When Havens arrives at an airport to catch a return flight to Kansas City, she is told that she will have to catch a later-flying plane.  Yet, undercover agent Fitzgerald (Peter Scarsgaard) is holding an assignment at that airport.  He has Havens situated to catch her initial flight.

A situation occurs aboard the airplane where Miller is assaulted by passengers while Havens has gone to the restroom.  During this time, the fight escalates, and Miller kills everyone on the plane.  Havens returns, not grasping why everyone has disappeared until Miller takes her into the cockpit and shows her the dead pilots!  He manages to maneuver the airplane enough to crash-land it safely within a corn field.

Miller drugs Haven, and he takes her home.  He warns Havens that she is being watched, and that she may be in danger of being killed.  He accompanies Havens throughout the day, working with her and her family for the arrangements of her sister’s wedding.  She suddenly is taken by government agents,  with an armed Miller chasing behind her!

Havens, after being saved by Miller, still believes that she is experiencing some elaborate hoax.  She gets in contact with an ex-boyfriend whom stays with her until Miller gets hold of her, again.  They proceed to find a man named Simon who created a poweful energy device called Zephyr.  Upon reaching Simon’s home, they are ambushed, and Havens is drugged, again.

Miller takes her to a secret island hideaway.  There, she receives a cell phone call from her sister, which reveals her location to the agents whom are after her.  They wind up escaping, and heading to The Alps, where Miller receives a coded message.  This leads him to Spain, where he has to meet with other agents in attempts to sell Zephyr.  Havens has been in contact with The CIA, and Miller has Zephyr with him.  He winds up being chased by CIA agents who shoot him!

Havens winds up finding Miller’s parents, then she meets with them.  They are rich and famous after having been the arranged winners of a lottery.  The parents believe that their son had been killed in military action.  After speaking with the parents, Havens is caught, then taken to Spain by corrupt agents who know that she has Zephyr.

As Havens is taken to Spain by Miller he gets into a gun fight.  Miller winds up losing Zephyr, yet it is revealed that the device has become unstable.  It explodes, killing Agent Fitzgerald, while Agent Miller is shot. 

Miller wakes up to find himself in a hospital.  Havens arrives, disguised as a nurse, and she breaks Miller out.  They embrace, he asks her what day it is, and she tells him that it is “someday”!

  Knight and Day Poster

We entered into Grown Ups, second!  The story surrounds five former friends whom had a strong bond during high school.  It is thirty years after their graduation, and they have gathered to commemorate the occasion.  They get together at a lake house during The Fourth of July weekend!

This lake house is where they celebrated a high school basketball championship, of which they were a part during those years of their lives.  It is at this house where they all mourn the passing of their high school basketball coach. 

During their time of recreation, Eric (Kevin James), Kurt (Chris Rock), Lenny (Adam Sandler), Marcus (David Spade), and Rob(Rob Schneider), bond in remembrance of their high school days.  The time together has the friends realizing that much time has passed, and some of them are not ready to let go of days past.  However, current events, and interactions with females that included Deanne (Maya Rudolph), Roxanne (Salma Hayek-Pinault), and Sally (Maria Bello), lead the group of guys to realize that they have to change with the times!


 Those trailers for Predators are looking really exciting!  Other movies heading to theaters include Dinner For SchmucksInception, Lottery TicketSalt, The Sorcerer’s Apprentice, and TakersMovies, movies!!! 





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80’s Hits Hit the Big Screen!

June 12, 2010 at 1:15 AM (Uncategorized)

Alright!  I was highly pleased with my first film, this evening!  The second one was okay, yet it had nothing on what we viewed before it.  Yet, together the films stood out as more exciting entries to the continuing Hollywood legacy!

The Karate Kid 2010 was outstanding!  It begins with Dre Parker (Jaden Smith), and his mother, Sherry (Taraji P. Henson), moving to China, after her job transfers her there.  Dre does not like the move, as he misses home, and he has problems with picking up the language. 

Dre gets to his new school, and he does not meld immediately with the other students.  He does find himself attracted to a girl there named Meiying (Wenwen Han), and she seems curious about him.  However, local bully students interrupt Dre’s getting to know her.  He ends up fighting with one of the boys, and he is beaten to embarrassment!

After his face is scarred, Dre’s mother discovers his black eye.  She is obviously disturbed, yet is stern with trying to make Dre understand that this is their home, now.  He has to return to the school, where he is not prepared for the dress code, and he has trouble with chopsticks during meals!  Also, the bullies continue with making his time miserable!

It is at his Chinese home where Dre decides to try practicing martial arts.  A man arrives to fix their hot water, and he sees Dre struggling.  He does fix the water, and he asks Dre about how he got the black eye.

At school, Dre avoids the bullies, and he sees Mai Ling practicing her violin.  She is preparing for an audition to enter an esteemed music school.  After they talk, Dre leaves, and he encounters the bullies.  They threaten him to stay away from Mai Ling.

As Dre and Sherry are walking in a market area, he leads her to a nearby martial arts school, where students are practicing.  The students are in perfect unison, as they learn the sacred art of Kung Fu.  Dre feels embarrassed because he thinks he can never be that good, and he lashes out at Sherry!  A nearby local man hears the argument.

It is to The Forbidden City where Dre goes with his class.  Meiying is there, yet so are the bullies.  She does not like the boys either, and Dre’s teacher (Michelle Yeoh) begins watching out for him.  He begins using innovative ways to avoid the boys, yet he gets the chance to douse them with dirty water! 

The boys chase Dre, and they catch him in a market area.  The lead bully named Cheng (Zhenwei Wang) is cold in prompting the others to beat Dre.  Yet, a man intervenes.  He single-handedly and very easily defeats all of the bullies! 

The man introduces himself as Mr. Han (Jackie Chan).  He picks up Dre, who asks him to teach him Kung Fu.  Mr. Han speaks with Dre about the bullies, and he decides to go with Dre to speak with the boys.  They are in session, under the tutelage of an instructor whom is cruel.  This person arranges a fight between himself and one of his students against Mr. Han and Dre.  The instructor promises pain if they do not show up!

Mr. Han proceeds to teach Dre how to use Kung Fu.  Dre is clumsy and mouthy, at first.  Yet, Dre finds out that a competition is coming soon, and his enemies will be competing in it.  He proceeds to train with Mr. Han for the coming contest, The Shi Shi Festival.  Mr. Han speaks with Dre’s mother, and she agrees to allow Dre to enter the contest.

After further talk with Dre, Mr. Han proceeds to teach him.  He begins with concentrating on focus and strength.  The lessons advance to developing Dre’s Chi, and the go on to train at Mr. Han’s sacred area that is atop a mountain.  At this place is a class where students learn Kung Fu, and all of the necessary focus which accompanies the artform.

Dre learns more by being taught through reflection.  His instruction continues with Mr. Han, as well as at home.  When he gives Dre time for rest, Dre meets Meiying, again.  He skips class one day with her to explore the city!  During their outing, Meiying realizes that she has to be home within twenty minutes because she has to prepare for a violin audition.  She makes it in time, and she plays beautifully, as Dre is in the audience!

Dre is late getting home, seeing that Mr. Han is in a state of despair.  Mr. Han was reflecting upon a past automobile accident, where his wife and child were killed.  Dre rescues him from this painful moment, and they continue with training.  Dre’s mother arrives, and she watches.

As Dre gets stronger, he and Mr. Han go to The Great Wall of China for more training.  There, Mr. Han gives Dre a gift, telling Dre that he has learned about getting up after being knocked down!  Also, Mr. Han helps Dre with asking to date Meiying, with her father’s permission!  He accepts, and Meiying is allowed to attend Dre’s competition.

During the beginning rounds, Dre does surprisingly well!  The bully team is there, also.  Dre defeats one of them, advancing to the final round.  Yet, the bullies fight ruthlessly, as one of them reaches the finals, too.  As the fight begins, the bully boy’s coach instructs him to break Dre, spiritually!

The fight begins with intensity, and one of the rivals breaks Dre’s left leg!  Dre is removed from the tournament to see a doctor.  He is told to accept victory by default, yet he calls upon his Kung Fu training to help him.  Mr. Han now is afraid for Dre, yet Dre’s pride forces him to continue.

A fierce battle follows, as the rival boy is told to break one of Dre’s legs!  Yet, Dre invokes the spirit of the cobra in a final battle move, drop-kicking his opponent from the air!  The rival boy falls,and Dre is declared the victor!  The losing boy has to present Dre with the trophy, and the opposing team must show respect to him!


We saw The A-Team, second!  This update to the so-so series from the 1980’s focuses on a team of army men who faught together during The Persian Gulf War.  They were framed for a crime, and they reunited for the purpose of clearing their names.

Colonel John “Hannibal” Smith (Liam Nesson) reconnects with war-pal Rosco “B.A.” Baracus (Quentin Jackson)Together, they reassemble their crew for the purpose of clearing their names from illegal financial transactions that took place during the first Iraq War.  They engage in battle, learning that one of their enemies is a former ally whose face was scarred, and currently wears a metallic mask.

The A-Team does engage in battle, yet they are arrested by The C.I.A.. They are charged with escaping custody, and are lead away within government vans.  Yet, team member Face (Bradley Cooper) shows that he has had the escape key within his mouth!  He spits it out, and the team is able to get out, proceeding onto their next activity!


Toy Story 3 is being promoted with fervor, opening June 18!  That same date will see several movie releases, including Grown Ups, Jonah Hex, and The Killer Inside Me July will begin with Knight and Day and The Last Airbender Despicable Me and Predators will open the following week, with Inception, Salt, and The Sorcerer’s Apprentice filling out July! 

Mr. T


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Creepy Creatures and Crazy Canines, Tonight!

June 5, 2010 at 1:07 AM (Uncategorized)

What a great time we had at the movies, tonight!  Our choices check-out commendably, as I feel that we saw two films to close a week, wonderfully!  As one film appealed to our love for science-fiction, the second one was joyous, bringing a classic cartoon character to the big screen!

We watched Splice, first!  The story starts in a hospital, with patients dying during surgery.  Yet, after medicines and electric shocks were given to one, it was labeled as perfect.  Other specimens were displayed, curious and gross mixtures of human and animal parts.  They were made to imprint genetic codes upon one another.

It is Newstead Pharmaceuticals that created the creatures called Ginger and Fred through genetic splicing.  They mean for the process to be used along with human DNA in attempts to treat and cure diseases.  A Phase II is to begin, which doctors oppose, yet they need the money that it will provide.

It is Dr. Elsa Kast (Sarah Polley) whom begins a new expirement.  She creates an embryo that is not completely human. Previous tests like this one failed, and Dr. Clive Nicoli (Adrien Brody) is against this attempt.  Yet, the embryo is progressing with stability.

While in the laboratory, the test capsule with the now fetus inside breaks, and it grabs hold of Elsa.  It gets loose, yet Clive catches it.  He takes it away, meaning to kill it, yet Elsa wants to study it!  Yet, once they take it into a lab, it seems to die.

A new creature is born, and it escapes!  It gets loose within the lab, and Elsa calls out to it.  It seems harmless, yet Clive rushes to get Elsa out of the lab.  The creature is shown, having two legs, no arms, and bare skin.  Both doctors opt to study it, more!

After seven days, the creature has grown and aged rapidly.  It is female, hyperactive, and hungry.  As it has small arms, like a kangaroo, it has a fetish for Tic Tacs.  Elsa now seems ready to adopt it, yet Clive remains against that idea.  She chooses to name it Dren (nerd, in reverse), and it now looks to Elsa as it’s mother!

Dren (Delphine Chaneac) becomes ill with a fever, and she is placed into cold water.  They place her into freezing water in an attempt to cool her, yet Clive tries to drown Dren!  Amazingly, Dren survives beneath the water, revealing that she is amphibious! 

Clive and Elsa attend a scientific conference.  They are introduced, and they display experimental organisms.  The organisms fight, and one kills the other.  It escapes within a splash of blood, then it is shown suddenly changing it’s own sex from female to male!  After seeing this, the lead scientists are ready to shut the experiments down.

Clive and Elsa take Dren away, hiding her in a barn.  Yet, Dren escapes.  She goes into the nearby woods, where she hunts an animal.  She returns to the barn, now her home, located next to Clive’s and Elsa’s home.

The next day, Dren acts on her curiousities.  She gets out of the barn, and she sees a cat.  Dren grabs hold of it, and she snuggles with it. 

Dren now is taught by Clive and Elsa.  Dren has learned to spell, and has become good at playing Scrabble.  Yet, she still wants to be outside.  Later, she breaks out of the barn, falling from the upper level of it.  As she falls, large wings emerge from her back!

Elsa continues helping Dren with her development, showing her ways of female maturity.  Yet, Dren still wants to leave.  Clive gets home one evening, deciding to teach Dren, more.  He turns on music, showing her how to dance.  A moment comes where Clive feels attracted to Dren, noticing that she has traits of Elsa within her. 

Elsa goes to visit Dren in the barn, and she brings Dren a cat.  Dren quickly kills the cat, and Elsa slaps her.  Dren tries to escape, but Elsa knocks her out.  She opts to continue studying Dren due to her issues with understanding human development, and she no longer treats Dren as a human equal.

Elsa removes Dren’s tail and stinger.  She does not use antesthetics as she operates on Dren.  Clive comforts Dren.  One evening, he sees Dren, nude in the barn, and he experiences momentary lust for her!  He sees her again during another evening, and he ends up fornicating with Dren!

Elsa caught them in the process of making out!  She ran for her car, got inside, and she sped away!  Later, Clive tries to explain to her about what happened.  This leads into an argument about ethics.

Now, as Clive and Elsa go to the barn to get Dren, they find that she is pregnant!  Yet, Dren seems to have died, so they bury her.  As they contact other scientists to review what is happening, Dren emerges from the ground, flying out, then trying to kill one of the scientists!

She grabs hold of Clive, flying with him into a neaby lab.  He survives, but Dren mutates further. Now, she is a strong hunter, talking, and flying into the woods.  Clive manages to stab her, but he does not kill her.  She attacks and kills Clive.  Elsa sees this, and is able to get hold of Dren, killing her!  Elsa leaves this situation, going onto continue with genetic studies, getting funding for curious experiments, and hiding her current state of pregnancy!


We went to see Marmaduke, next!  This family-fun feature starts with the introduction of Marmaduke, a 200 pound Great Dane!  He lives with his humans, the Winslow family.  This includes a young boy named Brian (Finley Jacobsen), a teenaged girl named Barbara (Caroline Sunshine), a baby girl named Sarah (Mandy Haines), the mom, Debbie (Judy Greer), and the dad, Phil (Lee Pace). 

Marmaduke (voice of Owen Wilson) is a practically unstoppable force!  He frequently rampages through the home, and frequently gets stuck in the dog door.  Also, he keeps a secret load of scrap food under the adults’ bed! 

He is friends with the family’s cat, Carlos (voice of George Lopez).  Marmaduke learns that the family is moving to California, and he does not like that idea.  Yet, he and Carlos end up being shipped there by a moving service.

The new home is in Orange County, and it is complete with a large pool.  Marmaduke goes with Phil to meet his new boss, Don Twombly (William H. Macy).  They get to a park, and see that the boss has a beautiful, female Collie named Jezebel (voice of Stacey Ferguson).  Other dogs introduce themselves to Marmaduke, also.

Marmaduke tries to fit in with local pedigreed dogs, including Jezebel.  Yet, her doggie dude is a Doberman Pinscher named Bosco (voice of Keifer Sutherland).  After meeting the dogs, Marmaduke returns to Phil, charging at his boss while chasing a bee!

At home, that night, Marmaduke sneaks out of the house.  He goes to a garage where dogs are partying.  He plays a game with the other dogs, then he leads his new pal-pooches to a party at Bosco’s house.  While on the way, the dogs see Chupadogra (voice of Sam Elliott)!

Arriving at the party, Marmaduke is shunned by Bosco because he does not want the Great Dane around his bitch, Jezebel!  Bosco embarrasses Marmaduke, who then leaves the party.  He runs home just before sunrise, the next morning!

After Phil awakens, he takes Marmaduke for a walk.  They see surfers while walking by the beach, and Phil gets an idea for his job.  He wants to have his co-workers take up the idea of introducing surfing for dogs!  Marmaduke sees a friendly female dog named Mazie (voice of Emma Stone) while they are walking, and she helps him to get acquainted with the area.

At home, Marmaduke talks with Carlos.  An idea develops for Marmaduke to use Carlos to show his braveness in front of Jezebel and the other dogs.  He uses Carlos, feigning an attack on the cat to show that he is brave.  The male dogs laugh, and Jezebel is impressed.

Later, Marmaduke goes to the beach with Barbara and the family.  There, Phil takes him surfing.  They get into a contest, winning it, which leads to an argument between Marmaduke and Bosco.  They scuffle briefly, yet Marmaduke remains at the beach.  He meets Mazie there that evening, and they bond!

That night, Marmaduke and a pal go to a junkyard where other dogs live.  They have a partying evening that carries into the morning.  Marmaduke gets home, finding that he is going to walk in the park.  He interacts more with Jezebel in the park, upsetting Mazie.  Marmaduke now has assumed the role of a high-class hound!

The family leaves town, and Marmaduke has a house party!  The house is full, and quickly gets wrecked!  There is dog poop everywhere when Bosco the cat gets there.  At this point, the other dogs find out that Marmaduke lives with a cat, as they laugh, then outcast him.  Jezebel even gets upset, thinking that Marmaduke was a no-cats dog!

The family gets home to a wrecked house!  Phil is mad, and he thinks of giving Marmaduke away.  The dog is depressed, so he decides to run away.  Jezebel goes after him, with the help of other dogs.  Yet, Marmaduke has wandered to a strange area, where he meets Chupadogra (voice of Sam Elliott).  He gives Marmaduke advice about staying with his humans!

At home, Carlos tries to tell the family that Marmaduke is missing.  They see that the dog is gone, and they all go to find him.  Mazie has joined in the search, also.  It is in traffic that they find Marmaduke, as he sees Mazie.  Suddenly, an earthquake occurs, and Mazie falls into a sinkhole.  Marmaduke leaps in after her!

Rescuers arrive, lifting Mazie out of the hole.  Yet, Marmaduke is swept away by rushing waters!  He is found by Phil, in a ditch, downstream.  He saves Marmaduke, and expresses that he is ready to move back to Kansas. 

The rest of the family has become happy with living in California.  Meanwhile, Marmaduke goes back to the park, talking to Bosco, and claiming the turf for non-pedigreed dogs.  Jezebel even remains, as she and the other dogs reject Bosco!  At last, Marmaduke bonds with Mazie!

I am excited that The A-Team and The Karate Kid open next week!  I did not get to see Killers, so I will try to work that one in, too, somewhere.  Meanwhile, the rest of June includes Grown Ups, Jonah Hex, The Killer Inside Me, The Nature of ExistenceToy Story 3, and Twilight:  Eclipse.  Despicable Me, Predators, and Salt highlight July! 



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The oil STILL is gushing!!!

June 2, 2010 at 5:12 PM (Uncategorized)

The current situation is so horrible with this oil spill that it almost is unspeakable!  Yet, someone needs to talk about it, continuously.  Many people need to keep talking about it to ensure that things are happening that will attempt rectifying the situation.  Many people need to keep talking about it so that the people responsible are held accountable, directly!

It has been forty-two days since the British Petroleum-owned Deep Horizon drilling rig exploded in the waters of The Gulf of Mexico.  The initial disaster caused the deaths of eleven workers, and lead to disastrous results with the oil rig’s structure.  It was two days after the explosion that the rig submerged beneath the ocean waters, leaving nearly 800,000 of gallons of oil to flow freely.

Eleven human beings were killed, due to this disaster.  The coastal regions of Alabama, Louisiana, and Mississippi are the areas that have been immediately affected.  The Florida panhandle region is expecting the oils to taint their shores within the next few days.  Balls of tar are seen floating rampantly, throughout the waters along these states’ coasts.

Louisiana is attempting to use some types of protective, underwater shielding materials to keep the oils from fully reaching their coastline.  The state is going to add an additional 66,000 feet of this “protective boom” to keep the oil from reaching it’s shores.   It is the coast of Louisiana where the oil is reaching first, yet Mississippi, Alabama, and Florida are about to receive mass amounts of the mess!

Thirty-seven percent of The Gulf of Mexico has been affected by this oil spill.  It has been estimated that the current leak equals to a release of 210,000 gallons of oil per day being released into the waters.  The seemingly unstoppable flow is encouraging several angry people and critics to express disdain, vocally.  United States Representative Charlie Melancon (D-LA) gave a tearful tirade before Congress, reiterating that the Louisiana shores are in immediate danger, and allegedly expressing the emotions felt by other politicians whom have stakes in this seriously subversive situation.

President Obama is being criticized for not showing more direct outrage at this incident.  The President did take time to express how the spill is affecting him, personally.  He reminded listeners about how many around the world feel that the ocean waters are sacred, as was expressed during his youth in Kenya.

Meanwhile, animal life within the Gulf of Mexico area has yet to feel the direct blast from the oil leak.  Areas where many forms of coastal avian life reside are expected to be harmed, if not destroyed totally.  The birds and other animals will be affected more directly if they attempt eating and drinking the oil.  Besides having the oil spattered over their feathers and furs, any of them that may ingest the oil likely will have problems that could lead to permanent, possibly deadly damage of their organs.

Along with what some of the Gulf Coast states are doing to protect their coastal areas, British Petroleum is continuing with it’s own reparation efforts.  The company has been using what is called top kill, meant to close the hole in the ruptured oil pipe with mud.  This has been minimally successful, and is being called a risky effort.  The procedure has been used by BP for land leaks, yet it is questionable as to whether or not it will work beneath the ocean surface. 



oilrig1.gif (9972 bytes)   oilrig2.gif (10674 bytes)    oilrig1.gif (9972 bytes)

 Most of us want to help with fixing this disaster

in The Gulf of Mexico. 

However, watch out for scams!!!

…and f^()% your friggin’ life!  Pay for some of this mess

that you helped to make!!!



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