The oil STILL is gushing!!!

June 2, 2010 at 5:12 PM (Uncategorized)

The current situation is so horrible with this oil spill that it almost is unspeakable!  Yet, someone needs to talk about it, continuously.  Many people need to keep talking about it to ensure that things are happening that will attempt rectifying the situation.  Many people need to keep talking about it so that the people responsible are held accountable, directly!

It has been forty-two days since the British Petroleum-owned Deep Horizon drilling rig exploded in the waters of The Gulf of Mexico.  The initial disaster caused the deaths of eleven workers, and lead to disastrous results with the oil rig’s structure.  It was two days after the explosion that the rig submerged beneath the ocean waters, leaving nearly 800,000 of gallons of oil to flow freely.

Eleven human beings were killed, due to this disaster.  The coastal regions of Alabama, Louisiana, and Mississippi are the areas that have been immediately affected.  The Florida panhandle region is expecting the oils to taint their shores within the next few days.  Balls of tar are seen floating rampantly, throughout the waters along these states’ coasts.

Louisiana is attempting to use some types of protective, underwater shielding materials to keep the oils from fully reaching their coastline.  The state is going to add an additional 66,000 feet of this “protective boom” to keep the oil from reaching it’s shores.   It is the coast of Louisiana where the oil is reaching first, yet Mississippi, Alabama, and Florida are about to receive mass amounts of the mess!

Thirty-seven percent of The Gulf of Mexico has been affected by this oil spill.  It has been estimated that the current leak equals to a release of 210,000 gallons of oil per day being released into the waters.  The seemingly unstoppable flow is encouraging several angry people and critics to express disdain, vocally.  United States Representative Charlie Melancon (D-LA) gave a tearful tirade before Congress, reiterating that the Louisiana shores are in immediate danger, and allegedly expressing the emotions felt by other politicians whom have stakes in this seriously subversive situation.

President Obama is being criticized for not showing more direct outrage at this incident.  The President did take time to express how the spill is affecting him, personally.  He reminded listeners about how many around the world feel that the ocean waters are sacred, as was expressed during his youth in Kenya.

Meanwhile, animal life within the Gulf of Mexico area has yet to feel the direct blast from the oil leak.  Areas where many forms of coastal avian life reside are expected to be harmed, if not destroyed totally.  The birds and other animals will be affected more directly if they attempt eating and drinking the oil.  Besides having the oil spattered over their feathers and furs, any of them that may ingest the oil likely will have problems that could lead to permanent, possibly deadly damage of their organs.

Along with what some of the Gulf Coast states are doing to protect their coastal areas, British Petroleum is continuing with it’s own reparation efforts.  The company has been using what is called top kill, meant to close the hole in the ruptured oil pipe with mud.  This has been minimally successful, and is being called a risky effort.  The procedure has been used by BP for land leaks, yet it is questionable as to whether or not it will work beneath the ocean surface. 


oilrig1.gif (9972 bytes)   oilrig2.gif (10674 bytes)    oilrig1.gif (9972 bytes)

 Most of us want to help with fixing this disaster

in The Gulf of Mexico. 

However, watch out for scams!!!

…and f^()% your friggin’ life!  Pay for some of this mess

that you helped to make!!!



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