Fair Films This Friday

July 2, 2010 at 11:54 PM (Uncategorized)

This Friday did allow for a decent trip to the theater, as we seemed to have been dodging rainy weather.  We did catch up with friends, and we did see two more-or-less decent films.  These choices were decent selections within a summer that is allowing for the presentation of several popular pictures!

The Last Airbender was the first movie!  The story surrounds a bond between clans that are ruled by the four elements:  air, earth, fire, and water.  The fire nation has chosen to revolt against the other clans, leading into a vicious battle that continued for over one hundred years.  During this time, mostly all of the Avatars, rulers over the powers of the elements, had been eliminated.

A young boy named Aang (Noah Ringer) found that he possessed powers over all of the elements.  He had been frozen in ice for sometime, until being found and set free by Katara (Mae Whitman), a Waterbender.  Upon Aang’s release, he was joined by other benders on a dangerous expedition. 

Their trip was rushed due to a battle that was taking place.  A ruler of the Fire Kingdom had begun a feud against the Earth Kingdom.  Aang was placed to enter this feud for the purpose of ending it, yet he had to learn the true force of his powers, first.

This required a journey to The North Pole, where Aang and the other benders located a powerful waterbender.  This bender had the knowledge to teach them the powers behind the techniques of bending the natural elements.  As Aang and the others gained greater understandings of their abilities, they would proceed to battle against Fire Lord Ozai, who already had lead a conquest over the airbenders, and planned to dominate all of the others!

Poster for The Last Airbender


We followed this with the teen-packed picture, Twilight:  Eclipse!  This is the third film to the teen-phenom series.  It surrounds Bella (Kristen Stewart) having to chose between the two males whom hold romantic desires for her.  One is a young vampire named Edward (Robert Pattinson), and the other is a very hunky werewolf named Jacob (Taylor Lautner).

It is during Bella’s adventures to discover which of the frightening fellas she really wants that she finds herself in the midst of a blood feud.  Vampires and werewolves have been natural enemies for centuries, and the latest arrivals of young hotties did not change centuries of long-standing rivalries. 

Things got somewhat twisted when Edward’s clan of vampires suddenly was threatened by the arrival of a new clan.  The new bloodsuckers threatened to end the fragile truce between the vampires, and Jacob’s pack of werewolves.  An alliance formed between Edward’s vampires and Jacob’s werewolves, intending to vanquish the new and unwanted vampires.  All the while, Bella is stuggling to decide whether it is Edward or Jacob whom she really loves.

Poster for The Twilight Saga: Eclipse

I was not overly impressed with tonight’s films.  I felt that they may have been more appealing to a younger audience, as the plots seemed to be a bit immature and predictable.  I have been a fan of vampire stories for years, and I was highly disappointed that this Twilight film featured the notorious night-crawlers as mere teenagers with no real vampire allure, no decent connection to the classic eastern-European vampire stories, and no actual depth to the long-standing depictions of the monstrously immortal creatures of lore.

Anyway.  Predators opens next week!  I have been waiting for this film ever since I heard the first details about it, a couple of years ago!  Now, these are monsters that are sure to do some actual scaring in the theater, along with a bit of boisterous ass-kicking while on the silver screen!  I have been following this story line ever since they began in the 80’s, with the starter-film featuring Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger.  I am very excited about this latest take!

Despicable Me starts next weekend, also! As well, several great features are coming soon!  Get ready to see Beastly, Cats and Dogs:  The Revenge of Kitty Galore, Countdown to Zero, The Expendables, Ineption, Lottery Ticket, Salt, The Sorcerer’s Apprentice, and Takers!  Let’s go to the movies!!!

Please be aware of the dangers of plastics!!!


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