Pour Somma Dat On Me!

July 23, 2010 at 11:09 PM (Uncategorized)

Too much salt is a bad thing, but it’s usually worth it with Angie!  We were ready to see her latest release, Salt!  The story begins in North Korea, two years ago.   Evelyn Salt (Angelina Jolie) is tied up and tortured for being an alleged spy.  She gets released, and she is rescued by an United States agent.

Reaching present day, Salt lives in Washington, D.C.,where she leads a domestic, married life.  Yet, it is at her job where Evelyn gets informtion about a man that may be a Russian spy.  She is a part of his interrogation, where she is told a story about a young couple that has lost a child.   The baby allegedly was adopted by Lee Harvey Oswald, then was named Alex.  The boy grew up to be trained by Russian agents, then was set to live a secret life within The United States.  Salt and the other agents do not believe this story.

The possible spy goes on, saying that Salt is a Russian spy!  The undercover tests show that the spy is telling the truth.  Now, all of the U.S. agents are eying Salt, and she is trying to cover her tracks.  The spy proceeds to get free from U.S. authorities, and he murders to agents.  As this agent is on the run, Salt is in the midst of being tracked by U.S. agents!

She gets trapped within a C.I.A. facility, yet she manages to get free.  Salt uses skilled tactics to escape, yet other agents find information that shows Salt being a skilled Russian spy.  She has to use complex physical maneuvers to escape a tactical team that was sent to capture her.  She escapes the C.I.A. building, and she runs loose throughout Washington, D.C.!

Salt gets a taxi, heading to find information about a Michael Krause.  She arrives at her home, looking for him, yet seeing that her home has been invaded.  Salt has to hide as agents make their way into her home!  As she escapes, a neighboring child allows her to climb into his window, where she hides in his apartment.

Salt manages to escape, yet agents are on her trail.  They follow Salt into a subway tunnel, then back to the streets above.  Guns are drawn as they catch up with her, and she screams!  Salt claims that she has been set up, that she must find her husband, and that someone is trying to kill the Russian President.  At this point, she leaps off of a bridge, onto a moving truck, then onto a moving tanker.  Agents have followed her, and they are shooting!

Now that she is believed to be a mole, Salt steals a motorcycle, speeding away.  Government agents plan to shut down New York City to catch her.  She makes it to an apartment, but she is wounded.

Later, it is after a party when Evelyn Salt meets with a guy named Phil.  He claims to be her boyfriend, and she tells him that she is an agent of The C.I.A..  She begins to pose as Mrs. Hernandez, getting with this guy into a New York City hotel.  There, Salt removes false teeth, contacts, and she unpacks her arsenal!  Salt downloads further information, then she proceeds to dye her hair.

Now acting as an undercover C.I.A. agent, Salt proceeds to make phone calls.  The next day, a funeral for a government dignitary occurs, and The President is eulogizing this person.  Salt is there, yet she has to move quickly to a nearby church facility.  She is uncertain as to whether or not agents are tracking her, and she begins to become curious about her own past activities.

Two other agents are at this funeral.  They track after Salt, and she has to battle past them.  A pipe organ gets activated, setting off a smoke bomb, fillling the church with smoke.  Salt manages to kill a tracking agent as she escapes!

Agent Peabody (Chiwetel Ejiofor) catches up with Salt, with other agents behind.  They catch her, then they take her to be questioned.  She is trapped in a police car, yet she manages to taze and smoke out the officers (all while handcuffed…)  NYPD and government agents reach the scene, yet she escapes as there is a major car crash!

There are flashbacks of Salt being a child trained by Russian agents.  She was met by an United States agent named Winter (Liev Schrieber), who apologized to her for an accident that involved her parents.    Back to the present, Salt arrives in Russia, and she is greeted as Comrade Chenkov!  She is given information about her next mission, which is to get atomic weapons from an United States facility.

A short time later, Salt sees her husband being shot and killed by Russians.  She has to hide her emotions as she aligns with these Russians, whom are planning tactics to initiate the world’s greatest war effort!  Salt works with one of these agents who claims to be her father, yet she kills him, then she escapes!  She proceeds to set off fires and to kill other agents!

Russian agents now are addressing her as Chenkov.  She is greeted by a male Russian agent whom gives her a new mission to The White House. Her assignment now is to kill The President!  Salt gets intricately disguised as a man, but U.S. agents have intel on Salt being a Russian spy, being placed to initiate a war between the two nations. 

Salt makes it into The White House!  She is with other Russian agents, and they set off a bomb that nearly kills The President!  U.S. agents know that Salt is in The White House, and they create a clearing to find her.  It is feared that Salt may have started an act of war between Russia and The United States!

Salt escapes into other parts of the building through an air shaft.  She is on the trail of The President, and she is eliminating nearby guards.  Meanwhile, government agents are preparing war plans against Russia!   As she is in a hallway, it is heard that The President is giving orders to prepare attack maneuvers against Russia.  While listening, a nearby man reveals himself as Nikolai Tartovski (Liev Schreiber), an undercover Russian agent!

Tartovski shoots and kills U.S. agents, as Salt is slyly connecting with him to get details about an approaching nuclear launch against Saudi Arabia and Iran.  She gets close with Tartovski, feigning friendship, and offering to help him.  Yet, before she can make moves, Tartovski sees her plans to act against Russia were failed, along with efforts to kill other political figures. 

Salt now is armed and ready for battle!  She is prepared to fight Tartovski, getting into the weapons facility where he is located.  They meet inside of this building, and a rough feud occurs.  Salt gets shot in the back by arriving U.S. agents, just as she is shutting off a well-hidden attack sequence against The United States (she was protected….).

Salt is taken out, handcuffed, but she gets into a fight with a secret agent.  She kills the agent, and she is taken away by helicopter.  The White House and the rest of the nation have been saved…..for now

I am getting really excited by these latest trailers for X-Men: First Class!  I will have to spend some time online, reading about how this storyline is going to work out!  That is one of my favorite comic adventure lines, and I hope that this latest film will be decent!

Green Lantern is supposed to hit the theaters by 2011!  It will be accompanied by Thor, and by the two-part film finale to the Harry Potter series!  Tron Legacy will be open by December!  VERY EXCITING!




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