More Space Studies in Spare Time!

August 29, 2010 at 9:39 PM (Uncategorized)

As studies of the universe continue, more and more exciting discoveries are being made.  A latest round of information reveals that astronomers have been successful with locating a planetary system that is nearly similar to our own. This increases the promising potential of locating familiar settings beyond our Earth!

At a distance that measures to about 127 light years away, the star HD 10180 exists.  This star has been studied as being very similar to The Sun.  It is found within the Hydrus constellation.

HD 10180 is standing out because of the planets that orbit it.  So far, five planets have been found within this system.  Astronomical studiers are currently verifying whether or not there are two more planets that possibly orbit this star, bringing the total to seven.  If there are seven planets orbiting HD 10180, that would be the largest amount of planets found to orbit a star outside of our own solar system!

These planets take orbits that are nearly circular, like those of our system.  Astronomers have been studying this distant region of space by using The HARPS Planet Searcher of the European Southern Observatory telescope that is stationed at La Silla Paranal Observatory in Chile.  The findings of this particular solar system have revealed several interesting details.

As what seems to be the norm outside of our solar system, these planets are racing around their star.  The planets orbit HD10180 at rates that range from six Earth days to six hundred Earth days.  Observations have revealed that these planets are sized roughly around that of Neptune, with one likely as large as Saturn, and another that could be equally-sized to Jupiter.   The planet that has been observed as Saturn-sized orbits HD10180 within 1.18 Earth days!

So far, fifteen star systems have been identified, outside of our own, that have three or more planets within them.  Before the HD10180 system was located, the 55 Cancri system had the largest amount of planets.  Five planets have been found within orbits around 55 Cancri, a binary star system that is roughly forty-one light years from our Earth.  Very exciting…..

The planetary system around the Sun-like star HD 10180 (artist’s impression)



planete.gif (10891 bytes)     In the second part of the artist's animation, we fly out to see 55 Cancri's habitable zone (green) and the orbits of its planets compared to our own.     planete.gif (10891 bytes)





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A Re-do Actually Was Really Good!

August 28, 2010 at 10:09 PM (Uncategorized)

I wound up watching Avatar again, yesterday!  The film was fantastic, one more time.  Of course, as this is the extended version, I was treated to even more details that enhanced the story from the first time that I viewed the film.  I do not think that I heard the year in which the storyline occurs the first time, 2154.

I knew that the planet upon which humanity was exploring-exploiting, Pandora, actually is a moon.  I did catch that it is supposed to be within the Alpha Centauri star system, the next-closest to our own.  Again, the scenes from this world that were created through the highly imaginative minds of  James Cameron and his crew were fabulous!

Jake Sully (Sam Worthington) is the paraplegic marine taking the place of his twin brother who was killed during a prior tour of duty.  Initially, he seems to have the favor of Colonel Quaritch (Stephen Lang).  The colonel promises Jake that he will be able to regain the use of his legs after becoming an active soldier.  However, the colonel does not tell Jake about the dark truth of why Earthlings have gone to Pandora, and what the actual costs of the human presence upon this alien world actually will be!

It was fascinating to watch as Jake began to understand the Na’Vi, and to see him falling in love with Neytiri (Zoe Saldana), the native Pandoran female.  His interactions with Neytiri lead him to gain a true vision of Pandora, allowing him to understand the true link between the Na’Vi and their home world.  Jake’s enlightenment to this deep bond between this world and it’s indigenous species lead him to understand that humanity had no place there, especially not under the dark guise that was being used by scientists and military leaders.

Dr. Grace Augustine (Sigourney Weaver) had been participating in the scientific explorations-exploitations of Pandora.  Through her Avatar link, she had become involved with this particular population of NaVi, leading her to have a deeper, emotional understanding of how those humanoids were deeply bonded to their homeworld.  Dr. Augustine’s enlightenment lead her to realize that the plans for purging Pandora had to be stopped, which is why she became a part of the resistance movement.

Poster for Avatar: Special Edition 3D

I still want to see The Last Exorcism and Takers!  A good horror film is fun, always!  As well, Takers seems like it has an interesting storyline.  A collection of high-rolling criminals is lead by Gordon Jennings (Idris Elba).  They are successful with pulling off several major bank robberies.  This lets them find luxury in life, living in nice homes, having luxurious possessions, and owning lucrative items. 

One of their crime pals named Ghost (Tip “T.I.” Harris) had been arrested and encarcerated, earlier.  Yet, as he was about to be released soon, the team began to plan their next moves.  It is one year later when Ghost gathers the group, encouraging all of them to make their next underhanded move.  The plan is to rob an armored truck that is transporting $20 million!

This particular criminal action is risky for the thieves because they have to work within a limited amount of time.  Furthermore, wind of the activity reaches the ears of dedicated detective Jack Welles (Matt Dillon).  When the team of thugs makes one major mistake, Detective Welles gets the information that he needs to make the moves that will stop the team’s last criminal heist!

Takers Poster

That story actually sounds exciting!  It should have been seen first, instead of watching Avatar, again.  Yet… such is.  Likely, I will see it within the next few trips to the theater!

My honey-bun Drew Barrymore will be starring in a new film, opposite Justin Long, called Going the Distance!  This opens September 3.  Alpha and Omega, the fun animal animation, will start September 17.  It features the voices of Justin Long and Hayden Panetierre.  Devil opens that day, too!  An exciting film featuring Morgan Freeman, John Malkovich, Helen Mirren, and Bruce Willis, Red, premieres October 15.

Movies, movies, movies!!!!


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Soul Songstress to Comeback After Drunken Dilemma!

August 26, 2010 at 12:23 AM (Uncategorized)

Nooooooooo!  Not my girl!  I am so disappointed!  Ugh!

I was totally in love with Faith Evans!  Her songs set me off during the middle and end of the 90’s.  I was going through college, and some other stuff.  Listening to her music was touching to me, on several different levels.  I even felt inclined to mourn for her after the loss of her husband, hip-hop superstar Christopher “Notorious B.I.G.” Wallace.

Now, nearly fifteen years later, Faith Evans is in trouble.  NOOOO!  Apparently, it seems that this darling diva is dealing with a new round of drama.  This past weekend, Evans was out and driving within the Marina del Rey area, near to Los Angeles.  Her driving must have been observably off-track, as she was pulled over by police.

It was Saturday night, August 19, when Faith Evans, age 37, was stopped by observing officers.  She had driven into a drunk-driving checkpoint area that is around Los Angeles.  Apparently, she obviously was driving erratically, and an officer noticed this.  The cop pulled Evans over to assess the situation.

Officer Cleon Joseph made the stop within the Marina Del Rey area.  He tested Evans, then he had her taken to a nearby police station.  The grammy-winning R&B songstress was held overnight, then she was released that following Sunday morning.  Her car was impounded while she spent the night in the slammer.  I know that she had to be relieved, as soon as she got home!

Faith is supposed to be scheduled for a comeback.  Allegedly, she has an album set to be released by October.  As well, she is said to be starring in her own reality show, “It’s All About Faith”.

  Faith Evans 


anicopcar.gif (8819 bytes)

Certainly, she had this to sing, as soon as she got home!

 Chase.gif - (7K)

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Ready or Not, He Can’t Run!

August 23, 2010 at 11:20 PM (current news, social opinion, tv reviews)

Actually, I am not seeing the overall harm in it, at this time.  Is Haiti worried that it’s status as a world power will be endangered because of this action?  Are there other more reputable candidates?  If so, then whom?  As this is Haiti, does it really matter?

Alright, all kidding and unjustified snipes are put aside.  Hip-hop and R&B superstar Wyclef Jean had made it known that he would like to act on his political aspirations.  After having become a world-famous musical recording artist, likely loaded with lots of personal loot, Jean had chosen to take the next step.  During announcements last week, he has made it known that he wanted to be the President of Haiti.

Unfortunately, Wyclef Jean’s attempts at running for this nation’s presidency were vanquished.  Officials within Haiti have presented congressional evidence that supports the reasons behind his not being allowed to run for that office.  Despite whether or not his desire to attain the high office are promoted, actual reasons have been presented which legitimately block any such attempts.

Wyclef Jean is not a resident of Haiti.  That nation’s congressional policies dictate that citizens whom present desires to lead candidacies for president must be Haitian residents.  Jean was born in Haiti, but he was brought to The United States as a child.  He has not lived in Haiti for a fully concurrent five years, which is demanded of any person opting to run for that nation’s Presidency.  This fact does not allow Jean to be considered as a resident of Haiti.

Jean believed that he did have the right to run for the Haitian Presidency.  He felt that being named a national ambassador by Haitian President Rene Preval qualified him to be a candidate for that political office.  Yet, the nation’s officials are saying that Jean has not lived in Haiti for five full years before placing his name as a Presidential candidate.  This is among the lead reasons why Jean believes that the political hierchy of Haiti is working in strength to prevent his political aspirations.

This past Thursday, August  19, Jean met with current Haitian President Preval.  The meeting was a discussion of that nation’s current situation, focusing on the status of earthquake recovery.  Haiti remains ravaged by the terrible tremor that occurred this past January.  Over 300,000 people were killed, and most of the nation’s major areas of commerce and residency were destroyed.  Jean believes that his encouraging attitude, along with the support of a resiliant youth population, can lead him into a winning of that nation’s Presidency.  As President of Haiti, Wyclef Jean intended to use his youthful support base in a concentated to rebuild that nation, and to make it a recognizeable location within an emerging world economy.

Hopefully, this rejection of Jean’s political aspirations will not dissuade him from efforts to assist Haiti.  The Caribbean nation was ravaged this past January by a magnitude 7.0 earthquake, which rendered the island nation in a total state of disaster.  Electricity was out, fresh water was scarce, buildings were destroyed, and thousands of people were left without fresh food or homes.  Jean meant to throw his name into the Presidential hat of Haiti as an attempt to help his homeland, yet he must continue these efforts without the title of that nation’s chief officer.



 Sorry Clef, Haiti wasn’t ready……

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At Least He Gave A Good Show Before Death!

August 22, 2010 at 8:14 PM (Uncategorized)

Now, let’s get one thing clear.  I am on the side of the bull.  Imagine having masses of monkeys, gathered in glory, and paying top-dollar to see some jack ass throwing razor-sharp spears at you.  It is not so amusing, anymore.

Only forty people were hurt during a recent Spanish celebration of rapacious actions against bovines.  It was this past Wednesday, August 18, when a bullfighting episode occurred.  La ciudad de Tafalla was where this bullfighting event happened.  A crowd of over 3,500 people attended the event, watching the sadism of this popular sporting action.

Apparently, during a round of the routinely entertaining abuse, one of the bulls had enough.  This particular animal, a bull of over 1,000 pounds, likely opted to go out with full glory.  During it’s round of being attacked, one bull decided that it wanted to leap into the stands!  It was able to hurtle over positioned barricades, then rampage into a full stadium.

Reports say that there were around thirty injuries, though mostly bruises and cuts.  However, one man’s back was pierced by one of the bull’s horns.  Another man had bones of his spinal column crushed, and a twenty-three year-old woman suffered injuries to her spine, also.  A ten-year-old boy had to be hospitalized after the bull fell onto him while storming through the stands.

It is horrifyingly humorous to realize that this bull lept into the crowd after it had been gibed at and encouraged by a rowdy crowd.  Apparently, it had tried to enter the stands three different times, and it was the third effort that was successful.  Naturally, the spectators went wild, screaming, then running for their lives!  The ten year-old was caught in the path, apparently with no responsible adults around, when the bull fell on top of him.

My thing is that this is one mere example of so MANY episodes where we abuse animals for our awfully fucked-up forms of amusement.  As with the majority of these particular “sporting” events, the bull was killed.  A small fraction of the 3,500 people whom were there suffered actual injuries.  Yet, witnessing reports about this kind of action, and knowing that it WILL continue, does encourage one to do more to stop this manner of malicious activity.


animated-gifs-bulls-10 GIFs     Bullfighter Animation       animated-gifs-bulls-01 GIFs

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Do See and Don’t See: Two Films This Friday!

August 20, 2010 at 11:19 PM (Uncategorized)

Two-fer Friday, once again!  One of the films truly was delightful!  The second, however, could have waited…. and for public television, no less.  That is what I thought.  Anyhow.

Nanny Mc Phee Returns actually was a lot of fun!  It starts with the depiction of an English family that is coping as the father, Phil (Rhys Ifans), has gone to warfare with the army.  The mother, Isabel Green (Maggie Gyllenhaal), has to deal with the children on her own.  There are three children, as all of them live on a farm.  Isabel has been pressed to sell the farm by Phil.

The farm hosts a field of wheat.  It has been extremely difficult for Isabel to run the farm without the assistance of her husband, and as her children have become increasingly unruly.  Seeing that this family is in need of help, Nanny Mc Phee (Emma Thompson) arrives!

Nanny Mc Phee discovers that the problem does not involve the immediate children, but the ruckus caused by two cousins that are living in the home.  The cousins, Celia (Rosie Taylor-Witson) and Cyril (Eros Vlahos), are at odds constantly with the Green children.  Megsie Green (Lil Woods), Norman Green (Asa Butterfield), and Vincent Green (Oscar Steer) are thoroughly irritated by their cousins, and they will not allow peace within the home!

Mrs. Green has to call for the assistance of a nanny to help with keeping things together.  This is when Nanny Mc Phee appears, seemingly by magic!  She begins her necessary instructions by teaching the children proper ettiquette when dealing with one another, and when speaking to adults.  Most importantly, Nanny Mc Phee teaches the children five dire lessons of behavior and manners that are meant to make them proceed as well-behaved wards of their home!

Nanny McPhee Returns

We wound up watching Piranha 3D, second.  I am almost hesitant to say it, but this film SUCKED!!!  It is about several college students whom visit Lake Victoria during their Spring Break.  The vacation gets unsettled when an unexpected earthquake occurs.  This happens to open an underwater fissure that has housed prehistoric piranha!

The fish look like the typical fish, except for the nearly six-inch long fangs hanging from their mouths!  These particular piranha were believed to have gone extinct millions of years ago.  However, a present-day school has made it’s presence known.  These carnivorous creatures have a thirst for blood, and they attack all of the people whom have chosen to make Lake Victoria their vacation spot.

The plot was a little silly.  The kids seemed to be doing all that they could to get into the water, despite having warnings that there was danger.  Furthermore, these practically full-sized adults were being sucked underwater by fish, not able to escape, or to heed the warnings that there was danger when the first people were killed!  Anyway…. 

Piranha 3D

I really am looking forward to seeing Hubble 3D!  Narrated by Leo Di Craprio 🙂, the film is supposed to delve into all of the fascinating wonders of the universe that have been revealed by this eye to the outer sky.  New movies to close out this month include Avatar:  Special Edition, The Last Exorcism, and Takers!

A favorite of films, Drew Barrymore, will star in Going the Distance, opposite Justin Long.  This opens September 3.  Other features to anticipate include Alpha and Omega, Case 39, Devil, Easy A, Jack Goes BoatingLegendary, Legend of the Guardians:  The Owls of Ga’Hoole, Red, Waiting For Superman, and You AgainMovies, movies, movies!!!

Animated Gif Cinema (16)     Animated Gif Cinema (16)     Animated Gif Cinema (16)


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Scrap-Studies of Black Holes!

August 19, 2010 at 9:03 PM (Uncategorized)

I remain fascinated with studies of outer space, focusing on the topic of black holes.  I took a little time to pull up some information from various web sites, reading about some of the latest, related theories and studies.  Several pertainable postulates are presented.

I was seeing that current understandings of black holes have them divided into four different designations, or size ranges.  They begin with stellar-mass black holes, which are anywhere from five to ten times as large as The Sun.  Next are intermediate-mass black holes, and these are 100 to 1,000,000 times the mass of The Sun.  Supermassive black holes, the ones that seem to attract the most attention lately, are anywhere from 1,000,000 times to over a few billion times the mass of The Sun.  Finally, ultramassive black holes are the largest, reaching the extreme rates that are at or are beyond tens of billion mass levels of our Sun!

Black holes form when stars that are at least six times the size of The Sun, or larger, collapse after all of their energy is exerted.  When these stars explode into supernovae, their core regions implode.  As the cores are collapsing inward, the surrounding forces of gravity grow stronger.  Eventually, the collapsed star reaches a singular point that is called the singularity, around which is the ominous void of a black hole.

As stated earlier, stars like The Sun can not become black holes when they die.  These fascinating structures have to result from larger stars.  These stars have to go supernova, then collapse into black holes.  The remaining size of the resulting black hole is measured in what is being called The Schwarzchild Radius.  Studying scientists are using this term to label the distance between the edge of the event horizon and the central singularity of black holes.

Well; anyhow.  I felt like jotting all of that into what I wanted to present as my blog entry for the evening.  This particular topic is very fascinating to me, and I think that I will read more information about it tonight.  The science channels ususally present some forms of related programs, so I will watch to see if anything is showing tonight!



Galaxy-01.gif (33148 bytes)     firestorm.gif (37856 bytes)     Galaxy-01.gif (33148 bytes)

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Badu to Bequeath Bucks For Bold Music Video!

August 18, 2010 at 9:32 PM (Uncategorized)

Ooh Badu, ooh Badu!  Well.  One thing is that she did not walk her naked ass through here!  They need to fine her for that failure, as well!

Now.  It seems that Erykah Badu is like many celebrities, a person doing what he or she can to gain attention.  Several times, I have felt that I could align myself with some of her views and opinions.  This songstress and activist has been outspoken on several topics, and she has not minded using her celebrity as a platform to project her perspectives.

Recently, Badu (born Erica Wright) has faced trouble for the results of one of her latest music videos.  The release of the video for her song Window Seat has attracted attention because of it’s contents.  There is a scene within the video where Badu walks naked, then she feigns being shot to death.  All of this takes place within Dealey Plaza of Dallas, Texas, the same location where President John F. Kennedy was assassinated.

Naturally, this event lead to uproar.  People whom watched the filming, or were aware of what took place, claimed offense to it.  This lead to public officials being made aware of the video’s filming, followed by legal actions.  After a court hearing during April, Badu received a citation for disorderly conduct.

Badu initially said that her video was meant to be “a protest”, and it was “about liberating yourself”.  The clip of her walking naked through downtown Dallas in the setting of President Kennedy’s assassination was supposed to depict the image of what a person would endure when exposing herself to the public, totally.  Yet, not only were several people taken aback by this scene, it happened as Badu was filming the video without proper authorization, and in front of a crowd that did not have prior notification.

Now, Erykah Badu has had to pay $500 in fines.  As well, she has to serve a six month probation sentence after being charged with disorderly conduct.  The fine was paid this past Friday, August 13.  Badu has not made any formal statements about this activity, yet earlier comments from her informed interviewers that she meant for that video “to be shocking”!





Bump to Some More Badu!!!


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Beauty and the Bloody Stone!

August 18, 2010 at 8:10 PM (Uncategorized)

I think that I have been fascinated by this woman for many years.  First of all, she truly is a beautiful and sexy woman.  She does have an undeniable spark and style that can be hypnotic.  Her fashionable displays are impeccable.  When she is wearing the clothing and the jewelry, every other woman with any level of legitimate fashion sense usually wants to wear those things, too!

Yet, anyone whom is familiar with Naomi Campbell realizes that she is a total G.P.S. (grand pussy supreme).  Miss Campbell is notorious for her outburst displays of heated attitude, and her frequent use of choice language when approached improperly.  Regularly, she is known to go off on anyone whom may attempt to speak with or to question her about topics that she feels are not worthy of her response.

This latest incident with the diamonds adds to her train of torrid temper exhibitions.  Allegedly, Miss Campbell received the gift of a diamond from Charles Taylor, a former President of Liberia.  Taylor supposedly gave a large and uncut diamond to Campbell while she was visiting South Africa, as a guest of Nelson Mandela.

The thing is that this gift of the precious stone is being called a ‘blood diamond’.  It was excavated from an area that is mired in warfare.  People were fighting and dying regularly within Sierra Leone, this nation of Africa from which the diamond was found and taken.

The diamond supposedly was mined and owned African rebel leaders whom frequently are active as warlords and hostile invaders.  Former President Taylor supposedly owned this particular diamond.  It was presented to Campbell during her 1997 visit to the southernmost African nation.

Recently, Campbell has been approached by several media agents aboout her receiving and ownership of this diamond.  ABC News had the opportunity to interview her, and reporters inquired about her owning of the precious stone.  The interview was short, as the particular question was an irritant to Campbell.  As she was questioned, she gave an angry and instant answer, saying that she did not receive a blood diamond.  Immediately afterward, she got up, angrily sashayed away, and punched a nearby news camera!

Now, this incident is all over the news!  It is of additional interest because former President Taylor currently is being tried for crimes against humanity.  Taylor was the lead figure of warfare within Sierra Leone from 1997 to 2001, a war that he is responsible for starting.  Campbell will not testify against Taylor at a current war crimes tribunal that is taking place at The Hague.

Curiously, it was actress Mia Farrow who shed light on Campbell’s ownership of this diamond.  Farrow said that Campbell told her how agents of former President Taylor presented the diamond as a gift to Campbell during her 1997 trip to Sierra Leone.  Farrow, allegedly a pal of Campbell’s, told media agents about how Campbell bragged about receiving the diamond during one of their chats.

Diamond_sparkles.gif - (11K)   Naomi Campbell - Naomi Campbell Unveils the Louis Vuitton Official 2010 FIFA World Cup Trophy Case   Diamond_sparkles.gif - (11K)


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Carolina Cop Boxed-in By Bees!

August 17, 2010 at 11:29 PM (Uncategorized)

Well!  Ain’t this a B!  I did feel sorry for this police officer who had to endure this very traumatic experience.  The title of the link caught my eye, and I wanted to know whether or not it had a decent ending.

This was yesterday, Tuesday, outside of Raleigh, North Carolina.  An apparently dedicated police deputy was responding to a distress call, shortly after 9:30 a.m..  The deputy was travelling on U.S. Route 64 when he spotted a truck pulled to the side of the road.  It had a trailer containing several crates of bees inside of it’s bed.

There were over sixty bee crates in the truck bed.  The driver was transporting the bees the night before, when his truck broke down.  The next morning, the driver called for a towing service, and Wake County Deputy Brandon Jenkins pulled up, offering assistance.  Somehow, the lid on the crate that contained the bees had been removed.  The loose bees swarmed away from the truck, and onto Deputy Jenkins’ patrol car!

The officer was unable to get out of his vehicle because of the bees.  They were flying around and crawling over the car for nearly three hours!  Officers, and people who came to help, said that the bees were attracted to the light coloring of the patrol car, a white Dodge Charger.  Officer Jenkins was unable to see out of his windows, as people began attempting to remove the insects.

Beekeeper Charles Heatherly, and his assistant, Jennifer Keller, started trying to get the bees off of the patrol car.  They spent nearly three hours trying to get the bugs off, and they were NOT wearing any kind of protective clothing!  It was nearly 10 a.m. when Heatherly and Keller made progress by using smoke, along with a spray bottle containing sugar-water.

The goo-like, moist mixture rendered the bees unable to fly normally.  The bees allegedly spent more time trying to get the sugar-water off of themselves instead of swarming over the trapped people and the policemen.  However, the flying insects remained on and around the patrol car!

Officer Jenkins was advised to drive his car forward in an effort to blow the bees off of it.  Yet, that did not work!  The beekeepers had to scoop the bees continuously, onto a plastic sheet.  Finally, they were able to contain them inside of a hive box.  Beekeepers Heatherly and Keller said that they were stung three or four times, and Officer Jenkins found around six bees, very likely dazed, inside of his patrol car.


Click to play





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