Emotionally Exciting and Possibly Poor: Movies 7/30/10

August 1, 2010 at 12:44 AM (Uncategorized)

I have made it to the movies, just not to my blog!  Friday is Friday, and movies are seen.  This week, two films were watched, although they were not what I was expecting.  Well, I should not say that.  One of the movies actually was pretty good.  Yet, the second one could have been saved for rental…even television premiere!

Surprisingly, I did like seeing Charlie St. Cloud!  Zac Efron stars as the title character, who was in the midst of celebrating upon his recent earning of a naval scholarship.  Charlie has a very strong bond with his mother (Kim Basinger), and with his younger brother, Sam (Charlie Tahan).  The brothers were together during the night of Charlie’s high school graduation.  While driving home that evening, their car was hit from behind by a reckless driver.  The impact pushed their vehicle onto train tracks, and directly within the path of a speeding train.

The accident left Charlie in the hospital, awakening later, and asking what happened to Sam.  When Charlie learned the terrible truth that his brother was lost in the wreck, his life seemed to be destroyed, permanently.  Charlie was unable to relieve himself of the blame for what happened to Sam, and he closed himself off from the blossoming world around him.

It was not long after returning home from his own stay at the hospital that Charlie began having visions of Sam.  The images begin to take over Charlie’s reality, causing him to isolate himself from friends and family, and creating an outward image of him being insane.  Time passes, with Charlie now totally closed away from the public, as a friend named Tess (Amanda Crew) returns to their hometown.

Tess and Charlie connect, rebuilding their friendship.  This steadily blossoms into a romance, yet Charlie remains somewhat closed with his true expressions of feeling.  It ends up taking months, then developing into some years, before Charlie is able to free himself from the pain and self-imposed guilt that have plagued him since the loss of Sam.

Charlie St. Cloud

Our second movie had it’s funny parts, but it was so-so.  Yet, we are such animal fanatics that we just had to see a movie involving some allegedly amusing antics of our furry friendsCats and Dogs:  The Revenge of Kitty Galore,was mildly humorous!

The allegedly continuous conflict between canines and felines is highlighted in this seemigly second-rate second film.  A secret agent cat named Kitty Galore (voice of Bette Midler) has defected from the cats’ secret society organization called MEOWS.  She feels that she has been wronged by other cats, and she now wants to eliminate MEOWS.  Also, the perturbed pussy, a sphynx, means to make moves with a plan that will turn humans against dogs, forever!

A disappointed police dog named Diggs (voice of James Marsden)  finds himself being recruited by an undercover canine organization called D.O.G..  This is a coalition of canines that has been leading the way in the ongoing battle of dogs against cats.  Diggs finds himself teamed an agent from the feline counterpart agency, P.A.W.S.,  with a German shepherd called Butch (voice of Nick Nolte), and getting help from a pea-brained pigeon named Seamus (voice of Katt Williams) to catch Kitty Galore.  Additionally, and to the chagrin of several of the canines, they find themselves teamed with cats, lead by Cathrine (voice of Christina Applegate) in order to bring down this cunning and clawed feline felon!

Cats & Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore

Cats and Dogs 2 did have funny points mixed within the corn!  Charlie St. Cloud was a good story, with some emotionally wrenching moments to it.  I would recommend that film to be seen by those whom are interested in viewing a serious story with a heart-felt plot.  Cats and Dogs 2 was mildly funny…….

There may be a slight lull in good films to be seen, soon.  Some of the possibly more exciting releases on the way include Alpha and Omega, The Expendables, Eat,Pray,Love, Lottery Ticket, Nanny McPhee Returns, The Switch, Wonder Woman, and Takers.  I still am waiting on more details about the next X-Men film, so I will have to get back with those details!


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