Yellowstone is Ticking!

August 7, 2010 at 11:43 PM (Uncategorized)

I have been reading a lot, lately, about information regarding the Yellowstone Caldera.  It is very interesting, to me, that more informtion about this topic is not disseminating throughout the general public.  I realize that there is no desire to start some kind of panic situation, yet it would seem as if this is something that should be within a status of general public knowledge.

Lately, there have been a lot of media discussions, Internet postings, and various publication spreadings that give details about the supervolcano beneath Yellowstone National Park.  The park itself is situated primarily within the state of Wyoming.  Yet, it does spread into areas of Idaho and Montana.  The actual park spreads a distance of 3,468 square miles.

Within the area of the national park is Yellowstone Lake. This is a 136 square mile wide body of water within the park.  This lake happens to be located directly above Yellowstone caldera.  This is the biggest supervolcano within all of North America.

Current scientists are sparingly speculating that the Yellowstone supervolcano is about to erupt.   There have been several minor tremors within that area over the past two years.  It was noted that 1,620 of these tremors occurred between January 17 and February 1, 2010.

Recent studies of the supervolcano are stating that it is overdue for an eruption.  There have been over 250 tremors within that general area since December, 2008.  When Yellowstone does erupt, studies are showing that radius areas affected will reach Washington state to the north, eastward to Iowa and Missouri, southward covering all of California and to the Mexican border, then eastward toward Arkansas and Louisiana.  It seems that twenty one states will experience the effects of the eruption, on levels great or minimal.

Yellowstone National Park remains open, currently.  Residents of that general area seem to be receiving updates about the status of the supervolcano.  Yet, as with most unimaginable disasters, skeptics are prevelant.  No actual evacuations have been announced, yet many observers, scientists, and area residents have been making efforts to broadcast about the possibility that a major Yellowstone eruption will occur within this century.

Personally, I live far enough away to where I believe that I will be safe from any devastation produced by Yellowstone, more or less.  It will be extremely interesting to watch, as it happens, while reading about and watching the effects of the eruption.  We never have seen anything of this magnitude within our lifetimes, and just the thought of it is amazing.  Certainly, the results of such an event will produce panic, chaos, and general disorder.  If this does occur within my lifetime, I will sit back, watching from a safe distance, while studying what happens….. 

                             Troubled water at Yellowstone National Park 





  1. Michael said,

    One reason you may not have been seeing too much is that the USGS was put under a gag order by the previous president and it was continued under President Obama. As to how far you live, I doubt you will be as unaffected as you think. A major eruption of Yellowstone will be considered an ELE event. Extinction Level Event. The ash in the upper atmosphere will cause a global winter and kill most vegetation. Then livestock will die and when the food runs out, so will you. You may be unaffected by the initial eruption but not its after effects. Sorry. 🙂

    • catigula said,

      I have not had the opportunity to look into any such related details. Yet, thanks for that bit of info. I will look into that…..

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