Ancient Humans With Alien Help?

August 8, 2010 at 6:22 PM (Uncategorized)

I am currently fascinated by this program on The History Channel.  It has aired before, yet this is the first time that I have made an effort to watch it completely.  The focus of the show is extraterrestrial interaction with early humanity.

The program is called Ancient Aliens.  It is a series that I did mean to tape, but I became otherwise occupied.  I did manage to watch it while doing weekend chores.

Right now, they are focusing on the possibility – likelihood that there was some kind of extraterrestrial interaction with mankind during our past.  At this point of the show, the focus is on Egypt, and the construction of the megalithic monuments.  As many have speculated before, the buildings of the pyramids and similar structures seem to be beyond the capacity for humanity at the time that these things were constructed.  Also, The Great Pyramid and surrounding stuctures appear to reflect the alignments of the revoultions of the planets of our solar system around The Sun!

Questions are being posed, including how people could have managed to move blocks of stone that weigh several tons without any kinds of machinery or technology.  How were these builings constructed and finalized with such precision without the use of sophisticated tools?  How and why is it that The Great Pyramid itself is perfectly aligned with the natural compass positions of north, south, east and west?  Was ancient humanity actually capable of such feats of awe without help?

More interestingly, the program discusses the pyramids at Tikal.  This site within Guatemala again shows the seemingly incredible levels of ingenuity that were shown by ancient humanity.  As well, these pyramids are so enormous, created from stone blocks of such immense size, that it is difficult to imagine that pre-technical humanity was capable of this level of construction.

Naturally, some speculators want to suggest that help was there for the ancients.  This particular program does lead into the idea that extraterrestrials were present to assist with the construction of these monuments.   Indeed, the suggestion spreads around the world, as many of the ancient constuctions of wonder seem to have been built with such levels of precision that should have exceeded the capacities of human beings during those times.

How is it that thousands of blocks that weigh tons were lifted to the heights of the pyramids in Egypt, or in The Americas?   How was the manpower able to work in order to construct The Great Wall of China without assistance?  Who actually was able to lift and carve the curiously eerie statues on Easter Island, or the gigantic blocks on Pumapunku?  Which ancients of the Middle East actually were capable of creating the items necessary to run The Baghdad Battery?

It is understood that these, and many ancient wonders, are fantastic, yet how was ancient humanity able to construct them without the use of modern tools?  Is it that there was assistance from beyond our Earth?  Do we take for granted the actual intellectual capacities of our ancestors?  Have we not learned all that there is to learn about the societies of the past?   What is the deal?

This is a very interesting program.  It has aired before, yet I have not taken the opportunity to watch it fully, before now.  I would like to record it, but I need to check to see when it is scheduled to air again.  This is interesting….



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  1. Michael said,

    Read Erik Von Danikan’s books. He is the originator of these theories.

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