Idol to Show With NO J. LO!!!

August 11, 2010 at 9:57 PM (Uncategorized)

Jennifer Lopez will not be a judge on the upcoming season of American IdolAwww, DAMN!!!!  That certainly would have been an extra perk for regular viewers.  However, I do understand.  The show probably still is recovering from all of the ass of Fantasia!

Simon Cowell and Ellen De Generes both have left as judges for Idol.  This leaves the possibly popular Randy Jackson, and the nearly non-importance of Kara Dio Guardi.  It is being said that Kara may not be back, either!

I realize that the show ultimately is about the contestants, yet the judges do present such presence to the program.  Afterall, their opinions play major parts in what happens to the singers.

J. Lo was in the midst of working a deal to become a judge for this upcoming season.  Yet, reports are saying that Jenny From the Block was bumping for too many bucks.  The producers with FOX were unwilling to submit to her final demands, and they opted not to follow through with adding her to the program’s panel.

American Idol still is searching for additional judges.  Steven Tyler, the lead singer of Aerosmith, is one name that has been mentioned.  Several sites are saying that Tyler has committed to at least one season.

There are additional reports of other singer celebrities choosing not to join Idol as judges for the upcoming season.  Harry Connick, Junior was asked, and he opted out.  Curt Smith, the lead singer for the 80’s hit group Tears For Fears, has been suggested as a possibility.  As well, there are rumors that Jessica Simpson and Shania Twain chose not to follow through as judges, either.  I thought that I even heard/read something about Justin Timberlake becoming a judge.

I think that, if the show wants to maintain it’s legitimacy as a program that helps good singers to find true musical careers, it needs to stick with judges whom have reputable backgrounds within music. Timberlake might be young, but he has been in the music field for a little while.  He does have experience in the field, and he is a decent singer/performer. 

Well.  The general public will find out the details, shortly.  Idol’s executive producer, Nigel Lythgoe, is coming back for this season.  He jokingly referred to Randy Jackson as “the barnacle of the Idol ship”!   I suppose that as long as Idol has those two, and a season of entertaining contestants, the show will go on!  Judges will come, and judges will go….

American Idol


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