What-a Jarhead Bear!!!

August 15, 2010 at 9:52 PM (Uncategorized)

Poor thing!  While reading online news clips, I came across this one article about a troubled little bear.  It seems that the animal was stuck in a very stuffed situation for some time.  Luckily, it has gotten out of this one odd ordeal.

A bear cub living within the area of Weirsdale, Florida got itself trapped!  As many young animals that live near society areas do, this bear had been ravaging through trash deposits for food.  It just so happens that, as this one cub had gotten into one trash bin, it shoved it’s own head into a plastic jar! 

Reports are saying that the bear, humorously (?) named Jarhead, had gotten it’s head stuck within a plastic bottle.  This happened over one week ago, and the rescuers say that the bear had it’s head trapped in this bottle for over ten days!  Of course, it could not eat or drink in any sort of regular manner while it was stuck in the bottle.

Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission officials were able to locate the caught-up ursine after days of searching for it.  It was assessed that the bear merely is a six-month-old cub.  As a result of having it’s head stuck in a bottle for over a week, the baby bear was not able to eat or drink, normally. 

The cub’s mother apparently had been monitoring the cub closely, uncertain about what to do.  Animal rescuers had to tranquilize the mother before they could approach the cub.  Then, they were able to approach the young bear.  The rescuers had to struggle with the bear a bit, before they could stabilize it long enough to remove the jar from it’s head!

The reports say that the young bear was quite rambunctious while being saved from the jar!  Yet, as it was set free, the biologists whom helped with the little caught and clawed critter had to tend to the mother bear.  The rescuers monitored the mother overnight, making sure that the tranquilizers had no lasting and harmful effects.  Finally, they were able to move Jarhead, his mother, and the rest of that bear family to a safer area of that forest.

I was trying to think of some Winnie the Pooh song that might relate to this situation.  I did not get one, but no matter.  It is highly likely that someone might hear me singing, then stuff a jar over my head!












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