Carolina Cop Boxed-in By Bees!

August 17, 2010 at 11:29 PM (Uncategorized)

Well!  Ain’t this a B!  I did feel sorry for this police officer who had to endure this very traumatic experience.  The title of the link caught my eye, and I wanted to know whether or not it had a decent ending.

This was yesterday, Tuesday, outside of Raleigh, North Carolina.  An apparently dedicated police deputy was responding to a distress call, shortly after 9:30 a.m..  The deputy was travelling on U.S. Route 64 when he spotted a truck pulled to the side of the road.  It had a trailer containing several crates of bees inside of it’s bed.

There were over sixty bee crates in the truck bed.  The driver was transporting the bees the night before, when his truck broke down.  The next morning, the driver called for a towing service, and Wake County Deputy Brandon Jenkins pulled up, offering assistance.  Somehow, the lid on the crate that contained the bees had been removed.  The loose bees swarmed away from the truck, and onto Deputy Jenkins’ patrol car!

The officer was unable to get out of his vehicle because of the bees.  They were flying around and crawling over the car for nearly three hours!  Officers, and people who came to help, said that the bees were attracted to the light coloring of the patrol car, a white Dodge Charger.  Officer Jenkins was unable to see out of his windows, as people began attempting to remove the insects.

Beekeeper Charles Heatherly, and his assistant, Jennifer Keller, started trying to get the bees off of the patrol car.  They spent nearly three hours trying to get the bugs off, and they were NOT wearing any kind of protective clothing!  It was nearly 10 a.m. when Heatherly and Keller made progress by using smoke, along with a spray bottle containing sugar-water.

The goo-like, moist mixture rendered the bees unable to fly normally.  The bees allegedly spent more time trying to get the sugar-water off of themselves instead of swarming over the trapped people and the policemen.  However, the flying insects remained on and around the patrol car!

Officer Jenkins was advised to drive his car forward in an effort to blow the bees off of it.  Yet, that did not work!  The beekeepers had to scoop the bees continuously, onto a plastic sheet.  Finally, they were able to contain them inside of a hive box.  Beekeepers Heatherly and Keller said that they were stung three or four times, and Officer Jenkins found around six bees, very likely dazed, inside of his patrol car.


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