Badu to Bequeath Bucks For Bold Music Video!

August 18, 2010 at 9:32 PM (Uncategorized)

Ooh Badu, ooh Badu!  Well.  One thing is that she did not walk her naked ass through here!  They need to fine her for that failure, as well!

Now.  It seems that Erykah Badu is like many celebrities, a person doing what he or she can to gain attention.  Several times, I have felt that I could align myself with some of her views and opinions.  This songstress and activist has been outspoken on several topics, and she has not minded using her celebrity as a platform to project her perspectives.

Recently, Badu (born Erica Wright) has faced trouble for the results of one of her latest music videos.  The release of the video for her song Window Seat has attracted attention because of it’s contents.  There is a scene within the video where Badu walks naked, then she feigns being shot to death.  All of this takes place within Dealey Plaza of Dallas, Texas, the same location where President John F. Kennedy was assassinated.

Naturally, this event lead to uproar.  People whom watched the filming, or were aware of what took place, claimed offense to it.  This lead to public officials being made aware of the video’s filming, followed by legal actions.  After a court hearing during April, Badu received a citation for disorderly conduct.

Badu initially said that her video was meant to be “a protest”, and it was “about liberating yourself”.  The clip of her walking naked through downtown Dallas in the setting of President Kennedy’s assassination was supposed to depict the image of what a person would endure when exposing herself to the public, totally.  Yet, not only were several people taken aback by this scene, it happened as Badu was filming the video without proper authorization, and in front of a crowd that did not have prior notification.

Now, Erykah Badu has had to pay $500 in fines.  As well, she has to serve a six month probation sentence after being charged with disorderly conduct.  The fine was paid this past Friday, August 13.  Badu has not made any formal statements about this activity, yet earlier comments from her informed interviewers that she meant for that video “to be shocking”!





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