Beauty and the Bloody Stone!

August 18, 2010 at 8:10 PM (Uncategorized)

I think that I have been fascinated by this woman for many years.  First of all, she truly is a beautiful and sexy woman.  She does have an undeniable spark and style that can be hypnotic.  Her fashionable displays are impeccable.  When she is wearing the clothing and the jewelry, every other woman with any level of legitimate fashion sense usually wants to wear those things, too!

Yet, anyone whom is familiar with Naomi Campbell realizes that she is a total G.P.S. (grand pussy supreme).  Miss Campbell is notorious for her outburst displays of heated attitude, and her frequent use of choice language when approached improperly.  Regularly, she is known to go off on anyone whom may attempt to speak with or to question her about topics that she feels are not worthy of her response.

This latest incident with the diamonds adds to her train of torrid temper exhibitions.  Allegedly, Miss Campbell received the gift of a diamond from Charles Taylor, a former President of Liberia.  Taylor supposedly gave a large and uncut diamond to Campbell while she was visiting South Africa, as a guest of Nelson Mandela.

The thing is that this gift of the precious stone is being called a ‘blood diamond’.  It was excavated from an area that is mired in warfare.  People were fighting and dying regularly within Sierra Leone, this nation of Africa from which the diamond was found and taken.

The diamond supposedly was mined and owned African rebel leaders whom frequently are active as warlords and hostile invaders.  Former President Taylor supposedly owned this particular diamond.  It was presented to Campbell during her 1997 visit to the southernmost African nation.

Recently, Campbell has been approached by several media agents aboout her receiving and ownership of this diamond.  ABC News had the opportunity to interview her, and reporters inquired about her owning of the precious stone.  The interview was short, as the particular question was an irritant to Campbell.  As she was questioned, she gave an angry and instant answer, saying that she did not receive a blood diamond.  Immediately afterward, she got up, angrily sashayed away, and punched a nearby news camera!

Now, this incident is all over the news!  It is of additional interest because former President Taylor currently is being tried for crimes against humanity.  Taylor was the lead figure of warfare within Sierra Leone from 1997 to 2001, a war that he is responsible for starting.  Campbell will not testify against Taylor at a current war crimes tribunal that is taking place at The Hague.

Curiously, it was actress Mia Farrow who shed light on Campbell’s ownership of this diamond.  Farrow said that Campbell told her how agents of former President Taylor presented the diamond as a gift to Campbell during her 1997 trip to Sierra Leone.  Farrow, allegedly a pal of Campbell’s, told media agents about how Campbell bragged about receiving the diamond during one of their chats.

Diamond_sparkles.gif - (11K)   Naomi Campbell - Naomi Campbell Unveils the Louis Vuitton Official 2010 FIFA World Cup Trophy Case   Diamond_sparkles.gif - (11K)



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