Do See and Don’t See: Two Films This Friday!

August 20, 2010 at 11:19 PM (Uncategorized)

Two-fer Friday, once again!  One of the films truly was delightful!  The second, however, could have waited…. and for public television, no less.  That is what I thought.  Anyhow.

Nanny Mc Phee Returns actually was a lot of fun!  It starts with the depiction of an English family that is coping as the father, Phil (Rhys Ifans), has gone to warfare with the army.  The mother, Isabel Green (Maggie Gyllenhaal), has to deal with the children on her own.  There are three children, as all of them live on a farm.  Isabel has been pressed to sell the farm by Phil.

The farm hosts a field of wheat.  It has been extremely difficult for Isabel to run the farm without the assistance of her husband, and as her children have become increasingly unruly.  Seeing that this family is in need of help, Nanny Mc Phee (Emma Thompson) arrives!

Nanny Mc Phee discovers that the problem does not involve the immediate children, but the ruckus caused by two cousins that are living in the home.  The cousins, Celia (Rosie Taylor-Witson) and Cyril (Eros Vlahos), are at odds constantly with the Green children.  Megsie Green (Lil Woods), Norman Green (Asa Butterfield), and Vincent Green (Oscar Steer) are thoroughly irritated by their cousins, and they will not allow peace within the home!

Mrs. Green has to call for the assistance of a nanny to help with keeping things together.  This is when Nanny Mc Phee appears, seemingly by magic!  She begins her necessary instructions by teaching the children proper ettiquette when dealing with one another, and when speaking to adults.  Most importantly, Nanny Mc Phee teaches the children five dire lessons of behavior and manners that are meant to make them proceed as well-behaved wards of their home!

Nanny McPhee Returns

We wound up watching Piranha 3D, second.  I am almost hesitant to say it, but this film SUCKED!!!  It is about several college students whom visit Lake Victoria during their Spring Break.  The vacation gets unsettled when an unexpected earthquake occurs.  This happens to open an underwater fissure that has housed prehistoric piranha!

The fish look like the typical fish, except for the nearly six-inch long fangs hanging from their mouths!  These particular piranha were believed to have gone extinct millions of years ago.  However, a present-day school has made it’s presence known.  These carnivorous creatures have a thirst for blood, and they attack all of the people whom have chosen to make Lake Victoria their vacation spot.

The plot was a little silly.  The kids seemed to be doing all that they could to get into the water, despite having warnings that there was danger.  Furthermore, these practically full-sized adults were being sucked underwater by fish, not able to escape, or to heed the warnings that there was danger when the first people were killed!  Anyway…. 

Piranha 3D

I really am looking forward to seeing Hubble 3D!  Narrated by Leo Di Craprio 🙂, the film is supposed to delve into all of the fascinating wonders of the universe that have been revealed by this eye to the outer sky.  New movies to close out this month include Avatar:  Special Edition, The Last Exorcism, and Takers!

A favorite of films, Drew Barrymore, will star in Going the Distance, opposite Justin Long.  This opens September 3.  Other features to anticipate include Alpha and Omega, Case 39, Devil, Easy A, Jack Goes BoatingLegendary, Legend of the Guardians:  The Owls of Ga’Hoole, Red, Waiting For Superman, and You AgainMovies, movies, movies!!!

Animated Gif Cinema (16)     Animated Gif Cinema (16)     Animated Gif Cinema (16)


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