At Least He Gave A Good Show Before Death!

August 22, 2010 at 8:14 PM (Uncategorized)

Now, let’s get one thing clear.  I am on the side of the bull.  Imagine having masses of monkeys, gathered in glory, and paying top-dollar to see some jack ass throwing razor-sharp spears at you.  It is not so amusing, anymore.

Only forty people were hurt during a recent Spanish celebration of rapacious actions against bovines.  It was this past Wednesday, August 18, when a bullfighting episode occurred.  La ciudad de Tafalla was where this bullfighting event happened.  A crowd of over 3,500 people attended the event, watching the sadism of this popular sporting action.

Apparently, during a round of the routinely entertaining abuse, one of the bulls had enough.  This particular animal, a bull of over 1,000 pounds, likely opted to go out with full glory.  During it’s round of being attacked, one bull decided that it wanted to leap into the stands!  It was able to hurtle over positioned barricades, then rampage into a full stadium.

Reports say that there were around thirty injuries, though mostly bruises and cuts.  However, one man’s back was pierced by one of the bull’s horns.  Another man had bones of his spinal column crushed, and a twenty-three year-old woman suffered injuries to her spine, also.  A ten-year-old boy had to be hospitalized after the bull fell onto him while storming through the stands.

It is horrifyingly humorous to realize that this bull lept into the crowd after it had been gibed at and encouraged by a rowdy crowd.  Apparently, it had tried to enter the stands three different times, and it was the third effort that was successful.  Naturally, the spectators went wild, screaming, then running for their lives!  The ten year-old was caught in the path, apparently with no responsible adults around, when the bull fell on top of him.

My thing is that this is one mere example of so MANY episodes where we abuse animals for our awfully fucked-up forms of amusement.  As with the majority of these particular “sporting” events, the bull was killed.  A small fraction of the 3,500 people whom were there suffered actual injuries.  Yet, witnessing reports about this kind of action, and knowing that it WILL continue, does encourage one to do more to stop this manner of malicious activity.


animated-gifs-bulls-10 GIFs     Bullfighter Animation       animated-gifs-bulls-01 GIFs

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