Ready or Not, He Can’t Run!

August 23, 2010 at 11:20 PM (current news, social opinion, tv reviews)

Actually, I am not seeing the overall harm in it, at this time.  Is Haiti worried that it’s status as a world power will be endangered because of this action?  Are there other more reputable candidates?  If so, then whom?  As this is Haiti, does it really matter?

Alright, all kidding and unjustified snipes are put aside.  Hip-hop and R&B superstar Wyclef Jean had made it known that he would like to act on his political aspirations.  After having become a world-famous musical recording artist, likely loaded with lots of personal loot, Jean had chosen to take the next step.  During announcements last week, he has made it known that he wanted to be the President of Haiti.

Unfortunately, Wyclef Jean’s attempts at running for this nation’s presidency were vanquished.  Officials within Haiti have presented congressional evidence that supports the reasons behind his not being allowed to run for that office.  Despite whether or not his desire to attain the high office are promoted, actual reasons have been presented which legitimately block any such attempts.

Wyclef Jean is not a resident of Haiti.  That nation’s congressional policies dictate that citizens whom present desires to lead candidacies for president must be Haitian residents.  Jean was born in Haiti, but he was brought to The United States as a child.  He has not lived in Haiti for a fully concurrent five years, which is demanded of any person opting to run for that nation’s Presidency.  This fact does not allow Jean to be considered as a resident of Haiti.

Jean believed that he did have the right to run for the Haitian Presidency.  He felt that being named a national ambassador by Haitian President Rene Preval qualified him to be a candidate for that political office.  Yet, the nation’s officials are saying that Jean has not lived in Haiti for five full years before placing his name as a Presidential candidate.  This is among the lead reasons why Jean believes that the political hierchy of Haiti is working in strength to prevent his political aspirations.

This past Thursday, August  19, Jean met with current Haitian President Preval.  The meeting was a discussion of that nation’s current situation, focusing on the status of earthquake recovery.  Haiti remains ravaged by the terrible tremor that occurred this past January.  Over 300,000 people were killed, and most of the nation’s major areas of commerce and residency were destroyed.  Jean believes that his encouraging attitude, along with the support of a resiliant youth population, can lead him into a winning of that nation’s Presidency.  As President of Haiti, Wyclef Jean intended to use his youthful support base in a concentated to rebuild that nation, and to make it a recognizeable location within an emerging world economy.

Hopefully, this rejection of Jean’s political aspirations will not dissuade him from efforts to assist Haiti.  The Caribbean nation was ravaged this past January by a magnitude 7.0 earthquake, which rendered the island nation in a total state of disaster.  Electricity was out, fresh water was scarce, buildings were destroyed, and thousands of people were left without fresh food or homes.  Jean meant to throw his name into the Presidential hat of Haiti as an attempt to help his homeland, yet he must continue these efforts without the title of that nation’s chief officer.



 Sorry Clef, Haiti wasn’t ready……

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