Soul Songstress to Comeback After Drunken Dilemma!

August 26, 2010 at 12:23 AM (Uncategorized)

Nooooooooo!  Not my girl!  I am so disappointed!  Ugh!

I was totally in love with Faith Evans!  Her songs set me off during the middle and end of the 90’s.  I was going through college, and some other stuff.  Listening to her music was touching to me, on several different levels.  I even felt inclined to mourn for her after the loss of her husband, hip-hop superstar Christopher “Notorious B.I.G.” Wallace.

Now, nearly fifteen years later, Faith Evans is in trouble.  NOOOO!  Apparently, it seems that this darling diva is dealing with a new round of drama.  This past weekend, Evans was out and driving within the Marina del Rey area, near to Los Angeles.  Her driving must have been observably off-track, as she was pulled over by police.

It was Saturday night, August 19, when Faith Evans, age 37, was stopped by observing officers.  She had driven into a drunk-driving checkpoint area that is around Los Angeles.  Apparently, she obviously was driving erratically, and an officer noticed this.  The cop pulled Evans over to assess the situation.

Officer Cleon Joseph made the stop within the Marina Del Rey area.  He tested Evans, then he had her taken to a nearby police station.  The grammy-winning R&B songstress was held overnight, then she was released that following Sunday morning.  Her car was impounded while she spent the night in the slammer.  I know that she had to be relieved, as soon as she got home!

Faith is supposed to be scheduled for a comeback.  Allegedly, she has an album set to be released by October.  As well, she is said to be starring in her own reality show, “It’s All About Faith”.

  Faith Evans 


anicopcar.gif (8819 bytes)

Certainly, she had this to sing, as soon as she got home!

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