The Critters That Creep At Night!

September 17, 2010 at 2:05 AM (Uncategorized)

It has passed my bedtime, yet I am being obstinate, right now.  I don’t wanna go, and I can’t make me!  Oh; anyhow.   I have the usual late-night television shows on, behind me.  I will fumble between the television and the computer for a little while. 

My fella Craig Ferguson is on right now, so I will put the television on that channel, for the moment.  I usually get some good laughs from Ferguson, and leaving the station on CBS will suffice.  Now, he is talking about beef tacos filled with tongue, so I turned around, for the moment…..   funny!  A Cialis commercial came on right afterward!

I turned around to see if the pussy posse is in here, but I only see the boys.  Celia is out of the room, laying by the fireplace (no fire is burning…).  I went out to check on her.  Of course, I got to see that one of our recently usual backyard wildlife displays was present when I looked out of the patio window.  The now resident oppossum was back there, on the deck.  I think that the raccoon was out there, a little earlier.

It is a strange setting of evening symbiosis!  There are stray cats are out there, staying because we care for them, every now and then.  I realized that this would attract other animals, yet I was thinking that it would be other stray pets, possibly mice, or even birds.  I really had no idea that opossums and raccoons were among the animals within our residential area!  I still remain amazed that they are around.  Where are they hiding during the daytime?

It has started raining, now.  The outdoor animals now all are hiding.  I am not certain as to where they go for shelter.  They may have some burrowed areas near to the house, or within a neighboring yard.  I think that one neighbor has a dog, but it may be an indoor dog.  I think that the stray cats have hiding spots in our yard, or in near yards, where they stay dry.  The raccoon and the opossum likely went to the closest spot to get out of the water!

Alright.  William Shatner and Craig Ferguson are making jokes.  I will watch a bit of this before falling asleep.  Let me move.  Celia has lept into my lap, and her claws are stabbing me!  Ehhhh!!!!   …..and what is this about First Lady Michelle Obama?!?!? 


Raccoon Gif

Animated Opossum Clipart gif for free, download this crazy possum crawling around and peaking out from under the carpet, funny!



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