Fascinating, Fun, & Frightening Films This Week!

September 18, 2010 at 2:16 AM (Uncategorized)

What a terrific and terrifying time we had at the theater, tonight!  I was really looking forward to seeing both of these films, and I was NOT disappointed!  We ran through a range of emotions, from humor to horror, fun to fright.  Yet, I have to say that it was worthwhile!

Our presentations began with the fun animated film Alpha and Omega!  The film starts with young wolves playing in the woods.  Kate (voice of Hayden Panetierre) collides with Humphrey (voice of Justin Long) while she is practicing her hunting techniques.  She is called away by her father, who reminds Kate that she is meant to be an alpha wolf, and she is not to mingle with Humphrey, who will be a lowly omega wolf. 

When Kate gets back from alpha school, she and other wolves go hunting.  While chasing animals, Kate and pals have to escape a stampeding herd of caribou.  Kate is very acrobatic while running, then assisting other wolves.  Then she ends up going with other alpha wolves to break up a fight between the omega wolves. 

Kate talks with Humphrey after the feud, but her siblings take her away.  Kate is reminded by her dad, Winston (voice of Danny Glover), that she is an alpha wolf, and she is not to mingle with the lesser wolves.  As the alphas were celebrating a successful hunt of caribou, the omegas were forced to eat squirrels and berries. 

Kate later speaks with her elders about her wedding plans.  When she marries Marcel (voice of Larry Miller), an alpha male of another pack, it will unite the area wolf packs.  However, as Kate is not excited about getting with Garth,  Humphrey finds himself pushed aside, and toward a lesser female.

Kate is thoroughly irritated by Marcel, as his howl is disgusting to her and other wolves.  Yet, as she is listening to Humphrey mocking Marcel, she is darted by humans, then so is Humphrey!  They are taken away, on a trip to Idaho!  They get there, finding that they have been relocated to an animal reserve. 

Humphrey and Kate start chasing geese, and they find out that they are in Idaho.  They have been taken there to help with wolf repopulation!  Kate does not want to do that, as she is ready to return to her Canadian home.  It is there where her parents are angry that her parents are angry with other wolves because Kate has been lost!

Kate and Humphrey are shown humans by a flock of geese.  The birds want the humans’ trailer for refuge, yet the wolves see it as possible transportation home.  As Kate is being annoyed by Humphrey, other wolves and her parents, back at her home park, are searching for her.

Kate and Humphrey reach an opening, and they find that they are being hunted by humans.  The people chase the wolves into a nearby forest.  A storm begins to form, and Kate runs into a dangerous setting.  She almost is swept into rushing waters, yet Humphrey arrives to save her.  Then, a flock of geese lead them to a nearby train, onto which they climb to get home.

Once at home, Kate cautiously bonds with another female wolf, and Humphrey bonds with a bear cub.  As Kate joins them, the adult bears chase them away.  They encounter humans, who shoot at them, but they escape on a nearby train.  Nightfall arrives, as Humphrey and Kate bond while howling at the moon!

Suddenly, Humphrey finds himself targeted.  Garth’s wolf family is hunting Humphrey, yet he and Kate escape by train.  As they now are alone, Humphrey shows that he likes Kate, yet she still is not interested.  He gets her to howl at the moon with him, and they find that they make good music together!  Yet, Humphrey finds out that enemy wolves are after him!

The attacking wolves are from Garth’s pack.  They also have rage toward Kate’s pack, as one challenges her dad for the title of alpha wolf. Kate and Humphrey arrive, where she admits that she likes Humphrey.  A fight ensues, and Kate shows that she is a powerful alpha female.  Her dad still does not want her with Humphrey, though he congratulates Humphrey for returning his daughter.

Kate unhappily chooses to be with Garth to unite the wolf packs.  Yet, she realizes that she is in love with Humphrey.  A hunt happens, and Humphrey is able to tell Kate that he wants to be with her.  As Garth winds up being lost, Kate is able to be with Garth!

Alpha and Omega movie poster

Our second feature was the anticipated Devil!  Thrilling director M. Night Shyamalan presents another picture about horror that captures a group of seemingly innocent people whom find themselves trapped in an elevator of a Philadelphia office building.  Yet, the story begins with the investigation of a man who seemed to commit suicide by leaping from atop an office building,

Four people get to this building, where a security guard named Ben Larson (Bokeem Woodbine) is monitoring the first floor.  He enters an elevator, followed by a man and a woman, as two others are inside of it, already.  They head upward, yet the elevator suddenly stops.  Two security guards outside see this, and they call for help.

The people inside of the elevator hear a repairman, but he can not hear them.  Outside of this building, something falls from the rooftop.  Detectives arrive, and they begin an investigation of what seems to be a heavily-damaged building.  Inspectors cut off the power, and Larson starts to panic in the elevator.  Meanwhile, it is being searched from above, as guards believe that someone jumped onto it’s rooftop.

One man inside of the elevator decides to use his time to make sales for his mattress company.  Then, something scrapes inside, and a female passenger feels her back touched.  Repairmen outside are not detecting any problems, but a guard sees an image of something dead inside of the elevator!

One guard goes into the elevator shaft, beneath the car.  He winds up trapped, as the elevator falls!  All of a sudden, the lights inside are turned on, and one woman is bleeding.

A guard viewing the inside from a security post tries turning off the elevator’s music.  The passengers see that one man’s hands are bloody, and they want to search him.  The guard is watching, and he calls the police.  Meanwhile, guards inside of the building see a strange image from inside the elevator viewscreen, and one of them named Ramirez (Jacob Vargas) goes into a religious outburst.  Now, the viewing guard named Ben suspects one of the male passengers as the perpetrator.

Philadelphia police arrive.  Ramirez still is terrified after seeing the face.  The other guards try to identify the passengers, as the lights inside flash on and off.  Then, glass inside of the elevator cracks, and one male passenger, who had been rude, was stabbed through his neck!  The viewing guards call for more backup.

Ramirez goes into further religious rants, talking about seeing The Devil.  Ben is being investigated, and it is revealed that he has a criminal past.  Now, the passengers are trying to figure out who stabbed this one man in his neck, murdering him!  They take paper from his pocket, finding that he was a marine returned from Afghanistan.

As a note is found, details are read that talk about recent news, and something about The Devil.  Ramirez tries to escape, but Larson tries to lead a frisking of the passengers.  One outside guard that is seeing a taping from inside of the elevator sees a stange image that leads him to suspect that The Devil is involved.  Other guards begin to suspect that a female passener may be the culprit.

An older, female passenger pulls out a can of mace.  However, Larson slaps it from her hand!  An investigator tries getting to the elevator, yet he slips on the car’s cable.  He falls, slamming onto the top of the elevator.  The noise causes one passenger to go into a religious outburst.

Stranger things begin to happen!  Investigators that have seen tapes of the elevator are identifying the passengers. The elderly lady inside (Jenny O’Hara) is identified as well as another passener named Dwight (Joe Cobden), who is found to be a thief.  While more information is gathered, the lights inside of the elevator go out!

Ben lights a match, and a face is seen!  Then, the lights come on, and the elderly lady is found hanging in the corner!  The guards see this, and they call for back-up!  Another passenger gets the body down, as he, Ben, Sarah (Bojana Novakovic), and the elderly lady are the only ones left.   Cops that are viewing the monitor get hold of a bag full of tools, and one viewing guard begins praying in Spanish!

One passenger reveals himself as Tony (Logan Marshall-Green).  As Sarah and the elderly lady are seemingly calm, Tony and Ben begin to fight.  The cops watching the monitor ask them to separate, as the praying guard now believes that everyone in the elevator will die.  Also, the police learn that Sarah has a criminal history!

One guard is dufus, as he tries to twirk the elevator’s wiring, and he electrocutes himself!  The people inside of the elevator separate, but the elderly lady turns around.  Sarah reveals that her husband owns the security company of that particular building, for which Ben works.  Suddenly, the lights go out!

The passengers use the lights from their cell phones to see.  Then, the lights go out, and Tony is cut!  Sarah and Ben now hold slivers of glass toward one another, and Ramirez tries using religious philosophy to calm the situation.  The viewing guards try to broadcast logical statements inside.

The elderly lady removes her glasses, and she pulls glass from her back pocket.  Then, the lights go out, and Sarah is dead.  Ben now is the suspect, but the elderly lady stands to make her presence known.  She asks Tony if he is ready to die, as a scene flashes to when Tony crashed his car into a car carrying the elderly lady, and a young woman, killing them both.  The elderly lady reveals herself as Satan, and he has come to get Tony!

As Tony is pleading for himself, and admits responsibility for the car crash.  It was a hit and run, where one of the building security guards was killed, also.  Tony says that he is responsible for those death, in a seeming moment of repentance, leading Satan to say “damn”!  The power is restored, Satan leaves, and Tony is left alive after having repented for his sins!  


Get ready for more great films and features!  September will wind down with Legend of the Guardians:  The Owls of Ga’Hoole!  Movies to highlight October include Chain Letter, The Company Men, Let Me In, Red, and Secretariat.  Other features to anticipate are The Chronicles of Narnia:  Voyage of the Dawn TreaderFor Colored Girls, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows:  Part One, Little FockersMegamind, RedSkyline, and Tron:  Legacy!         


A lil’ late night, relaxing recall…..



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