Prejudice Producing Unecessary Problems

September 30, 2010 at 2:42 PM (Uncategorized)

It is unfortunate to hear about what is happening, recently, with groups of young United States citizens whom were attempting to brighten their futures.  I believe the first thing that needs to be kept in mind is that these were young adults, students, trying to improve themselves through the acquisition of higher education.  Yet, due to the expression and the highlighting of the lower aspects of our society, these students’ efforts were taken to terrible terminations.

Rutgers University is where a recent suicide occurred,  dealing with the unpermitted exposure of a sexual encounter between homosexual students.  A student named Tyler Clementi, 18, chose to commit suicide by leaping off of a bridge, and into a frigid, rapidly flowing river.  Clementi took himself to this extreme after learning that what he believed to be a private time with himself and another male was being broadcast, live, over The Internet.  Eighteen year-old Clementi chose to jump into the Hudson River, leaping from New York’s George Washington Bridge, where he drowned.

Clementi’s roommate, eighteen year-old Dharun Ravi, along with his accomplice, eighteen year-old Molly Wei, were taping him, secretly, as they hid in the dormroom closet.  As the aftermath of the taping made it back to Clementi, his likely states of anger, confusion, embarrassment, and possible shame lead him to feel as if he had nowhere else to turn.  The shocking situation sent Clementi into a mindset that encouraged him to commit suicide by jumping into icy waters, drowning himself.

The Student Body President at The University of Michigan has been attacked, recently.  His situation is especially interesting  because the raid against him is being lead by a high-post legal figure within Michigan.  Assistant Attorney General, and University of Michigan alumnus, Andrew Shrivell has a blog currently running, with postings aimed to demean this young man.  Chris Armstrong is an openly gay student, and he is under regular fire from Shirvell for what the lawyer is calling Armstrong’s attempts to push “a radical homosexual agenda”.  

Now, after listening to Shrivell on the news, he does not seem to be so straight himself!  I have not been able to determine as to whether or not this is some kind of revenge tactic that Shrivell is taking against Armstrong, possibly for being sexually rejected.  Yet, Shrivell is presenting himself on CNN, and other news programs, with a particularly pansy presentation (I thought that I saw a lil’ nut dripping out of a corner of his mouth….) about how Armstrong does not deserve to be The University of Michigan’s student body president.  Shrivell is saying that Armstrong is pressing what he is calling “a homosexual agenda”

The actual depths behind Shrivell’s attack on Armstrong have not been revealed.  Yet, Armstrong has been on several news programs, and he wrote a letter to CNN, which was read by Anderson Cooper.  Shrivell did not apologize for his antics, and he stated that he is a Christian who is expressing his First Amendment rights!

It is very sad to hear about how these young adults with very bright futures felt that they had no other options than to kill themselves.  Furthermore, it is shameful to know that these situations could have been prevented, easily, with the assistance of concerned and responsible people within their general areas.  It is rediculously disgusting to know that we continue to have allegedly intelligent adults, and elected officials, no less, who are involved in the more atrocious aspects of activities which ultimately boost the lesser settings of our society.  



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