OOOH and Ehh This Halloween Weekend!

October 31, 2010 at 3:39 PM (Uncategorized)

I have been having a busy weekend, not making it to the blogsite like I wanted to do.  Yet, things have been occurring, as usual.  I have come across a few interesting topics that I felt like meowing about.  Oh, and I did get to the movies this past Friday!

One film was very good, and one frankly sucked!  Yet, two is the norm.  The first feature was the emotionally exciting feature, Conviction.  Hilary Swank stars in this film, taking on the lead role of Betty Anne Waters.  She is a poor woman living in Ayer, Massachusetts.  As she lives in a trailer park, Betty has two sons, and is unemployed. 

Betty has chosen to put her life’s work toward saving her brother.  He is Kenneth (Kenny) Waters, currently incarcerated for life.  Kenny was convicted for the crime of murdering a neighbor during a 1983 robbery in their trailer park.  While jailed, several efforts to save Kenny were made, yet each attempt was denied.  Desperate to save her brother, Betty chose to take the steps toward becoming a lawyer.

Betty spent twelve years of her life in school, first attaining her G.E.D., then progressing into college.  She was able to succeed with acquiring a degree in educati0n, allowing her to apply to law school.  Betty did enter the school, where she was able to attain a law degree.  As she had the necessary tools, Betty proceeded to work toward the legal salvation of her brother.

The legal case placed Betty in the position to challenge the DNA evidence that allegedly proved Kenny’s guilt.  Yet, along with the assistance of a group called The Innocence Project, which worked toward freeing wrongfully incarcerated prisoners, Betty worked toward providing evidence that eventually showed how Kenny was innocent.  It was an eighteen year-long effort, yet it was March of 2001 tat Kenneth Waters was set free due to the dedicated efforts of a loving sister.

However, despite all of Betty Anne Waters’ love and devotion, Kenny continued showing bad sides that questioned his original state of innocence.  He was known regularly for starting fights and getting into random altercations. Kenny was unable to walk a straight path after being freed from jail, eventually leading him to a point of regular drunkenness.  It was one fall evening when Kenny was loitering atop a high wall that he fell from it, fifteen feet to the ground.  Kenny landed on his head, and he died from the injuries.  Yet, his estate won a lawsuit against the system that charged him initially, gaining a $3.4 million settlement.


Our second film was Paranormal Activity 2!  This is the sequel film about the alleged truth behind stories of people experiencing and suffering from the things that go bump in the night!  Katie, from the original story, has a sister named Kristi (Sprague Grayden) who lives in suburban Los Angeles.  She is married to Daniel (Brian Boland).  She has a newborn son, and he has a teen daughter from his first marriage.

While getting acquainted with their home, the family starts having weird experiences.  One evening, after getting home late, the couple finds that their houe has been toilet-papered and ravaged, although nohing was stolen.  They choose to have an alarm system installed, complete with cameras, yet the nighttime bumps and bangs continue.  Kristi and Daniel have an Hispanic housekeeper who believes that the h0use is haunted, and they are slow to take her word!

Kristi meets with female friends, and they discuss the idea of a haunting.  The notion is not taken seriously by Daniel, but further unexplained activities continue!  Noises increase, physical sensations occur, so Kristie and Daniel choose to have cameras installed.  As well, Katie and boyfriend Micah come by to visit.  The idea of a possible haunting is brought forth, yet the men do not believe it.  However, noises increase, objects move without being touched, and spirits seem to get angrier.  All comes to a terrifying pinnacle when the idea of shady, past activities done by Daniel and Kristi is brought forth as a possible reason behind the anger of spirits now haunting them!

Paranormal Activity 2

I am excited because two highly-anticipated films premiere this coming Friday.  For Colored Girls, a Tyler Perry film featuring an all-star cast, opens!  Also, the hilarious, alien-lead animation Megamind, with Will Ferrell as the lead voice, starts! 

November has a full bag of feature films to see!  This month will include Burlesque, Faster, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows:  Part OneMorning GloryThe Next Three Days, Skyline, Tangled, and Unstoppable!  That will be a full load to accompany plans entering the holiday season!  Happy Halloween!

Check out these mood-setting songs:



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Save the Tiger!

October 25, 2010 at 10:01 PM (Uncategorized)

Okay;  NOT okay!!!  This topic has produced a number of sentiments within me, none of them being pleasing!  I took a break from some studies to view various Internet sites, and I stopped at a news page.  I had to pause immediately, when I got to the article about the extinction of the tiger.

I do know that the tiger is one of the most endangered animals on the planet.  It is the largest and one of the most beautiful of all big cats.  Tigers are indigenous to Asia, being found in mostly all of the climatic habitats of the continent.  I understood that this animal is extremely endangered, yet a reading of an e-article brought me to face the frightening fact that this fabulous feline is likely to be gone within twenty years.  Gone!!!

Researchers and wildlife experts have been doing desparate studies, attempting to keep up with the current status of the tiger.  Horrifying results have lead them to conclude that this amazing animal will not survive into the middle of this century.  It is not just that the tiger is projected to be extinct by 2050, the cat may be extinct within the next twelve years!

Current investigators of wildlife estimate that there are slightly more than 3,000 tigers left.  These animals are native to Asia, living in the eastern and southern areas of the continent, with a concentration of them in Siberia.  This is where the largest feline, the Siberian tiger, lives.  The Bengal tiger, one of the most famous of cats, is indigenous to India.

An apex predator, the tiger is known for being able to take down some of the largest of animals.  Tigers have no problems with attacking, then feeding upon buffaloes or rhinoceroses.  They can eat the enormous pythons that slither within nearby rivers.  They can snack upon elephants that may stray too far from the herd.  If the ill-fated human wanders too far away from the group, and into the jungle…..BEWARE!!! 

Yet, despite the fascinating spectacle of it’s hunting capacity, the tiger can not survive humanity.  WE will be the cause of the elimination of this awesome animal from the planet!  Our sadistic need to hunt these animals for their fur, and as trophies, along with our having destroyed the majority of their habitat, will be the major causes leading to the tiger’s extinction.  World Wildlife Fund has given estimates, showing that the tiger has had a ninety-seven percent population decline over the past one hundred years.  It will take a drastic motion in efforts to salvage this animal, lest it is erased ultimately within the next two decades.




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See You in2013!

October 20, 2010 at 12:00 AM (Uncategorized)

I have made it back to the blog, although it’s been a minute.  I have been calling myself trying to hann’l some bizness, but…..  anyhow.  I’m here!  I’m here!

Before I get into any other information, I have to post some of the latest 2012 details (I feel so obliged…..).  Reading one online posting gave a release about how the so-called approaching year of apocolypse has been postponed!  Heavens to megatroid!

Some of the people whom have been so into the “facts” behind the Mayan predictions are saying that the original reading of the ancient calendar may have been wrong.  Apparently, the people whom initially converted the readings of the Mayan datings were off in their calculations.  What is/was supposed to occur around the end of 2012 actually may be predicted to happen at a much later time.  The updated readings state that the Mayan prophecies of planetary plunder could have been misread by fifty to one hundred years!

Initial researchers and scientists whom read the ancient charts came to the conclusion that devastation would be delivered to our Earth on December 21, 2012.  Yet, research done by Professor Gerardo Aldana of The University of California states that translations of the original Mayan calendar could have been misread.  There could be a fifty to one hundred year difference in what is being stated, and what the Mayans actually predicted about the supposedly coming global calamity!

Granted, that does say that it still will happen, so they say.  Yet, most adults alive right now likely will not be around to face any of that kind of disaster.  It might affect our kids, but who really cares?  We are still chopping down all of the trees, burning all of the fossil fuels, killing all of the other species, and pissing in the oceans at will.  Let’s party while we can, and like we know how!

small 3d earth gif purple

SEE THESE SITES!!!–?ref_w=frontdoors&view=today&.intl=us&.lang=en–?ref_w=frontdoors&view=today&.intl=us&.lang=en012-is-crap-and-nothing-will-happen/c11d77f70e14c8b01ec3c11d77f70e14c8b01ec3-289412023055?q=nothing%20will%20happen%20in%202012&FORM=VIRE2


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Studying The Expansive Solar System

October 4, 2010 at 9:54 PM (Uncategorized)

I have the fortune of taking an astronomy course this semester, which is boosting my intrigue for all that is being learned about our known universe.  Right now, I have my television on The History Channel.  I am watching a program that I likely have viewed before, yet not in it’s entirety.

Actually, I am sure that I have seen the program before.  Yet, it is very interesting.  I am learning/understanding more details of the program, having seen it already, and having researched information on the topic while online.  The show is The Universe, and this particular episode is “Cosmic Collisions”.

It is delving into the identification of random chuncks of rock, ice, asteroids, and meteors that are hurtling through space.  Many of these items are speeding through our solar system, as some of them have made collisions with our planets, and others may impact one of us at some later point.

Astronomers are spending significant amounts of time, studying these objects.  There is a significant study of The Kuiper Belt, the area of rouge asteroids, along with chunks of ice and rock, that exist beyond Pluto.  Scientists are speculating that The Kuiper Belt is a major source of breakaway asteroids that wind up zooming through the solar system, then slamming into one of the planets.

I did some reading, earlier, about the recently-discovered, distant objects, that are being labeled as Plutoids.  These items orbit our Sun, yet at an extreme distance that is beyond the now-dismissed planet.  Apparently, there are several of these chunks of ice and rock which are significantly large enough to have gained actual designations.

Along with Pluto, several other celestial objects within our solar system that exist beyond the former ninth planet have been named.  Many of them are being called Plutoids, or Trans-Neptunian Objects.  These include Ceres, Eris, HaumeaQuaoarSedna, and MakemakeThe International Astonomical Union has been working diligently to identify these items that still are orbiting The Sun, yet at such extreme distances.

Once again, I am fascinated by all that is being discovered and identified within our known universe.  Our solar system alone has so much to be studied, and so much that seems yet to be recognized.  I am listening, hearing that Haumea is under speculation as being a mere asteroid, instead of an actual Kuiper Belt Object – Plutoid, or whatever it has been labeled at the moment.

The program is interesting.  Yet, each time that it is on, I get wrapped up with the computer.  I think that it will be on again, later, so I will record it…..


asteroid.gif (49781 bytes)   File:Classical Kepler orbit e0.6 light.gif

asteroid.gif (49781 bytes)



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Some Good Picks From the Pack!

October 2, 2010 at 1:08 AM (Uncategorized)

It is Friday, it was Friday, and the same-old goes…  I did get to the theater, seeing films that actually were pretty decent.  Had I been in a better mindset, I probably could have gotten more out of them.  No matter; I did see the movies.

The especially delightful Renee Zellwegger highlighted the first feature in her lead role as Emily Jenkins.  The story of Case 39 dealt with an effort to save a young girl from an abusive household.  Jenkins is a social worker whom has been called to investigate the situation dealing with ten year-old Lillith Sullivan (Jodelle Ferland).  There have been reports of Lillith being abused at home, and Jenkins is getting details to find out whether or not the child needs to be removed from the home.

It is in front of Jenkins where Lillith’s parents actually attack her!  Jenkins gets legal assistance, having the child removed from that home.  Lillith goes to a boarding shelter, but her seemingly growing and affectionate bond with Jenkins allows the girl to move in with the case worker. 

After Lillith is in Jenkins’ home, weird things begin to occur.  An outside murder happens that has a strange link to Lillith.  Emily has the girl taken to see a psychiatrist, and during the session, Lillith makes strange threats.  It is later that night, when the psychiatrist is at home, that he is attacked by wasps that emerge from his body!  He runs to his bathroom, and he kills himself!

Now that Lillith is living with Jenkins, the psychiatrist is frightened!  She interviews Lillith’s parents, and they tell her that the girl is demonically possessed.  Her dad tells Jenkins that she must kill Lillith while the girl is asleep.  Jenkins sedates the girl, and sets the house on fire when Lillith falls asleep.  Lillith does escape the burning building.

Jenkins is with Lillith as police arrive.  The officers lead, as Jenkins drives behind, to the station.  Yet, Jenkins suddenly drives off, and onto a different path, escaping the policemen.  It is on an impulse that Jenkins drives the car off of a cliff! 

The car plunges into a lake.  Lillith now has transformed into an evil entity, and Jenkins tries to lock her in the car’s trunk.  As she tries swimming to the surface, Lillith gets free of the trunk, and she grabs hold of Jenkins.  The girl remains partially in the trunk, and Jenkins is able to kick herself loose.  She is able to swim to the top of the lake as the car submerges, with Lillith still inside!

We entered The Town, second.  Ben Affleck was surprisingly good, starring as Doug MacRay.  He is a working-class citizen from Charleston, an area of Boston.  Charleston is known for it’s elevated level of criminal activity.  It is this level of action that Doug has learned from his own father, and he enhances through actions with neighborhood pals.

Doug becomes the ring leader of his band of thugs.  They have been successful with pulling of a series of bank robberies.  Doug gets to where he wants to do one last robbery to get all of the money that he needs in order to leave town for good.  However,  his cohorts do not want Doug to get out of the gang with such seeming ease.  His close friend and criminal cohort Jem (Jeremy Renner) feels personally offended by Doug’s attempts to leave.

It is during a final bank heist where Doug gets involved with a victim.  The bank manager is a young lady named Claire (Rebecca Hall), and Doug ends up kidnapping her after the bank robbery.  Realizing that she actually is one of his neighbors, Doug releases Claire.  However, he continues seeing her, thus falling in love with her.

  Doug’s father is jailed, and Doug goes to visit him.  While there, Doug tells him that he is planning to leave town.  The dad, however, presents another heist for Doug to attempt, saying that he will kill his son’s lady-friend if he does not follow through.    

This leads to Doug and his dad going to Fenway Park, disguised as policemen with their band of bandits.   They are successful with stealing hundreds of hidden funds, yet their efforts were tipped off to The F.B.I..  The father sees officers outside, and he starts shooting.  As he is killed, Doug is able to escape with some of the other men.  Some of them are killed, but Doug gets away after stealing a police car!

While he is fleeing, Doug calls his Claire, trying to get her to leave with him.  However, she is being held at her home by The F.B.I., who secretly are instructing Claire to lure Doug to them.  Claire uses undercover words to let Doug know that she is in custody, so he hides a bag of money for her to find, then he exits town.


Let Me In, The Social Network, and Waiting For Superman premiered this week, too!  I am interested in seeing these films.  Also, two other possibly interesting movies, Douchebag and Freakonomics, started this week.  I will get around to those, at some point.

As always, many good movies are on the way!  I have The Company Men, ConvictionMy Soul to Take, Red, and Stone on the immediate to-see list.  Other must-watch features on the way include The Chronicles of Narnia:  Voyage of the Dawn Treader, Due DateFaster, For Colored Girls, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows,  I Love You Phillip Morris, Megamind, Skyline, The Tempest, Transformers:  Dark of the Moon, and Unstoppable

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