Save the Tiger!

October 25, 2010 at 10:01 PM (Uncategorized)

Okay;  NOT okay!!!  This topic has produced a number of sentiments within me, none of them being pleasing!  I took a break from some studies to view various Internet sites, and I stopped at a news page.  I had to pause immediately, when I got to the article about the extinction of the tiger.

I do know that the tiger is one of the most endangered animals on the planet.  It is the largest and one of the most beautiful of all big cats.  Tigers are indigenous to Asia, being found in mostly all of the climatic habitats of the continent.  I understood that this animal is extremely endangered, yet a reading of an e-article brought me to face the frightening fact that this fabulous feline is likely to be gone within twenty years.  Gone!!!

Researchers and wildlife experts have been doing desparate studies, attempting to keep up with the current status of the tiger.  Horrifying results have lead them to conclude that this amazing animal will not survive into the middle of this century.  It is not just that the tiger is projected to be extinct by 2050, the cat may be extinct within the next twelve years!

Current investigators of wildlife estimate that there are slightly more than 3,000 tigers left.  These animals are native to Asia, living in the eastern and southern areas of the continent, with a concentration of them in Siberia.  This is where the largest feline, the Siberian tiger, lives.  The Bengal tiger, one of the most famous of cats, is indigenous to India.

An apex predator, the tiger is known for being able to take down some of the largest of animals.  Tigers have no problems with attacking, then feeding upon buffaloes or rhinoceroses.  They can eat the enormous pythons that slither within nearby rivers.  They can snack upon elephants that may stray too far from the herd.  If the ill-fated human wanders too far away from the group, and into the jungle…..BEWARE!!! 

Yet, despite the fascinating spectacle of it’s hunting capacity, the tiger can not survive humanity.  WE will be the cause of the elimination of this awesome animal from the planet!  Our sadistic need to hunt these animals for their fur, and as trophies, along with our having destroyed the majority of their habitat, will be the major causes leading to the tiger’s extinction.  World Wildlife Fund has given estimates, showing that the tiger has had a ninety-seven percent population decline over the past one hundred years.  It will take a drastic motion in efforts to salvage this animal, lest it is erased ultimately within the next two decades.





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