OOOH and Ehh This Halloween Weekend!

October 31, 2010 at 3:39 PM (Uncategorized)

I have been having a busy weekend, not making it to the blogsite like I wanted to do.  Yet, things have been occurring, as usual.  I have come across a few interesting topics that I felt like meowing about.  Oh, and I did get to the movies this past Friday!

One film was very good, and one frankly sucked!  Yet, two is the norm.  The first feature was the emotionally exciting feature, Conviction.  Hilary Swank stars in this film, taking on the lead role of Betty Anne Waters.  She is a poor woman living in Ayer, Massachusetts.  As she lives in a trailer park, Betty has two sons, and is unemployed. 

Betty has chosen to put her life’s work toward saving her brother.  He is Kenneth (Kenny) Waters, currently incarcerated for life.  Kenny was convicted for the crime of murdering a neighbor during a 1983 robbery in their trailer park.  While jailed, several efforts to save Kenny were made, yet each attempt was denied.  Desperate to save her brother, Betty chose to take the steps toward becoming a lawyer.

Betty spent twelve years of her life in school, first attaining her G.E.D., then progressing into college.  She was able to succeed with acquiring a degree in educati0n, allowing her to apply to law school.  Betty did enter the school, where she was able to attain a law degree.  As she had the necessary tools, Betty proceeded to work toward the legal salvation of her brother.

The legal case placed Betty in the position to challenge the DNA evidence that allegedly proved Kenny’s guilt.  Yet, along with the assistance of a group called The Innocence Project, which worked toward freeing wrongfully incarcerated prisoners, Betty worked toward providing evidence that eventually showed how Kenny was innocent.  It was an eighteen year-long effort, yet it was March of 2001 tat Kenneth Waters was set free due to the dedicated efforts of a loving sister.

However, despite all of Betty Anne Waters’ love and devotion, Kenny continued showing bad sides that questioned his original state of innocence.  He was known regularly for starting fights and getting into random altercations. Kenny was unable to walk a straight path after being freed from jail, eventually leading him to a point of regular drunkenness.  It was one fall evening when Kenny was loitering atop a high wall that he fell from it, fifteen feet to the ground.  Kenny landed on his head, and he died from the injuries.  Yet, his estate won a lawsuit against the system that charged him initially, gaining a $3.4 million settlement.


Our second film was Paranormal Activity 2!  This is the sequel film about the alleged truth behind stories of people experiencing and suffering from the things that go bump in the night!  Katie, from the original story, has a sister named Kristi (Sprague Grayden) who lives in suburban Los Angeles.  She is married to Daniel (Brian Boland).  She has a newborn son, and he has a teen daughter from his first marriage.

While getting acquainted with their home, the family starts having weird experiences.  One evening, after getting home late, the couple finds that their houe has been toilet-papered and ravaged, although nohing was stolen.  They choose to have an alarm system installed, complete with cameras, yet the nighttime bumps and bangs continue.  Kristi and Daniel have an Hispanic housekeeper who believes that the h0use is haunted, and they are slow to take her word!

Kristi meets with female friends, and they discuss the idea of a haunting.  The notion is not taken seriously by Daniel, but further unexplained activities continue!  Noises increase, physical sensations occur, so Kristie and Daniel choose to have cameras installed.  As well, Katie and boyfriend Micah come by to visit.  The idea of a possible haunting is brought forth, yet the men do not believe it.  However, noises increase, objects move without being touched, and spirits seem to get angrier.  All comes to a terrifying pinnacle when the idea of shady, past activities done by Daniel and Kristi is brought forth as a possible reason behind the anger of spirits now haunting them!

Paranormal Activity 2

I am excited because two highly-anticipated films premiere this coming Friday.  For Colored Girls, a Tyler Perry film featuring an all-star cast, opens!  Also, the hilarious, alien-lead animation Megamind, with Will Ferrell as the lead voice, starts! 

November has a full bag of feature films to see!  This month will include Burlesque, Faster, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows:  Part OneMorning GloryThe Next Three Days, Skyline, Tangled, and Unstoppable!  That will be a full load to accompany plans entering the holiday season!  Happy Halloween!

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