Superb Acting and Silly Animation!

November 6, 2010 at 12:00 AM (Uncategorized)

The regular Friday evening activity, but this week included eagerly anticipated treats!  I wanted to see both of these movies, and I did find each one to be entertaining.  Albeit the excitement was delivered at very different levels, both films were worthwhile!

The exciting For Colored Girls was the first movie viewed!  The film is taken from the poetic work “for colored girls who have considered suicide/when the rainbow is enough”.  It was written in 1975, followed by a live stage production, and a television movie. 

The film surrounds a group of residents living in an apartment building.   Nine African-American women living in this Harlem residence are shown, with intricate depictions of their life issues.  Each woman is facing, or has faced, an intense experience that has changed the definitions of their lives.

Whoopi Goldberg is Alice (White), the highly religious matron of the Harlem apartment building.  She observes as female residents experience ordeals that redefine their lives while depicting their capacities for surviving through hardships.

Each lady is identified by a color, which gives some level of definition to their live situations.   Janet Jackson is Jo (Red), Thandie Newton is Tangie (Orange), Anika Noni Rose is Yasmine (Yellow), Loretta Devine is Juanita (Green), Kerry Washington is Kelly (Blue), and Tessa Thompson is Nyla (Purple).  Additionally, intense roles are played by Kimberly Elise as Crystal (Brown), along with Phylicia Rashad as Gilda, Macy Gray as Rose, Hill Harper as Donald, and Michael Ealy as Beau Willie.

Alice watches seven women in particular.  Each woman endures different and possibly devastating experiences.  Topics are touched upon that include domestic abuse, drugs, alcoholism, sexual violation, disloyal romantic partners, disease, and the loss of children.  Alice is able to observe the issues of each woman, all while dealing with her own problems that stem from her extreme/possessive devotion to religious beliefs.

Poster art for "For Colored Girls"

We followed this with a lighter setting from the amusing animation, Megamind!  Will Ferrell voices the villainous lead character named Megamind, who is in a state of emotional despair.  His attempts to conquer Metro City all have been failures, and Megamind now has come to the conclusion that he can be a hero. 

Once he finally wins over his arch enemy, the heroic Metro Man (voice of Brad Pitt).  Then, Megamind finds himself depressed.  He choses to change his life, becoming a hero!  Yet, his attempts at justice are trumped suddenly by the emergence of Tighten (voice of Jonah Hill).  At first, he was a good young man.  Then, he felt dejected after Metro Man did not want him as a sidekick.

As Metro Man has disappeared from the public, in a state of depression, Tighten makes his presence known through evil actions throughout Metro City.  Ironically, it is former villain Megamind who has chosen to turn to goodness, bringing Metro Man back.  They find themselves working together to defeat Tighten, and to save Metro City.


Skyline AND Unstoppable open next week!  As one is an exciting science fiction tale about a seemingly undefeatable alien invasion of Earth, the other is an action-packed adventure surrounding two men who chose to try stopping a speeding train that is loaded with bombs!  Both of these movies are on the must-see list!

This year has more excitement on the movie screen before it is over!  Burlesque, Faster, and Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part One open before November ends.  The December films include Black Swan, The Chronicles of Narnia:  Voyage of the Dawn Treader, Little Fockers, Tron:  Legacy, and Yogi Bear.  Several good films are to be seen before 2010 ends!

For the fellas looking to get things back

animated gifs

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