Space Terror and Speeding Trains!

November 13, 2010 at 2:03 AM (Uncategorized)

I can say that I was pleased by our movie picks for the evening.  Sci-fi is kinda my thang, so I was looking forward to seeing the first movie.  The second one encouraged enthusiasm also, having top-notch actors and an exciting story.  Let me get into it….

The anticipation was at peak when we entered Skyline!  The story is set in Los Angeles, with scary, yet spectacularly enormous beams of blue light shooting down from the night sky.  Those whom gazed upon these light beams found their bodies heated internally, as if they were being drained, then they were taken away.

Twelve hours prior, Terry (Donald Faison) got to a luxury condo on his birthday, with his wife waiting for him.  A surprise party is there awaiting him.  It turns out to be a wild celebration that disrupts the confort of the condominium building.  It gets to be 4:27 a.m., as Terry and his best friend Jarrod (Eric Balfour) wind things down.

Suddenly, beams of blue-white light descend from the sky!  The ground begins to shake. A pal, Ray (Neil Hopkins) opens a window, and he is taken away!  Jarrod is pulled next, but Terry grabs him.  Jarrod goes into a hypnotic state with his skin damaged, yet he recovers.  Terry attempts locking the window as they see the blue lights beaming to the ground.

Jarrod gets a telescope, and he sees people atop a roof.  Terry has grabbed hold of a gun.  They are vigilant through the night, with their girlfriends beside them.  Finally, daylight arrives, and they go out to investigate.  Reaching the rooftop, they see more streams of blue light descending from the sky.  Suddenly, gigantic alien ships emerge from behind the lights, and bodies are sucked into them!

Jarrod and Terry rush inside, as one of their girlfriends is sucked out!  They manage to save her, yet her skin is charred.  Inside, they view a taping that showed people being pulled into the sky after viewing the blue light.

Terry proceeds to a friend’s apartment while carrying a gun.  The friend is not there, but Terry has to hide with an elderly neighbor as an alien scout ship is approaching.  A tentacled, alien machine emerges, and it gets into their apartment complex.  Terry shoots at it as an elderly neighbor is abducted.  He runs, telling the others what happened, as they all see that L.A. now is covered by hovering spacecraft!

Jarrod and Terry leave the apartment, looking to find answers and safety.  Terry tries driving out of the complex, yet his car is stomped by a giant alien leg!  He manages to escape, yet he is captured by giant tentacles!  The others try to escape in cars, yet they are met by tentacled alien beings!   One person tries to run from the complex, yet he is caught by the head and decapitated!

The group runs outside, as other people see them.  Alien tentacles are snatching people, and they are shown fully as gigantic alien quadrupeds with enormous, glowing blue eyes!  The surrounding city is shown as covered by massive spaceships, so the group choses to hide inside.

Time passes, and all seems quiet.  The group then sees that tentacled creatures are attacking outside, as people are fighting back.  Other forms of the aliens appear.

The next day arrives, as Terry notices that he has blemishes over his body.  Jarrod wants to go outside, yet the group does not like that idea.  They see military jets flying in, attacking, as alien drone ships emerge.  Some stealth bombers have minimal success before the alien ships destroy them! 

An alien mother ship self-destructs, taking a large part of L.A. with it!  The remains crash, and aliens emerge for battle.  Terry is ready to flee, but the others discuss whether ornot to assist the military with battle.  Terry seems to be transforming, and the others do not know whether or not they can trust him.

A female in the group is beginning to change, also.  She leaves the complex, and she is taken by the aliens.  More fighting between the aliens and the military occurs, as humans are being sucked upward, continuously!  Terry is nearly taken, as he has gone to the roof.  Here, a man is captured, but he gets free with a bomb that kills aliens, and ultimately himself!

Jerry now is fighting aliens, then he and his girlfriend try to run.  Large creatures emerge from the spaceships, yet military fighter jets counter-attack.  All of Los Angeles is ravaged, as the alien mothership moves into a fighting position.  Terry winds up being sucked upward by an alien force, as people are seen inside of the alien ships.  Everything seems to show no signs of hope, as the captured people are being slime-harvested, and more people are being sucked into the sky!

Skyline Movie Poster

Unstoppable was the exciting second film seen!  It began in New Stanton, Pennsylvania, with Will (Chris Pine) leaving home, and heading for work.  He arrives at his job, looking to meet Frank Barnes (Denzel Washington).  A man there named Colson (Dylan Bruce) is having a disagreement with workers.

A train in a suburban Pennsylvania town is boarding school children.  Meanwhile, Will and Frank are prepping their daily train tasks.  They board a train, as it is being tested on the tracks.  Another train is there, out of order and off-track, as it’s conductor tries stopping it.  Yet, a malfunction causes it to switch tracks, speeding ahead.

Frank is at his station, distracted by a phone chat with his daughter. Will is on the tracks,  working, and making minor errors.  The two are somewhat at odds with one another because of uncertainty about who is in charge. 

A train station operator named Connie (Rosario Dawson) learns of the malfunctioning train.  It is speeding toward a train filled with school children.  Connie contacts a supervisor to try getting the loose train stopped.  Yet, as it is in motion, the children’s train is speeding toward it!

As Frank and Will are not aware of what is happening yet, Connie is negotiating-arguing with safety inspectors.  It is made clear that the speeding train is carrying hazardous chemicals, so Connie tries contacting other operators.  The other train that has the children on board will collide with the runaway train if nothing is done to stop it!

Will is distracted from work because of family problems.  He has received a restraining order, keeping him from seeing his children.  Meanwhile, Connie is speaking with area police, as attempts at stopping the speeding train have failed.

Frank and Will are arguing about an error that Will made when they are contacted about the speeder heading directly toward them.  The story now is on the local news, and train supervisors are taking frustrations out on Connie.  She tells them that the speeding train is loaded with explosive chemicals, it is a half-mile long, and that it is running on diesel fuel.  Connie recommends derailing the train, yet te supervisors disagree with this plan.

As the chemical train proceeds, Frank tries to get it onto switched tracks.  He is instructed to speed up, reaching a separate track that will avoid a collision.  Yet, supervisors argue, focusing on losing the $100 million loss accompanying the chemicals on the loose speeder, if it derails. 

While Connie continues speaking with officials, firemen and policemen arrive at the designated area.  An idea is put into place, using an empty train to block the speeding train.  As well, the idea of having a man placed on top of the speeder by helicopter to get inside of it, stopping it.  That idea has both trains connecting, possibly slowing the speeder.  It is used, but it fails, killing the man that tried to make it work!

Now, Frank is aboard train106, and he contacts Connie.  She tells Frank that the runaway still is loose, barrelling toward them.  Frank calls his daughter to tell her that he loves her, then he coordinates with Will.   The two men narrowly pass the speeding train, yet it snags their train’s caboose. 

Frank and Will come up with another idea to stop the speeding train. They want to try derailing it carefully, as Connie tells Frank that the speeder is carrying toxic chemicals.  She has trouble getting support from inside officials who see derailing not as a viable option.  Yet, supervisors above Connie do push the idea of derailment.

Frank and Will now have chosen to ignore orders from dispatch. They have Connie helping them from the office, letting them know the exact speed and location of the loose train.  The story of the train now is all across the news, with police actually trying to stop it by boarding it.  Yet, those plans failed, and the train continues speeding through Pennsylvania!

Frank’s young daughters learn of the train story from local news.  At this time, he is receiving messages from the dispatch headquarters, seeming to stall him before he can make actions.  Will makes a daring move to get onto the train that is heading toward Frank.  He gives assisting directions, as his train nears the speeder. 

Efforts are made to connect the trains.  A first attempt fails, and a second attempt did not produce a secured connection.  Will tries physically linking the moving trains, yet he gets stuck between the connection areas of both trains.  He recovers, but he has injured a foot!

Frank and Will now try slowing one train before it reaches an elevated curve over a populated area.  They have managed to slow it to forty-five miles per hour, but a declining slope is causing them to gain speed, again!  Frank and Will use an alternate plan, with Frank trying to detach the links from the speeding cars, manually.

As Will is able to reduce some of the speed, Frank is able to detach some of the cars.  However, a malfunction occurs, causing Will to lose control of the brakes.  It increases speed, reaching a populated area at the elevated curve!

Will strikes release controls that drop heavy pipes from the train.  This lets them navigate through the curve without derailing.  Yet, the train has picked up more speed!  Will is able to jump into the engine cab, reaching the controls.  He finally is able to slow the train, averting any manner of destructive or deadly accident!

Poster art for "Unstoppable"

Yes!  Monsters is supposed to open, and we return to Hogwarts next week!  The first film of the final book of the Harry Potter series opens next Friday!  Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows – Part One, promises to be very entertaining!  We have watched Harry and the Hogwarts group grow, and their story is coming to an exciting, two-part conclusion!             

2010 is winding down.  Trailers for movies to conclude the year, and those proceeding into 2011 are being posted now!  Look forward to seeing exciting films that include Big Mommas:  Like Father, Like Son,  Black Swan, The Chronicles of Narnia:  Voyage of the Dawn Treader, Little Fockers, Men in Black III, Pirates of the Caribbean:  On Stranger TidesSanctum, Tron:  Legacy, and X-Men:  First Class!

Animated Gifs of Movies   Animated Gifs of Movies   Animated Gifs of Movies

Don’t Stop This!!!



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