These Two For the Show Were Good to Go!

November 27, 2010 at 1:43 AM (Uncategorized)

This was a very entertaining, after Thanksgiving, treat at the theater!  Two films, as the norm, were seen.  I can say that I was pleased with both of them!

We started out with the much-anticipated Burlesque!  I knew that Christina Aguilera could sing, I knew she was hot, but she did it, here!  She stars as Ali, a young lady from rural Iowa who is looking for a better lead in life.  Ali knows that she has talent, but she feels that she will get nowhere while remaining in her hometown.  So, she packs her things, and catches a bus out to Los Angeles.

It is in the city of angels that Ali takes up residence.  She begins working at an older bar that features burlesque dancers.  It has a reputation for being a lead for young ladies becoming dazzling dancers, and it is run by the famous performer, Tess (Cher).  Ali is a waitress/barhop, but seeing the dancers encourages her to follow through with her desire. 

Ali makes efforts to show Tess that she has what it takes to be a part of the program.  She finds herself encountering other dancers who get rather catty with her because they see that Tess is pretty, and they have heard that she has talent.  However, she finds a friendly face through Georgia (Julianne Hough), who takes Ali under her wing, showing her some of the introductory ropes.   

Ali finds the lead dancer named Nikki (Kristen Bell) as something of a nemesis.  Nikki has clawed her way to a top spot in the club, wanting none of the other dancers to stand in her way.  However, Ali gains support in the bartender, Jack  (Cam Digandent), who wants to be a musician.  It is one evening when the lead performer does not show that Ali gets a break, filling in through the helpful suggestion of the bar owner, Sean (Stanley Tucci).

Ali performs impromptu, and she blows the house down!  She gains a friend through a fellow performer, Georgia (Julianne Hough).  As well, Tess is delighted thoroughly by Ali’s presentation, opting to place the songstress-to-be in her show!  Nikki is somewhat scorned, yet she and all of the dancers find themselves pulling together behind Tess, as the bar is in trouble of being bought out by an imposing businessman!

Poster art for "Burlesque"

We entered Faster, second!  Rock-daddy Dwayne Johnson leads the film, starring as Driver.  He is released from jail after serving a ten-year sentence.  He was jailed for this length of time because he and his brother made a failed attempt to rob a bank. Driver was arrested, with his brother being killed by an on-duty officer, and a hitman who happened to be involved with the shady activity.

Upon release, Driver makes a beeline for the men whom killed his brother.  Yet, a policeman (Billy Bob Thornton) and a rouge killer (Oliver Jackson-Cohen), are out to stop him.  Driver initially has trouble finding out just who was responsible for the death of his sibling.  He is able to eliminate one man, yet the cop and the killer are hot on Driver’s trail.  He does continue with the killings of several other involed men.  Yet, each episode places the chasers hot behind Driver!

The killer is eager to confront Driver because he feels that he finally has found a worthwhile nemesis.  After Driver finds and eliminates each person involved in the death of his brother, he learns that he has not gotten to every killer.  He successfully avoids the cop and the killer.  Yet, each time that they miss Driver, the killer becomes more anxious to get hold of him, and to kill him to satisfy his sadistic pleasures!  

 Faster Poster

2010 is not finished!  Natalie Portman has a hot role ready in Black Swan, opening December 3!  December 10 will bring a triple treat of excitement, as The Chronicles of Narnia:  Voyage of the Dawn Treader, The Fighter, and The Tourist all open that day!  The rest of the month includes How Do You Know, Little Fockers, Tron Legacy, True Grit, and Yogi Bear!  Hottie Berry has a film ready for 2011, Frankie and AliceLet’s go to the movies!!!



Christina was hot with song and dance!!!

See this site!!!




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