The Pride Grows!!!!

December 31, 2010 at 4:57 PM (Uncategorized)

We got some babies!  We got some babies!  HA!!!  After the very depressing year, or so, of  losing two of our beloved animals, we decided that we were not finished with the pet odyssey.  We had to have our calico, Tucker, put-down within the past two years.  As well, the recent loss of our Egyptian Mau, Percival, was stunning and heart-wrenching.  However, the majority of my household already had decided that another pet would be in our immediate future.

Perhaps it was a reflex action in order to avoid the sulking behind losing Percy.  Perhaps it was the simple need to have a multitude of meowers in our home.  Whatever the underlying cause, we did choose to visit a local shelter to adopt a new cat.

Well, one cat did turn into two cats!  We got there, initially having what we thought to be the cat we wanted ready to go home.  Yet, there was some mix up with the paperwork, some confusion about the cat’s eligibility to be adopted, and some other hullaballoo.  After having dealt with the shelter for the past few days, we were ready to take home a pet, and be finished with all of the drama.  The cat that we thought we would get at first did not turn out to be ready for adoption.  However, our time there allowed our emotions (greed?) for having a new cat get the better of us, and we decided to choose another cat.

Then, we heard that there was a “Holiday Special” going on for people planning to adopt pets (the shelter was trying to clean house….).  Two cats could be taken home for the price of one!  Well, we could not turn THAT down…

We did spend some time in the feline area of the shelter, visiting with the available cats.  Several of them were ready to leave that place, ready to enter new and loving homes.  I did see several adorable cats and kittens that I would not have minded taking home.  However, I/we did keep in mind that we care for two cats already.  We have been the guardians of four felines before, so we opted to pick out two shelter cats to return to our status of four.

…and what a delight they are!  Both are less than two years old.  Both are tabby-mixes.  One is white-furred, with orange blur-areas, here and there, throughout her fur (it’s actually very pretty…).  The other one, the little boy, is mainly orange-tabby.  They nearly look as if they could be Cicelia’s kittens.  One is a male named Bruno, and the other is a female named Giselle.

Right now, we have them isolated.  They need to adapt to the new setting.  We do not want to impose the new presence on Cicelia and Kitty Bear, especially not at night (we could wake up to find little stiff fur balls, with Celia and Bear off-in a corner, laughing….).  It is likely that I willl go into the room where have them kept so that I can do some bonding and nurturing.  They are VERY cute!








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Teena Marie 1956-2010

December 27, 2010 at 6:10 PM (Uncategorized)

This Christmas is NOT going to go down as one of the best on record!  It has been a MOST depressing of holidays.  While dealing with my own down-settings, I am remembering that the world still revolves.  One item brought around this time was the information about the loss of Teena Marie!

I heard about her passing while watching this morning’s news.  Lady T is one of my favorite soul singers, and I will continue cherishing her sound.  I got into Marie’s music during my late teen years, during the time of initial self-discovery.  Her sensuously seductive sound did provide for several mood settings.  Also, I did love to hear the sound of her very powerful voice!

I remember her being something of a sidekick/lover to the very unique character, THE superfreak, Rick James.  I do not know that they were lovers, but their sounds in unison did create something of a perfect combination.  As well, Teena Marie stood out because she was not a Black lady, yet she had a VERY powerful soul sound!

Although primarily a hit during the 70’s and 80’s, Teena Marie did have a lasting sound.  Her music has been well-received througout rhythm and blues broadcasts across the nation.  It is unlikely that her sound will disappear at anytime soon.  Due to her unfortunate and recent loss, it is likely that Teena Marie’s sound will make some resurgence, at least if only in honor of her!

Teena Marie passed away yesterday, while sleeping.  It was unfortunate that her daughter found her in bed, already dead, at  their Pasadena, California home.  She was 54 years old.


                                     Hear some Lady T here, here, and here!!!



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Calming and Cooling on the Computer

December 24, 2010 at 1:23 AM (Uncategorized)

Alright.  I am more or less calm and collected, right now.  It is late in the evening, usually when I am watching the late night talk shows.  Let me flip to see what Leno and Letterman are yacking about.  Letterman usually has me laughing, so I will leave it here, for now.

Anyway.  We went to look at some Christmas lights in an area of town that usually is known for having fantastic displays.  We got there, seeing the nice homes with their exteriors adorned with such holiday spirit.  Some of the homes were really nice.   Yet, some were not all that exciting at all, not showing that much holiday spirit.  As well, Christmas is not the choice holiday for everyone, as some homes had no decor, whatsoever!

I am watching/listening to Letterman behind me, while browsing the web.  One of the Top Ten cracked on someone’s bearded grandma looking like Santa Claus.  Momentarily amusing….

As well, I still am online, browsing through sites that are giving details about the latest research on space observations.  Currently, the count of planets that exist beyond our solar system is at 500.  However, NONE of them is like Earth!  BOO!!! 

Well, I should not have that attitude.  It is not like I am the one doing all of the work to find these worlds.  Also, based on the information provided about the research, finding any of the smaller exoplanets that might resemble Earth can be difficult.   The astronomers can not detect the planets directly, having to observe the wobbles of stars.  When worlds are orbiting their stars, the force of gravity shows through a detectable force-pull, a wobble, on the stars. 

The Planet Quest site from the Jet Propulsion Laboratory at NASA has given a tally of exoplanets that have been discovered.  The current count is at 500.  Yet, they stress that NONE of them is similar to Earth!  Astronomers and reporters are stressing that the term Super Earth, which has been used to describe some exoplanets, has nothing to do with them having similarities to our Earth.  They merely are describing the planets’ masses, as some astronomers are pushing the use of the term ‘gas dwarf’, instead.

Also, an interesting aside was viewed, regarding elephants.  Researchers from Harvard University, University of Illinois, and The University of York have revealed some interesting, new details about the massive mammals.  Studies have shown that there actually are two species of elephants living in AfricaInteresting!  One is being referred to as the savannah elephant, which is larger, usually weighing an average of six or seven tons, and is almost twelve feet tall.  The other is the forest elephant, which weighs a mere (?) three or four tons, and only stands at eight or nine feet high.  Again, both of these are African elephants, different from Asian elephants.

Alright.   Let me wind down.  Some woman just sang her ass off on Letterman!  She had a Christmas carol going, and sustah blew the house down!  I was so busy typing that I was nearly snatched by the sound, having to turn around to get a look at her!  You go…..

 Animated Gif Christmas (107)



xmasln7.gif (4815 bytes)






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Unexpected Sadness Today

December 22, 2010 at 10:07 PM (Uncategorized)

I was not going to discuss it, but I figure that I need to go ahead and do so.  I am experiencing pain, yet I have fallen into a point of numbness, right now.  I may stay this way, yet I may become emotional later this evening.

I lost one of my kids today.  Those whom are familiar with me know that I refer to my cats as my children.  My boy, the Egyptian Mau that I named Sudi Percival, had to be euthanized, suddenly, and extremely unexpectedly.

Percy seemed to be unusually lethargic during the past week.  He is/was the youngest of our cats, and he was consistent with displaying that trait.  Percy always was playing, always running around, jumping at my feet while in bed, and regularly pestering his big sister, Cicelia.  Yet, it all was in fun, as I loved watching him play, and Celia would groom him regularly, knowing that he was considered as her little brother.

It likely was over the past week when Percy seemed to be acting unusually.  My mother noticed that he was not as active as he normally behaves.  She saw that he was not always up and awake in the mornings, immediately ready to be fed.  I did notice that Percy was not so playful, or active, like normally.  I was suggesting that we take him for a check up.  Yet, it was today that Mom noticed how Percy seemed nearly numb.  So, when I got home, we took him to our vet.

We have taken our pets to this same veterinary office over the past decade.  They are very professional, and they are very nice to their clients.  They seem to be true pet lovers, not just animal doctors looking for paychecks.  We have had prior pets treated by them, medicated by them, and our pets will continue being serviced by them.  We even have had prior beloved pets put down by this office.

Our veterinarian examined Percy, thoroughly.  He took some tests, and he reviewed them.  It was after around thirty minutes of reviewing the cat and the x-rays that the veterinarian returned with the bad news.   Percy had contracted some level of feline lukemia, and it was spreading within him, quickly.  There is no cure for this illness.  Our options were to wait how many ever days for him to die, while he suffered, or to have him euthanized, today.

I was numb already, after having been active for a while, today.  I really was not ready to hear that about Percy, and certainly, I was not ready to lose the cat.  Yet, it was the best option, rather than having Percy suffering while the illness ate away at him.  So, much to my pain, I relinquished my personal feelings for the more humane option.

Of course, the immediate urge to get another cat is with me.  My mother and I both have been reviewing ads for cats ready for adoption.  I am likely to fly out of here immediately, trying to find another cat.  Yet, I realize that factors need to be taken into concern, including the financial obligation(s), and how our other cats are going to react to this new presence.  I still want another cat.  It is Christmas time, after all….



I love you, Percy…..





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As More and More Are Found, Life Will Abound!

December 21, 2010 at 1:35 AM (Uncategorized)

My interest in the studies of astronomy have been enhanced exponentially, especially after my recent episode with this class that I took.  Now, I am finding myself on The Internet daily, reading about information that is posted about the latest discoveries from outer space.  More and more is being revealed about the increasing number of exoplanets, and these worlds being discovered that are being labeled as Super-Earths.

These worlds that astronomers are discovering, these Super-Earths, are supposed to be startlingly similar to our own homeworld, Earth.  They are larger than our Earth, as much as ten times as massive.  Due to these worlds being like our own, I am supposing that they are composed of the heavier elements, like iron, nickel, silicon, and the like.  Anymore of the lighter elements would combine to make them large, gas giants, like Jupiter and Saturn.

The term Super-Earth was initially fascinating because it seemed as if astronomers had stumbled upon distant worlds that had likely similarities to our Earth.  One might imagine that a “Super” Earth would be some version of our world on steroids!  It might be five to ten times as large, as massive, and it would possess all of the possibilities necessary for the formation of life.  Yet, that is not exactly what astronomers have in mind, when they are labeling these newly-discovered worlds as “Super-Earths”

It was a few years ago when I got acquainted with the term “Super-Earth”.  What really did it mean when astronomers and researchers were using this term?  I am reading that the label is being designated for exoplanets that indeed have the potential to be similar to our world.  However, the initial observations of these planets are showing that they are being called Super Earths only because of their mass. 

These worlds are bigger than our Earth.  They can range up to ten times as massive.   The planet would be heavier, thicker than Earth.  However, it seems that nothing has been found which actually would specify these types of planets as potential harborers of life.  They can exist within any orbital realm around their host stars, and likely be composed of any variety of elements.  I am seeing that these Super Earths simply have to be within 1.9 times to 10 times as massive as Earth.

Every Super Earth discovered, thus far, seems to be in orbit around a star that is like, or is cooler than our Sun.  The Sun is designated as a G-class star, the third-lowest level of temperature designations used to classify main sequence stars.  Super Earths are being discovered around stars that are G, K, and M classifications.

The planet Gliese 581c likely is the Super Earth that has been capturing the most attention.  It was discovered during 2007 as the second planet orbiting the star Gliese 581 (pronounced glee-za), some twenty light years away (which is close, in space terms…).  It is a standout because observations of this planet showed that it could be within a realm that would allow it to maintain a temperature suitable for things to be living on it.  Yet, further studies dismissed that idea, opting to observe it’s neighbor, Gliese 581g.  That world currently seems even more likely to be suitable for life. 

What is more fascinating is that a Super Earth has been identified recently, and it is a mere forty light years away.  It orbit’s it’s host star so closely that it’s surface is not solid, but it is lava.  Studies are showing that it is roughly 2.6 times as massive as Earth, with a possible hazy atmosphere of water-vapor.   Not to be presumptive, but, as far as we know, where there is water…..

The atmosphere of this planet most likely is a steam form of water.  It is being speculated that this vapor may exist within the planet’s atmosphere, shrouding the world in a thick steam-fog, like on Venus, or on Titan.  Reporters whom have gotten hold of this information are calling it a hot Super Earth, and it could be one of several such planets within the galaxy.  Apparently, they form in the outer realms of their solar systems, then work their ways inward until they are at seemingly, unbearably close ranges to their host stars. 

As they reach the positions that are in the immediate reaches of their stars, these hot Super Earths become tidally locked in their orbits.  One side always is facing the star, in daylight, and the other side always is at night.  The day side likely endures a heat beyond reason, while the other side stays drastically frigid.  It is highly unlikely that life resides on such a world because of these extremes, not discounting the unlikely and strange possibility that it exists within some strangely stable nook at the polar regions.

Yet, the seach continues.  The mere fact that these “Super Earths” have been found certainly elevates the chances of finding a planet that just might be surprisingly similar to our actual Earth.  Recall Jodie Foster’s character from Contact, saying that there likely are more stars out there than there are every grain of sand on Earth.  That is a lot of stars!  Even if a fourth of them have planets, and a fourth of that fourth are habitable, then there still is a great potential for life beyond!


artist concept of exoplanet


   SEE THESE SITES!!!,8599,1947868,00.html


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Seductive Drama with Flashback Sci-Fi!

December 18, 2010 at 2:15 AM (Uncategorized)

I was a kid in the 80’s when Tron made it’s first presentation, and I do not think that I picked up on it that much.  I recall Atari video games, Space Invaders, and such.   Yet, I really do not remember all that much about the initial Tron story line.

I suppose that made Tron Legacy interesting, as if picking up on a story for the first time.  It begins with Kevin Flynn (Jeff Bridges) having disappeared for twenty years.  His son, Sam (Garrett Hedlund) has attempted to find his father.  Sam knows that his dad was involved deeply with computer programming, and the creation of a power series of arcade games.  Sam receives a mysterious message from his dad’s former video game arcade, and he chooses to follow it.

He believes that the message came from his lost father.  So, Sam gets the help of fellow adventurer and programmer Quorra (Olivia Wilde) to find his dad.  They travel into the digital realm of Tron, a fantasy world that was created by Sam’s father, Kevin.  Upon entrance into Tron, Quorra and Sam see that the realm has advanced exponentially, with increased technology and imaginatively alluring cyber-scenery.

After exploring Tron, Quorra, and Sam find that it now is run by the original programming, which has taken control and upgraded itself.  The friends are placed in a position where they have to battle the program in it’s own, now realistic presentation of games.  They have to advance through each level of the programming in order to reach the level in which Kevin is trapped. 

The friends successfully advance through the initial rounds of the Tron program.  They find that they have to fight further, into a level called CLU, in order to reach Kevin.  Yet, their battles become more difficult, as the Tron program is far more difficult to pass through.  The battle arrangements, techno-weaponry, and the opponents are more advanced, now.  Quorra and Sam are able to advance successfully, yet enduring high danger, as they eventully rescue Kevin! 

  Tron: Legacy poster image

We entered the enchanting story of Black Swan, second!  Young and hopeful ballet dancer Nina Sayers (Natalie Portman) has extreme desires to be a performing star.  She is enrolled in a highly demanding New York City school for ballet dancers.  Her dreams are pressed into levels of desperation as she feels that she must accomplish her goal of being a top-level performer in order to escape the oppressive setting of her home under her mother Erica (Barbara Hershey), who is a former premiere ballerina.

It is in the ballet school where Nina begins an intense regimen of dance practice.  The school’s director is Thomas Leroy (Vincent Cassel), who pushes all of his dancers to perform at and above their highest skill levels.  The dancers all are being prepared for tryouts to acquire positions in the coming performance of Swan Lake.  It is expected that top ballerina Beth Mac Intyre (Winona Ryder) will acquire the role of The Swan Queen, as she has done before.

Nina currently has the role of the white swan, yet she proceeds to practice intensely for her efforts to gain the part of the swan queen, the black swan.  She gets into a point of isolation from her friends and family, while practically starving herself to maintain the proper physique for the show’s premiere ballerina.  Her desire for the role transforms into a maddening, psychotically-enhanced lust, as Nina finds herself doing anything to acquire the part.  Her actions include turning on those who supported her, and even allowing dance director to molest her in an effort to show that she is deserving of the lead role. 

The dance rivalry increases, as both Beth and Nina intensify their dance skills in order to impress Thomas (pronounced To-MAS).  As the tryouts arrive, both girls dance at their top levels.  Nina earns the spot of black swan, which is highly upsetting to Beth.  Yet, a new dancer named Lily (Mila Kunis) arrives, who seems to possess the prowess to overpower both of them. 

Each of the young ladies expands her dance skills to extreme levels.  Thomas seems nearly to play all of them in order to acquire the top dancer, while using them in seeming points of physical and sexual exploitation to get all that he wants out of them due to their desires to gain their wanted roles.  It is Nina who ultimately falls into her inner dark side, allowing the black passion of mood and the role to capture her almost completely, as she strains with desperate seduction to out-perform all of her competitors.

Black Swan poster image

As always, more good movies are on the way!  Next Week will have Little Fockers and True Grit!  After the holidays, January 2011 will open with Nicholas Cage in Season of the Witch.  Following that,  Martin Lawrence has an hilarious picture on the way, the next edition of his Big Momma series!  Big Mommas:  Like Father, Like Son is opening February 18.  That same date will have the release of an exciting thriller, I Am Number Four, as well as the suspenseful story, Unknown


Tron put the idea of speed in mind…..

 More movies on the way:

African Cats, Cars 2, From Prada to Nada, The Green Hornet, Kung Fu Panda 2, Mars Needs Moms, Rango, The RoommateThe Smurfs, Thor


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Narnia: Round Three with Some Hot Jolie!

December 11, 2010 at 2:15 AM (Uncategorized)

Yet another Friday has arrived, with movies that opened this week for which we had been waiting!  One film is set as the trilogy conclusion to a highly successful storyline.  Our second film was a suspenseful adventure featuring two Hollywood hot acts!  Both of the movies were worth the time!

The Chronicles of Narnia:  Voyage of the Dawn Treader was our beginning movie!  The film starts in the World War II era, with Edmund (Skandar Keynes) attempting to enlist in the British army.  He is not accepted, so he unhappily returns home to his sister, Lucy (Georgie Henley).  They live with their Uncle Harold, and their cousin Eustace (Will Poulter), who is not fond of them!  Their older siblings, Peter and Susan, are in The United States.

Edmund and their cousin get into an argument when Lucy suddenly sees a painting that magically releases a flood of water!  They find themselves swimming at sea, as a ship approaches.  Caspian (Ben Barnes), now a king, is aboard, and he rescues them.  The youths see that they are aboard Caspian’s ship, The Dawn Treader, as Eustace faints out of fear and disbelief!

Caspian now is a king.  He returns the weapons of Edmund and Lucy to them, telling them that Narnia is at peace.  They board a boat, and sail to an island.  The group rows ashore.  As Eustace is there, being a rude nuisance, Edmund and Caspian head toward a castle.  Eustace is afraid, remaining behind with Lucy!

They all wind up being attacked, and they are made to surrender.  Edmund and Caspian are taken to a dungeon, where they meet a man who knew Caspian’s father.  A green mist appears outside, as Lucy and Eustace are there with Reepicheep (voice of Simon Pegg).  They are in danger of being attacked, so Eustace runs in fear!  The others proceed in a boat toward a coastline, where they mean to find lost citizens of Narnia. 

Poster for The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader

We followed this fun adventure with the delight of Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie in an adventurous tale, The Tourist!  Leaving Paris, Elise (Jolie) is aboard a train that is headed to Venice.  She takes a seat next to Frank (Depp), speaking with him, and finding that he is on a trip after breaking up with his girlfriend.  Elise decides to build a friendship with Frank, bonding with him because she means to use him as a distraction to keep away lawmen who are after her boyfriend.   

Elise is flirtatious with Frank, pushing him to ask her out to dinner.  They leave together, boarding a train.  An agent is aboard this train, looking for Elise, and taking a photo of Frank.  Frank is identified as Alexander Pierce, as secret agents get information to track him in Venice.  He is with Elise in the Italian canal city, and she has Frank take the role of her husband. 

Both of them check into a hotel.  They are being tracked, as a photo of them is taken as they are kissing.  The two have a room, spend the night, and have breakfast together the next morning.  While eating, guards enter the room, identify Frank as Alexander, chase him, and shoot at him!

Frank escapes, and Elise calls to him.  Officers see both of them, and it is made known that they both are to be captured.  Elise is the priority target.  Frank attempts to run, but he ends up being caught.  He attempts clarifying his situation, yet he winds up being jailed overnight.

Once Frank’s story is cleared, he is released.  Yet, he is not safe because people are after him, identifying him as Alex Pierce.  He is on a boat with an officer, yet Elise gets to the boat, rescuing Frank.  They are followed by police, who are ordered to shoot at them!

They are chased, with agents shooting at them.  They escape, and Elise wants to know why Frank is being hunted.  She learns that he looks like her ex-boyfriend, who was some kind of criminal, and which is why Frank says that he is being chased.  They speak more, then Elise leaves him with a load of money!

Elise boards a boat, headed to a private dock.  There, she reveals herself as an Interpol officer, and that she is ready to turn in Pierce/Frank.  The day passes, and Elise enters an evening ball.  Frank arrives, speaking with Elise, as she wants him to leave.  She reveals that Frank is a part of a plan, and that he is in danger.  Yet, police arrive, punching and arresting Frank!

With a secret key, Elise escapes the ball.  She is followed by officers, who have identified Frank as Alexander Pierce, who owes 744 million dollars.  They also claim that Alexander has had a facelift to change his appearance, yet Frank claims to know nothing of this.  A local officer does arrest Frank, but it is not known at this time that Frank is wanted by Interpol. 

Elise gets to a building where she is arrested.  They interrogate her about Frank, and they believe that she has money with her that is supposed to be held by Frank.  Elise continues to claim that she knows nothing about what is happening. 

Frank gets to a place where he learns that Elise is a secret agent.  She still is caught, and she is at a point where she may or may not be killed.  Elise then gives details about a hidden location where money actually is hidden, which her ex-boyfriend stole from international thieves.

Agents arrive, trying to find out if Frank really is Elise’s ex-boyfriend, Alex.  Guns are drawn, but Interpol officers shoot the men who are aiming at Frank and Elise.  The actual man who they are after, the allegedly real Alex, winds up being caught later.

Frank and Elise leave, bonding, and he tells Elise that he has the combination for a safe where wanted money is hidden.  Frank leads them to this safe, revealing to Elise that he is Alex, who has been evading the police all along.  He had plastic surgery to change his appearance, keeping him undercover, and allowing him to proceed with secretly extreme financial transactions without notice!

    Poster for The Tourist 

Next week, three exciting films will premiere!  Pre-Christmas audiences will be treated to How Do You Know, Tron Legacy, and Yogi Bear!  The rest of the month includes Gulliver’s Travels, Little Fockers, and True Grit!  January 2011 is set to show films that include The Green Hornet, No Strings Attached, The Rite, and Season of the Witch!

movie.gif (6075 bytes)moov.gif (6147 bytes)movie.gif (6075 bytes)

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Ensconsed in Stars Before Bed!

December 10, 2010 at 2:05 AM (Uncategorized)

Somewhere in the midst of my recent madness, I have found the time to continue with exploring my fascinations of the universe.  Some latest adventures have propelled me into late-night searches of websites, where I have found some intriguing details.  This evening, I am studying some of the details about our galaxy.

Recent studies and provided information have lead me to understand that our Milky Way Galaxy is a member of a larger structure, which has been named The Local Group.  This consists of three major galaxies, which include our Milky Way, along with Andromeda Galaxy, and Triangulum Galaxy.  Also, there are around six dwarf galaxies, and some other galactic structures.  The latest counts total no less than forty-five galaxies of The Local Group.

The Milky Way is the second-largest galaxy of The Local Group, behind Andromeda.  It is (we are…) classified as a barred-spiral galaxy.  That means the enormous, swirling structure of stars has a bar-shaped feature at it’s center.  Stars are located inside of this bar, also.  Barred-spirals make up two-thirds of all known spiral galaxies.

Our Milky Way is accompanied by what could be classified as two tag-along galaxies.  They are smaller structures that are labeled as dwarf irregular galaxies.  Called The Magellanic Clouds, they have been entitled Large Magellanic Cloud and Small Magellanic Cloud.  They can be seen from Earth only within the southern hemisphere.

It has been revealed that the Sagittarius Dwarf Elliptical Galaxy is on a collision course with our Milky Way.  It is another galaxy of The Local Group, said to be older than our galaxy.  It’s current path has it set to pass through the core area of our galaxy sometime within the coming one hundred million years (yes, I am waiting, too…).  This is all before our Milky Way ultimately collides with Andromeda.

Many studying scientists are reporting that Sagittarius Dwarf is falling apart, already.  Due to it’s advanced age, some of it already may be in a state of consumption by our Milky Way.  Satellite images are showing that it is being pulled apart by the stronger gravity of our galaxy, during an act of galactic cannibalism, where it will be absorbed within the next one hundred million years!  

  [item image]






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Not Sleepy, Yet….

December 8, 2010 at 1:00 AM (Uncategorized)

Ugh.  I am easing into the holiday season.  Still, there is a little more to do.  Yet, I hope to be at ease, more or less, this time next week. 

Anyhow.  I am taking a breather before bed.  It is too late for me to be focusing on anything, yet I am not exactly sleepy.  I will wander toward the bed, in a moment.  I thought that I would relieve some self-imposed stress through blogging beforehand.

I saw/heard that Elizabeth Edwards died today.  That was pretty sad.  Yet, she was extremely brave.  Hopefully, her actions will bring more awareness to women, and the regular need to be checked for breast cancer.  Reports from The National Cancer Institute say that one in eight U.S. women will deal with that disease in their lifetimes.

Johnny Depp is on Letterman, now.  He is discussing his latest film, The Tourist, opening this Friday, and starring opposite that hot thang!  I am excited about his next presentation as Jack Sparrow in the next Pirates of the Carribean film, On Stranger Tides

Okay.  Now that I have blogged, and I have read this madness, I will find my bed.  Later!




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Song-filled Delight and Suspensful Drama!

December 4, 2010 at 1:50 AM (Uncategorized)

Friday, Friday!  An animated adventure, and a tormenting tale of tension filled this evening’s selections.  These two were good to go!

We began with Tangled 3D!  This recanting of the time-honored classic tale of The Brothers Grimm story of the long-haired young lady was fun in a most-Disney manner!  It tells of a self-centered sorceress named Mother Gothel (voice of Donna Murphy) who yearns to remain young.  She makes a magical flower which gives her this ability.

Centuries later, monarchs from a far-away land whom were expecting a child bare a baby girl.  The queen fell ill during her pregnancy, but she was healed by a magical flower given to her by a transformed Mother Gothel.  The queen gives birth to a baby girl.

The power of the flower was transferred to the baby though her mother.  It is displayed in the girl’s ever-flowing, blonde hair.  Mother Gothel wants to have the power of the baby’s hair because it will keep her forever young.  So, Gothel kidnaps the baby from the castle one night!

She raises the child, who grows into the young lady, Rapunzel (voice of Mandy Moore).  Rapunzel, not knowing who she really is, tells her supposed mother that she wants to explore the world.  However, Gothel tells her that the world is full of danger, not to be explored!

The tiara of the lost princess has been kept safe in the royal palace.  A thief named Flynn Rider (voice of Zachary Levi) gets into the tower where Gothel has Rapunzel held captive.  After arguing and conversing, he agrees to take Rapunzel out to see the stars.  He does so, and she is excited.  Yet, Rapunzel finds herself upset because she disobeyed her supposed mother by leaving the castle.

Upon growing into a young lady, Rapunzel has lengthy blonde locks, which possess the power of youth.  Mother Gothel wants the hair for herself, already having Rapunzel’s magical tiara.  She watches as thieves chase Flynn, planning to him in for the reward money.

Rapunzel and Flynn escape together, and he tells her that he really is a man named Eugene.  She tells him about the power of her hair.  Suddenly, Gothel appears, pleading with Rapunzel to return to her.  Yet, Rapunzel now is excited by the world around her, so Gothel gives the princess her tiara, and warns her about the world. 

Flynn takes Rapunzel out for an evening boating trip.  He sees a set of twins along the shore, and he goes to speak with them.  They claim that they have lost something, yet they really intend to kidnap Rapunzel!  They tell her that Flynn has left her, but they have him tied to a tree, with plans to rob him!

Gothel later encounters the twins, as she is disguised as Rapunzel.  The real Rapunzel has managed to get back to the castle, yet Gothel is there to kidnap her.  Flynn arrives, fights with Gothel, and he is stabbed.  Rapunzel says that she will allow Gothel to take her if the witch heals Flynn, but he says that he would prefer to die before going with the witch!

Flynn cuts Rapunzel’s hair, causing her to become a natural brunette.  This causes the magic power of Gothel to be lost, as she immediately ages.  She leaps from a castle window, trying to catch Rapunzel, but she dissolves before reaching the ground.  Flynn had been stabbed by Gothel, but Rapunzel’s tears heal him.  The couple unite in happiness, as they return together to the castle, informing Rapunzel’s parents that they plan to be married!

   Poster for Tangled 3D

Our second film was the surprisingly gut-wrenching 127 Hours!  What a tale of torment, laced by bravery and suspense!  James Franco plays the part of real-life mountain climber and daredevil explorer Aron Ralston, who goes alone one day on a hiking expedition.  He is in a Utah canyon range, exploring the geological wonders of the region. Yet, he is by himself as he lowers himself by rope into a narrow opening between solid rock walls.

It is while in the thin space that a large boulder falls into it.  He attempts wriggling and pushing on the boulder, yet it is far too heavy for him to move.  He yells and yells, yet time passes, with no signs of being heard, and seemingly all hope of being found lost!

Hours turn into days, as Ralston finds himself hungry, while dealing with onsetting dehydration.  He did have a thermos with water in it, which ran out not long after he was trapped.  Ralston winds up urinating into the thermos, then drinking the urine to have some level of fluid intake!

Ralston does have a video camera with him.  He uses this tool to record a goodbye message to his family, as he is convinced that he will die in the cavern.  As well, he uses a pocket knife to carve the date of his situation into the side of the cave wall.  Yet, the time allows Ralston to have memories of his youth and his loved ones, which provide him with the courage to do something unbearable and unthinkable.  

Ralston realizes that he is trapped in a position that has his right arm caught so that he can not get free from the extreme pressure of the canyon rocks.  He looks at his right arm, which has been injured severely during the fall.  Ralston sees that it is the lower portion of his right arm that is stuck between rocks.

As he has an old and dull pocket knife, Ralston makes the decision to sever his right arm.  He begins to cut at it beneath the elbow, managing to tolerate the intensity of the pain.  After hours, Ralston does cut off the lower section of his right arm, then he manages to pull himself out of the canyon. 

It was seeringly hot as Ralston was injured and walking to find some kind of help.  He encounters a family that is on a vacation trip.  They give him a couple of cookies, and they call to get help.  Hours later, a medical helicopter arrives, flying Ralston to the nearest hospital.  He does survive, and the remaining portion of his arm was salvaged, then given to him!

   127 Hours

 Several great features are set for the oncoming holiday season!  The Chronicles of Narnia:  Voyage of the Dawn Treader had an exciting trailer, as the film is set to open December 10.  That same day will bring the alluring pair of Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie to the cinema, with their feature, The Tourist, along with Christian Bale and Mark Wahlberg in The Fighter!  Other anticipated December features include Little Fockers, Tron:  Legacy, and Yogi Bear!  Jodie Foster and Mel Gibson have The Beaver set to open next year!

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