Song-filled Delight and Suspensful Drama!

December 4, 2010 at 1:50 AM (Uncategorized)

Friday, Friday!  An animated adventure, and a tormenting tale of tension filled this evening’s selections.  These two were good to go!

We began with Tangled 3D!  This recanting of the time-honored classic tale of The Brothers Grimm story of the long-haired young lady was fun in a most-Disney manner!  It tells of a self-centered sorceress named Mother Gothel (voice of Donna Murphy) who yearns to remain young.  She makes a magical flower which gives her this ability.

Centuries later, monarchs from a far-away land whom were expecting a child bare a baby girl.  The queen fell ill during her pregnancy, but she was healed by a magical flower given to her by a transformed Mother Gothel.  The queen gives birth to a baby girl.

The power of the flower was transferred to the baby though her mother.  It is displayed in the girl’s ever-flowing, blonde hair.  Mother Gothel wants to have the power of the baby’s hair because it will keep her forever young.  So, Gothel kidnaps the baby from the castle one night!

She raises the child, who grows into the young lady, Rapunzel (voice of Mandy Moore).  Rapunzel, not knowing who she really is, tells her supposed mother that she wants to explore the world.  However, Gothel tells her that the world is full of danger, not to be explored!

The tiara of the lost princess has been kept safe in the royal palace.  A thief named Flynn Rider (voice of Zachary Levi) gets into the tower where Gothel has Rapunzel held captive.  After arguing and conversing, he agrees to take Rapunzel out to see the stars.  He does so, and she is excited.  Yet, Rapunzel finds herself upset because she disobeyed her supposed mother by leaving the castle.

Upon growing into a young lady, Rapunzel has lengthy blonde locks, which possess the power of youth.  Mother Gothel wants the hair for herself, already having Rapunzel’s magical tiara.  She watches as thieves chase Flynn, planning to him in for the reward money.

Rapunzel and Flynn escape together, and he tells her that he really is a man named Eugene.  She tells him about the power of her hair.  Suddenly, Gothel appears, pleading with Rapunzel to return to her.  Yet, Rapunzel now is excited by the world around her, so Gothel gives the princess her tiara, and warns her about the world. 

Flynn takes Rapunzel out for an evening boating trip.  He sees a set of twins along the shore, and he goes to speak with them.  They claim that they have lost something, yet they really intend to kidnap Rapunzel!  They tell her that Flynn has left her, but they have him tied to a tree, with plans to rob him!

Gothel later encounters the twins, as she is disguised as Rapunzel.  The real Rapunzel has managed to get back to the castle, yet Gothel is there to kidnap her.  Flynn arrives, fights with Gothel, and he is stabbed.  Rapunzel says that she will allow Gothel to take her if the witch heals Flynn, but he says that he would prefer to die before going with the witch!

Flynn cuts Rapunzel’s hair, causing her to become a natural brunette.  This causes the magic power of Gothel to be lost, as she immediately ages.  She leaps from a castle window, trying to catch Rapunzel, but she dissolves before reaching the ground.  Flynn had been stabbed by Gothel, but Rapunzel’s tears heal him.  The couple unite in happiness, as they return together to the castle, informing Rapunzel’s parents that they plan to be married!

   Poster for Tangled 3D

Our second film was the surprisingly gut-wrenching 127 Hours!  What a tale of torment, laced by bravery and suspense!  James Franco plays the part of real-life mountain climber and daredevil explorer Aron Ralston, who goes alone one day on a hiking expedition.  He is in a Utah canyon range, exploring the geological wonders of the region. Yet, he is by himself as he lowers himself by rope into a narrow opening between solid rock walls.

It is while in the thin space that a large boulder falls into it.  He attempts wriggling and pushing on the boulder, yet it is far too heavy for him to move.  He yells and yells, yet time passes, with no signs of being heard, and seemingly all hope of being found lost!

Hours turn into days, as Ralston finds himself hungry, while dealing with onsetting dehydration.  He did have a thermos with water in it, which ran out not long after he was trapped.  Ralston winds up urinating into the thermos, then drinking the urine to have some level of fluid intake!

Ralston does have a video camera with him.  He uses this tool to record a goodbye message to his family, as he is convinced that he will die in the cavern.  As well, he uses a pocket knife to carve the date of his situation into the side of the cave wall.  Yet, the time allows Ralston to have memories of his youth and his loved ones, which provide him with the courage to do something unbearable and unthinkable.  

Ralston realizes that he is trapped in a position that has his right arm caught so that he can not get free from the extreme pressure of the canyon rocks.  He looks at his right arm, which has been injured severely during the fall.  Ralston sees that it is the lower portion of his right arm that is stuck between rocks.

As he has an old and dull pocket knife, Ralston makes the decision to sever his right arm.  He begins to cut at it beneath the elbow, managing to tolerate the intensity of the pain.  After hours, Ralston does cut off the lower section of his right arm, then he manages to pull himself out of the canyon. 

It was seeringly hot as Ralston was injured and walking to find some kind of help.  He encounters a family that is on a vacation trip.  They give him a couple of cookies, and they call to get help.  Hours later, a medical helicopter arrives, flying Ralston to the nearest hospital.  He does survive, and the remaining portion of his arm was salvaged, then given to him!

   127 Hours

 Several great features are set for the oncoming holiday season!  The Chronicles of Narnia:  Voyage of the Dawn Treader had an exciting trailer, as the film is set to open December 10.  That same day will bring the alluring pair of Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie to the cinema, with their feature, The Tourist, along with Christian Bale and Mark Wahlberg in The Fighter!  Other anticipated December features include Little Fockers, Tron:  Legacy, and Yogi Bear!  Jodie Foster and Mel Gibson have The Beaver set to open next year!

gold falling stars



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