Narnia: Round Three with Some Hot Jolie!

December 11, 2010 at 2:15 AM (Uncategorized)

Yet another Friday has arrived, with movies that opened this week for which we had been waiting!  One film is set as the trilogy conclusion to a highly successful storyline.  Our second film was a suspenseful adventure featuring two Hollywood hot acts!  Both of the movies were worth the time!

The Chronicles of Narnia:  Voyage of the Dawn Treader was our beginning movie!  The film starts in the World War II era, with Edmund (Skandar Keynes) attempting to enlist in the British army.  He is not accepted, so he unhappily returns home to his sister, Lucy (Georgie Henley).  They live with their Uncle Harold, and their cousin Eustace (Will Poulter), who is not fond of them!  Their older siblings, Peter and Susan, are in The United States.

Edmund and their cousin get into an argument when Lucy suddenly sees a painting that magically releases a flood of water!  They find themselves swimming at sea, as a ship approaches.  Caspian (Ben Barnes), now a king, is aboard, and he rescues them.  The youths see that they are aboard Caspian’s ship, The Dawn Treader, as Eustace faints out of fear and disbelief!

Caspian now is a king.  He returns the weapons of Edmund and Lucy to them, telling them that Narnia is at peace.  They board a boat, and sail to an island.  The group rows ashore.  As Eustace is there, being a rude nuisance, Edmund and Caspian head toward a castle.  Eustace is afraid, remaining behind with Lucy!

They all wind up being attacked, and they are made to surrender.  Edmund and Caspian are taken to a dungeon, where they meet a man who knew Caspian’s father.  A green mist appears outside, as Lucy and Eustace are there with Reepicheep (voice of Simon Pegg).  They are in danger of being attacked, so Eustace runs in fear!  The others proceed in a boat toward a coastline, where they mean to find lost citizens of Narnia. 

Poster for The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader

We followed this fun adventure with the delight of Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie in an adventurous tale, The Tourist!  Leaving Paris, Elise (Jolie) is aboard a train that is headed to Venice.  She takes a seat next to Frank (Depp), speaking with him, and finding that he is on a trip after breaking up with his girlfriend.  Elise decides to build a friendship with Frank, bonding with him because she means to use him as a distraction to keep away lawmen who are after her boyfriend.   

Elise is flirtatious with Frank, pushing him to ask her out to dinner.  They leave together, boarding a train.  An agent is aboard this train, looking for Elise, and taking a photo of Frank.  Frank is identified as Alexander Pierce, as secret agents get information to track him in Venice.  He is with Elise in the Italian canal city, and she has Frank take the role of her husband. 

Both of them check into a hotel.  They are being tracked, as a photo of them is taken as they are kissing.  The two have a room, spend the night, and have breakfast together the next morning.  While eating, guards enter the room, identify Frank as Alexander, chase him, and shoot at him!

Frank escapes, and Elise calls to him.  Officers see both of them, and it is made known that they both are to be captured.  Elise is the priority target.  Frank attempts to run, but he ends up being caught.  He attempts clarifying his situation, yet he winds up being jailed overnight.

Once Frank’s story is cleared, he is released.  Yet, he is not safe because people are after him, identifying him as Alex Pierce.  He is on a boat with an officer, yet Elise gets to the boat, rescuing Frank.  They are followed by police, who are ordered to shoot at them!

They are chased, with agents shooting at them.  They escape, and Elise wants to know why Frank is being hunted.  She learns that he looks like her ex-boyfriend, who was some kind of criminal, and which is why Frank says that he is being chased.  They speak more, then Elise leaves him with a load of money!

Elise boards a boat, headed to a private dock.  There, she reveals herself as an Interpol officer, and that she is ready to turn in Pierce/Frank.  The day passes, and Elise enters an evening ball.  Frank arrives, speaking with Elise, as she wants him to leave.  She reveals that Frank is a part of a plan, and that he is in danger.  Yet, police arrive, punching and arresting Frank!

With a secret key, Elise escapes the ball.  She is followed by officers, who have identified Frank as Alexander Pierce, who owes 744 million dollars.  They also claim that Alexander has had a facelift to change his appearance, yet Frank claims to know nothing of this.  A local officer does arrest Frank, but it is not known at this time that Frank is wanted by Interpol. 

Elise gets to a building where she is arrested.  They interrogate her about Frank, and they believe that she has money with her that is supposed to be held by Frank.  Elise continues to claim that she knows nothing about what is happening. 

Frank gets to a place where he learns that Elise is a secret agent.  She still is caught, and she is at a point where she may or may not be killed.  Elise then gives details about a hidden location where money actually is hidden, which her ex-boyfriend stole from international thieves.

Agents arrive, trying to find out if Frank really is Elise’s ex-boyfriend, Alex.  Guns are drawn, but Interpol officers shoot the men who are aiming at Frank and Elise.  The actual man who they are after, the allegedly real Alex, winds up being caught later.

Frank and Elise leave, bonding, and he tells Elise that he has the combination for a safe where wanted money is hidden.  Frank leads them to this safe, revealing to Elise that he is Alex, who has been evading the police all along.  He had plastic surgery to change his appearance, keeping him undercover, and allowing him to proceed with secretly extreme financial transactions without notice!

    Poster for The Tourist 

Next week, three exciting films will premiere!  Pre-Christmas audiences will be treated to How Do You Know, Tron Legacy, and Yogi Bear!  The rest of the month includes Gulliver’s Travels, Little Fockers, and True Grit!  January 2011 is set to show films that include The Green Hornet, No Strings Attached, The Rite, and Season of the Witch!

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