Seductive Drama with Flashback Sci-Fi!

December 18, 2010 at 2:15 AM (Uncategorized)

I was a kid in the 80’s when Tron made it’s first presentation, and I do not think that I picked up on it that much.  I recall Atari video games, Space Invaders, and such.   Yet, I really do not remember all that much about the initial Tron story line.

I suppose that made Tron Legacy interesting, as if picking up on a story for the first time.  It begins with Kevin Flynn (Jeff Bridges) having disappeared for twenty years.  His son, Sam (Garrett Hedlund) has attempted to find his father.  Sam knows that his dad was involved deeply with computer programming, and the creation of a power series of arcade games.  Sam receives a mysterious message from his dad’s former video game arcade, and he chooses to follow it.

He believes that the message came from his lost father.  So, Sam gets the help of fellow adventurer and programmer Quorra (Olivia Wilde) to find his dad.  They travel into the digital realm of Tron, a fantasy world that was created by Sam’s father, Kevin.  Upon entrance into Tron, Quorra and Sam see that the realm has advanced exponentially, with increased technology and imaginatively alluring cyber-scenery.

After exploring Tron, Quorra, and Sam find that it now is run by the original programming, which has taken control and upgraded itself.  The friends are placed in a position where they have to battle the program in it’s own, now realistic presentation of games.  They have to advance through each level of the programming in order to reach the level in which Kevin is trapped. 

The friends successfully advance through the initial rounds of the Tron program.  They find that they have to fight further, into a level called CLU, in order to reach Kevin.  Yet, their battles become more difficult, as the Tron program is far more difficult to pass through.  The battle arrangements, techno-weaponry, and the opponents are more advanced, now.  Quorra and Sam are able to advance successfully, yet enduring high danger, as they eventully rescue Kevin! 

  Tron: Legacy poster image

We entered the enchanting story of Black Swan, second!  Young and hopeful ballet dancer Nina Sayers (Natalie Portman) has extreme desires to be a performing star.  She is enrolled in a highly demanding New York City school for ballet dancers.  Her dreams are pressed into levels of desperation as she feels that she must accomplish her goal of being a top-level performer in order to escape the oppressive setting of her home under her mother Erica (Barbara Hershey), who is a former premiere ballerina.

It is in the ballet school where Nina begins an intense regimen of dance practice.  The school’s director is Thomas Leroy (Vincent Cassel), who pushes all of his dancers to perform at and above their highest skill levels.  The dancers all are being prepared for tryouts to acquire positions in the coming performance of Swan Lake.  It is expected that top ballerina Beth Mac Intyre (Winona Ryder) will acquire the role of The Swan Queen, as she has done before.

Nina currently has the role of the white swan, yet she proceeds to practice intensely for her efforts to gain the part of the swan queen, the black swan.  She gets into a point of isolation from her friends and family, while practically starving herself to maintain the proper physique for the show’s premiere ballerina.  Her desire for the role transforms into a maddening, psychotically-enhanced lust, as Nina finds herself doing anything to acquire the part.  Her actions include turning on those who supported her, and even allowing dance director to molest her in an effort to show that she is deserving of the lead role. 

The dance rivalry increases, as both Beth and Nina intensify their dance skills in order to impress Thomas (pronounced To-MAS).  As the tryouts arrive, both girls dance at their top levels.  Nina earns the spot of black swan, which is highly upsetting to Beth.  Yet, a new dancer named Lily (Mila Kunis) arrives, who seems to possess the prowess to overpower both of them. 

Each of the young ladies expands her dance skills to extreme levels.  Thomas seems nearly to play all of them in order to acquire the top dancer, while using them in seeming points of physical and sexual exploitation to get all that he wants out of them due to their desires to gain their wanted roles.  It is Nina who ultimately falls into her inner dark side, allowing the black passion of mood and the role to capture her almost completely, as she strains with desperate seduction to out-perform all of her competitors.

Black Swan poster image

As always, more good movies are on the way!  Next Week will have Little Fockers and True Grit!  After the holidays, January 2011 will open with Nicholas Cage in Season of the Witch.  Following that,  Martin Lawrence has an hilarious picture on the way, the next edition of his Big Momma series!  Big Mommas:  Like Father, Like Son is opening February 18.  That same date will have the release of an exciting thriller, I Am Number Four, as well as the suspenseful story, Unknown


Tron put the idea of speed in mind…..

 More movies on the way:

African Cats, Cars 2, From Prada to Nada, The Green Hornet, Kung Fu Panda 2, Mars Needs Moms, Rango, The RoommateThe Smurfs, Thor



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