Unexpected Sadness Today

December 22, 2010 at 10:07 PM (Uncategorized)

I was not going to discuss it, but I figure that I need to go ahead and do so.  I am experiencing pain, yet I have fallen into a point of numbness, right now.  I may stay this way, yet I may become emotional later this evening.

I lost one of my kids today.  Those whom are familiar with me know that I refer to my cats as my children.  My boy, the Egyptian Mau that I named Sudi Percival, had to be euthanized, suddenly, and extremely unexpectedly.

Percy seemed to be unusually lethargic during the past week.  He is/was the youngest of our cats, and he was consistent with displaying that trait.  Percy always was playing, always running around, jumping at my feet while in bed, and regularly pestering his big sister, Cicelia.  Yet, it all was in fun, as I loved watching him play, and Celia would groom him regularly, knowing that he was considered as her little brother.

It likely was over the past week when Percy seemed to be acting unusually.  My mother noticed that he was not as active as he normally behaves.  She saw that he was not always up and awake in the mornings, immediately ready to be fed.  I did notice that Percy was not so playful, or active, like normally.  I was suggesting that we take him for a check up.  Yet, it was today that Mom noticed how Percy seemed nearly numb.  So, when I got home, we took him to our vet.

We have taken our pets to this same veterinary office over the past decade.  They are very professional, and they are very nice to their clients.  They seem to be true pet lovers, not just animal doctors looking for paychecks.  We have had prior pets treated by them, medicated by them, and our pets will continue being serviced by them.  We even have had prior beloved pets put down by this office.

Our veterinarian examined Percy, thoroughly.  He took some tests, and he reviewed them.  It was after around thirty minutes of reviewing the cat and the x-rays that the veterinarian returned with the bad news.   Percy had contracted some level of feline lukemia, and it was spreading within him, quickly.  There is no cure for this illness.  Our options were to wait how many ever days for him to die, while he suffered, or to have him euthanized, today.

I was numb already, after having been active for a while, today.  I really was not ready to hear that about Percy, and certainly, I was not ready to lose the cat.  Yet, it was the best option, rather than having Percy suffering while the illness ate away at him.  So, much to my pain, I relinquished my personal feelings for the more humane option.

Of course, the immediate urge to get another cat is with me.  My mother and I both have been reviewing ads for cats ready for adoption.  I am likely to fly out of here immediately, trying to find another cat.  Yet, I realize that factors need to be taken into concern, including the financial obligation(s), and how our other cats are going to react to this new presence.  I still want another cat.  It is Christmas time, after all….









I love you, Percy…..






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