Calming and Cooling on the Computer

December 24, 2010 at 1:23 AM (Uncategorized)

Alright.  I am more or less calm and collected, right now.  It is late in the evening, usually when I am watching the late night talk shows.  Let me flip to see what Leno and Letterman are yacking about.  Letterman usually has me laughing, so I will leave it here, for now.

Anyway.  We went to look at some Christmas lights in an area of town that usually is known for having fantastic displays.  We got there, seeing the nice homes with their exteriors adorned with such holiday spirit.  Some of the homes were really nice.   Yet, some were not all that exciting at all, not showing that much holiday spirit.  As well, Christmas is not the choice holiday for everyone, as some homes had no decor, whatsoever!

I am watching/listening to Letterman behind me, while browsing the web.  One of the Top Ten cracked on someone’s bearded grandma looking like Santa Claus.  Momentarily amusing….

As well, I still am online, browsing through sites that are giving details about the latest research on space observations.  Currently, the count of planets that exist beyond our solar system is at 500.  However, NONE of them is like Earth!  BOO!!! 

Well, I should not have that attitude.  It is not like I am the one doing all of the work to find these worlds.  Also, based on the information provided about the research, finding any of the smaller exoplanets that might resemble Earth can be difficult.   The astronomers can not detect the planets directly, having to observe the wobbles of stars.  When worlds are orbiting their stars, the force of gravity shows through a detectable force-pull, a wobble, on the stars. 

The Planet Quest site from the Jet Propulsion Laboratory at NASA has given a tally of exoplanets that have been discovered.  The current count is at 500.  Yet, they stress that NONE of them is similar to Earth!  Astronomers and reporters are stressing that the term Super Earth, which has been used to describe some exoplanets, has nothing to do with them having similarities to our Earth.  They merely are describing the planets’ masses, as some astronomers are pushing the use of the term ‘gas dwarf’, instead.

Also, an interesting aside was viewed, regarding elephants.  Researchers from Harvard University, University of Illinois, and The University of York have revealed some interesting, new details about the massive mammals.  Studies have shown that there actually are two species of elephants living in AfricaInteresting!  One is being referred to as the savannah elephant, which is larger, usually weighing an average of six or seven tons, and is almost twelve feet tall.  The other is the forest elephant, which weighs a mere (?) three or four tons, and only stands at eight or nine feet high.  Again, both of these are African elephants, different from Asian elephants.

Alright.   Let me wind down.  Some woman just sang her ass off on Letterman!  She had a Christmas carol going, and sustah blew the house down!  I was so busy typing that I was nearly snatched by the sound, having to turn around to get a look at her!  You go…..

 Animated Gif Christmas (107)



xmasln7.gif (4815 bytes)







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