The Pride Grows!!!!

December 31, 2010 at 4:57 PM (Uncategorized)

We got some babies!  We got some babies!  HA!!!  After the very depressing year, or so, of  losing two of our beloved animals, we decided that we were not finished with the pet odyssey.  We had to have our calico, Tucker, put-down within the past two years.  As well, the recent loss of our Egyptian Mau, Percival, was stunning and heart-wrenching.  However, the majority of my household already had decided that another pet would be in our immediate future.

Perhaps it was a reflex action in order to avoid the sulking behind losing Percy.  Perhaps it was the simple need to have a multitude of meowers in our home.  Whatever the underlying cause, we did choose to visit a local shelter to adopt a new cat.

Well, one cat did turn into two cats!  We got there, initially having what we thought to be the cat we wanted ready to go home.  Yet, there was some mix up with the paperwork, some confusion about the cat’s eligibility to be adopted, and some other hullaballoo.  After having dealt with the shelter for the past few days, we were ready to take home a pet, and be finished with all of the drama.  The cat that we thought we would get at first did not turn out to be ready for adoption.  However, our time there allowed our emotions (greed?) for having a new cat get the better of us, and we decided to choose another cat.

Then, we heard that there was a “Holiday Special” going on for people planning to adopt pets (the shelter was trying to clean house….).  Two cats could be taken home for the price of one!  Well, we could not turn THAT down…

We did spend some time in the feline area of the shelter, visiting with the available cats.  Several of them were ready to leave that place, ready to enter new and loving homes.  I did see several adorable cats and kittens that I would not have minded taking home.  However, I/we did keep in mind that we care for two cats already.  We have been the guardians of four felines before, so we opted to pick out two shelter cats to return to our status of four.

…and what a delight they are!  Both are less than two years old.  Both are tabby-mixes.  One is white-furred, with orange blur-areas, here and there, throughout her fur (it’s actually very pretty…).  The other one, the little boy, is mainly orange-tabby.  They nearly look as if they could be Cicelia’s kittens.  One is a male named Bruno, and the other is a female named Giselle.

Right now, we have them isolated.  They need to adapt to the new setting.  We do not want to impose the new presence on Cicelia and Kitty Bear, especially not at night (we could wake up to find little stiff fur balls, with Celia and Bear off-in a corner, laughing….).  It is likely that I willl go into the room where have them kept so that I can do some bonding and nurturing.  They are VERY cute!








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