They Did NOT Expect to Hear THAT!!!

January 5, 2011 at 8:35 PM (Uncategorized)

It does seem to be the usual habit of any given person; opening one’s mouth to make comments on someone or something about which they know not a damned thang!  I will concede guilt to this very bad habit, also.  Well, it seems that when seeing this one man, then hearing him, has forced many people to reach very different conclusions than those that likely were formed at first!

…and WOW!!! NO ONE expected that!  It began in Cleveland, Ohio, with a Columbus Dispatch reporter was reviewing the neighboring Ohio city’s downtown area.  He was gathering details about Cleveland’s homeless situation, for which he planned to use for the compilation of a news article.  Yet, upon encountering one down-luck loiterer, the reporter had a story for the entire nation!

He was driving along Interstate 71, and he passed a homeless man who was holding a sign.  It read, “I have the God-given gift of voice”.  The reporter opted to stop and to investigate.  He approached the homeless man, asking that he give proof of the written claim for a cash offering.  The homeless man began to speak, and what must have been a state of shock befell the reporter!

Sounding something like a lost James Earl Jones, the homeless man began to speak with stunning sound!  His voice was enchanting, leaving the reporter to wonder why this man was on the streets, and not in some broadcasting booth.  The man was identified as Ted Williams, and recordings of his voice were taken by the reporter back to The Columbus Dispatch.

The recording of Williams’ voice had a viral spread.  News stations across the nation got wind of his sound, with offers for interviews being sent to him.  The Morning Zoo, a Columbus, Ohio WNCI 97.9 morning radio show, allowed Williams to appear for a live broadcast.  Magic 98.9, another Columbus radio station, has had him announcing for their morning broadcasts.  Also, WNCI 97.9 of Cleveland has made an offer for Williams to announce regularly on their show.  Yet, perhaps most profitably, The Cleveland Cavaliers have made a request to have Williams as an announcer at their NBA basketball games!

It is highly unlikely that the last has been heard from Ted Williams.  His unexpectedly enchanting sound has been revealed to him as a long-hidden gift in disguise.   The nation, and indeed the world, can prepare to hear Mr. Williams as he speaks with golden sound on Ohio radio broadcasts and NBA announcements.  Congratulations….

Ted Williams Homeless Man Voice



…and now!







Reminds me a little of this….



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