Idol is BAAACK!!!

January 20, 2011 at 11:55 AM (Uncategorized)

What did he say; fuck a duck?   Well, anyway.  They are baaaaaack!!!  Do not act like you have not been waiting for American Idol.  Season 10, is beginning tonight, and with such anticipation!  Let me watch it, first….

Alright, I did watch it.  The show, first of all, had a slightly different atmosphere.  ALL of the judges are musicians, and I believe that is going to make a difference.  J. Lo was her usual hot-bodied self, adding her musical enlightenment to the set, as well.  Yet, I did feel that she was a little Abdul-esque, being too soft with some of those contestants.  Some of those kids could NOT sing, and likely needed to be informed, with greater clarity.  Randy was his usual cool-dawg self.  Steven Tyler seemed tamed this evening, as I was thinking that he would be a little more energetic with his reactions to the auditioners.  Well, he did show out with some of them…..

They auditioned contestants out of New Jersey for tonight’s show.  Tomorrow’s show comes out of N’awlins!  I just heard some male monkey trying to sing Lady Gaga for his audition.  I will watch tomorrow night to see the manner in which he will be dismissed!  Hopefully, there will be several so-called singers to accompany that guy, and what surely will be other mis-tuned mischiefs! 

I am looking forward to further auditions!  They are so fun to watch, seeing some of the contestants whom actually have great singing voices make it to the next levels.  As well, there always is the humor (honest, or spite-filled) that accompanies watching the ones whom do not need to be there, whether they know it, or not!  I can say that I was glad that the twin-guy made it through, with his brother there to support him afterward.  That was encouraging for this season, as hopefully, other singers at and above his level will grace the Idol stage.  We will stay tuned…… 

American Idol Judges 2011





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