Heroic Humor and Human Hearts Had the Night!

January 22, 2011 at 2:52 AM (Uncategorized)

We found our way to the local theater, as with usual Friday evenings.  This week, the choices were so-so, yet advertisements had been making the features seem as if they could be worth a try.  So, we did opt to check out two films…..

The Green Hornet was movie number one!  It begins with showing a young boy named Brit, being punished after a schoolyard fight.  He faced bullies, and his father did not approve of what he felt was his son being a push-over.  It flashes to a meeting between Los Angeles crime bosses, with the boss Chudnofsky (Christoph Waltz) standing as the leader.  He shows his power by eliminating a young challenger (James Franco).

Britt Reid (Seth Rogen) is a party animal, which is a sign of disdain to his father, James (Tom Wilkinson).  Britt’s image has been in a local paper, along with a story depicting him as a failure.  It is when he is riding in a limosine that he learns that his father has died, suddenly!

Britt learns that he has gained control of his father’s newspaper empire, yet he does not want to run it.  He hires a new secretary named Lenore (Cameron Diaz) to direct the business for him.  Yet,  after a tantrum, he calls fired househelper Kato (Jay Chou) to return and to help him.  Britt shows that he is helpless, and he asks Kato to tell him about his (Britt’s) past.  As Kato does this, he shows Britt an invincible car, and they begin to bond.

This leads to Brit asking Kato about his (Britt’s) father.  Kato tells Britt that his dad “was a bit of a dick”!  Yet, they bond more, exposing that they both hated their childhoods.  They choose to improve their futures by deciding to team up, becoming undercover heroes!

Their first night leads to an encounter with a couple being mugged.  Britt tries to stop the thugs, but he is attacked.  Kato arrives, saving Britt, and fighting the thugs with exceptional skills.  All of them end up running to escape the police!  A car chase ensues, with Britt and Kato escaping with the help of the car’s gadgets.

Upon escaping, Britt proposes the idea of them teaming up as superheroes!  Against Kato’s better judgement, he agrees, and they opt to begin with finding the criminals that decapitated a city statue of Britt’s successful dad.  They go on, choosing to pose as vigilantes in order to get an alleged advantage at catching crooks.  Britt chooses the name Green Hornet, a name from his father, and the team becomes the city’s latest news! 

Their main nemeses are revealed to be Chudnovsky, and district attorney candidate Scalon (David Harbour).  These men run undercover crime rings.  They are the main sources of adversity as Green Hornet and Kato take to the streets in the name of protecting their city from criminals lead by Chudnovsky and Scalon!

The Green Hornet (2011)


We viewed No Strings Attached, second!  The film tells of Adam Kurtzman (Ashton Kutcher) and Emma Franklin (Natalie Portman), who have been friends since childhood.  They now are successful young adults, with Adam writing for a local newspaper, and Emma being a doctor.  Tragedy strikes Emma, as her father dies.  She has to take a leave of absense from work to leave town, and best friend Adam accompanies her.

Adam hangs around at the funeral, yet he leaves afterward, not meaning to see Emma again.  Time does pass, as Adam runs into Emma with a friend.  They speak casually, and  they decide to meet again.

Adam goes home, where his dad is on the patio, smoking a joint!  They share the joint, and have a man to man talk.  Adam learns that his dad is dating his ex-girlfriend, who has moved into the dad’s home!  Adam sulks, and he tries connecting with Emma.  They spend time together, as Adam stays at the home of one of Emma’s friends, along with a few other females.

It is that night when Adam and Emma spend the night together.  Their bonding leads to a moment of romance, which leads to a quickie!  Then, not sure how to describe their new situation, both of them opt to keep the relationship a secret.  It progresses into a series of sexual encounters where Adam is the first to develop more serious feelings.  Yet, Emma does not share the deeper sentiment, opting to abide by the rules of separation to which both of them initially agreed.

Adam and Emma do continue with their hit and runs.  They both attend a picnic, where Adam’s more serious feelings become apparent.  There, a guy that has more seriously romantic intentions for Emma is present.  He disses Adam as her temporary sex partner!

Emma’s sister Katie (Olivia Thirlby) is about to be married.  Also, their mother is about to be married, again.  Emma has a slight feeling of lonliness, discussing this during a moment when she and female friends all meet at her apartment during a time when they all are menstruating!  Her friends advise Emma to follow her feelings.

Adam discusses his feelings at a party.  He talks with pals, including Chuck (Matthew Moy) and Wallace (Ludacris), about his romantic situation. They talk about Adam having Emma as a regular sex pal, and he does reveal that he has greater feelings.  The discussion is cut short as Adam opts to leave.  

Emma is at another party, and she catches a cab to Adam’s apartment.  When she arrives, she sees that Adam is there with other females. She makes them leave, allowing her to spend the night with Adam. 

The next day, Adam gets to his parents’ home, where he enters a surprise party thrown for him!  Adam still is sore with his father over an earlier dispute, yet his dad is ready to forgive and forget.  Still angry, Adam yells at his dad, then he punches a wall.  The impact causes him to sprain his wrist, and to be taken to a hospital.  Emma arrives, then they all go out to dinner afterward.

It happens to be Valentine’s Day when this dinner is taking place.  Adam’s dad is there with a much younger date.  Emma still has some feelings of anger toward Adam, yet he presses her for another date.  She accepts, and they go to a cafe the following night.  It is there where Emma pushes Adam to be with her, yet he does not accept it.  They seem to call off their relationship.

Six weeks pass, and Emma gets depressed.  Her father has died, and she spends time bonding with her mother.  Meanwhile, Adam is working hard on writings.  Emma continues thinking of Adam constantly, deciding that she wants to be with him again.  Her sister Katie makes her call Adam. 

It is over the phone where Adam clarifies to Emma that they never had a true relationship.  She is upset by that, but Adam plays it cool.  Emma decides to rush to Adam’s place, where she sees that he is with a new girlfriend.  They do not see her, so she hides.  It is a cell phone call that rushes Emma to her car, and she drives away.

Inside Adam’s apartment, he and his new girlfriend are in bed together.  She is ready to make out, yet he is talking consistently!  While laying there, he gets a phone call, and he learns that his father has been hospitalized.    He rushes to the hospital, calling Emma while driving.

At the hospital, Adam learns that his dad nearly poisoned himself with cough syrup!  He listened to faulty advise from his younger girlfriend, but he will be alright.  Adam leaves, and he sees that Emma is outside.  It is there where she confesses to Adam that she loves him, and he tells Emma that he loves her, too. 

The two go to Adam’s place, spending the night together.  The next morning, they have breakfast at the restaurant where they first met.  After Emma’s friends arrive, she and Adam finally opt to have a true romance with each other!

   No Strings Attached

What is on the way?  Trailers for the next Batman film are heating up!  The title has been revealed as The Dark Knight Rises, with the villains to be Bane, and Anne Hathaway as Catwoman!  The Transformers are returning with the third film of this franchise, Dark of the MoonX-Men:  First Class has trailers released, with the film set to premiere June 3.  As well, Earth will endure another alien invasion when Battle:  Los Angeles premieres March 11!  Other films on the way include The Adjustment Bureau, African Cats, Frankie and Alice, I Am Number Four, The Last Lions, and The Rite!



 Jammin’ with Baby Willow!!!


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